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Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

8/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain used a Van Halen song during his big speech earlier today and the band wants to make one thing clear -- they're not running with McCain.

Van Halen management tells us the band had no idea McCain was planning on using "Right Now" during his big entrance in Ohio telling us, "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given."

For the record, Dubya used the same song during a bunch of his campaign speeches back in 2004, but sources close to the band tell us, "They're not political, they're just rock and roll."


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Van Halen can take a flying leap off a very high cliff! This REPUBLICAN has bought every album they ever made. Entertainers should stay out of politics. Their fans are Democrats and Republicans! If the only people who bought their albums were Democrats they would not be living the lifestyle they are. Just because we are fans of your art doesn’t mean we care about what you think. Shut up and play!

2248 days ago


Lexi, honey... I do live in Alaska and have my entire life. I wouldn't say anyone on this blog was stupid, with the exception of you.

I do know Sarah Palin and there is no need for me to go into detail about how I know her. And I'm not saying she is a bad person because she's not. I do agree with some of her politics and morals but most of her policy decisions are crap. She has a lot to learn if they do win this election and it will be at the expense of all of us as Americans. I support her as a fellow Alaskan but not as a vice president. She doesn't have what it takes.

Now Lexi... take a deep breath and slow your roll.

2248 days ago

lola falola    

Well the reason they played van halen might have something to do with the fact that Palin's youngest son's middle name (one of) is Van, and yes, after the band. I am from AK.

2248 days ago


screw van halen. They can kiss my big white republican ass if they don't like it.

2248 days ago


Polar Bear: 89 percent of republicans are minimally high school educated and 70 percent are college educated
Democrats 70 Percent high school and only 40 percent college educated....
Get your facts straight buddy. Who is the liar and thief now?
Posted at 4:36PM on Aug 29th 2008 by Grandght

You are so wrong on this, It is highly know Democrats are highly educated than Republicans. We have more Bachelors,Masters, and Phd.'s Do your research dummy. Here is the proof. Scroll down to the education portain,,,

2248 days ago


LMAO at all of you disgusting REPULSIVE-cans. None of you can spell, or complete a sentence, it's hilarious. Did any of you finish high school? And no, a GED doesn't count.

2248 days ago


Who is the hot TMZ reporter guy?
He does need to get a
Jonas brother hair cut though but
still is my fav blonde reporter...

2248 days ago


Go van halen

2248 days ago


Didn't anyone else actually WATCH the McCain rally? Instead of worrying about using a Van Halen song the Republicans should be horrified that they fired up the waiting crowd with a rousing rendition of "ROCK AND ROLL PART II" by the infamous pedophile Gary Glitter. Every time the famous refrain came up the crowd would shout "HEY... JOHN MCCAIN"! Doesn't any of their organizers read the news (or at least TMZ) anymore?

2248 days ago

Independent for Barack    

Hey Jen - Well then hopefully you'll die sooner than later. In 20 years I'll be 48 so I think Ill be around. I'm a third hispanic Jen and I'm a physician and I'm doing pretty good for myself. Moron!!!

2248 days ago



2248 days ago


Well said, MGR

2248 days ago


You can tell the difference between the liberals and republians. Liberals are loud and obnoxious,they always give McCain a hard time just because they can. McCain will make a wonderful president, he did right by having a woman as VP. She is strong and level headed. VanHalen needs to retire, they look almost as bad as the Rolling Stones. A Democratic President will mean the end of our nation as we know it.

2248 days ago


van halen are has-beens? van halen is too old? one of the most influential american rock bands of all time gets no love from republi-cants?!!! cleary that point of view exhibits the point of view of a selfish and non-understanding party. "right now" van halen will live much longer in history and contributors than these narrow minded fold and their beliefs. "right now", van halen still and will always rock on. and i don't wanna "hear about it later"! :)

2248 days ago

That Guy :)    

I love reading all this conservative hate speak!

What wonderful christian values and a perfect fit for Bush's America.


2248 days ago
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