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Van Halen to McCain: No You Can't

8/29/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain used a Van Halen song during his big speech earlier today and the band wants to make one thing clear -- they're not running with McCain.

Van Halen management tells us the band had no idea McCain was planning on using "Right Now" during his big entrance in Ohio telling us, "Permission was not sought or granted nor would it have been given."

For the record, Dubya used the same song during a bunch of his campaign speeches back in 2004, but sources close to the band tell us, "They're not political, they're just rock and roll."


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Blah Blah... doesn't matter what any of us say or think, all we can do is VOTE in November.

I am voting for the war hero!


2212 days ago


You know the best way to keep a country from getting anything done? Have them keep fighting the same no win us vs them war. There was some movie I watched a long time ago with Peter Falk and his hatred of the Albanians it always reminds me of this country's two party system.

When speaking with my Democratic friends I get responses like this:

I was telling my neighbor about my sister's wedding that I was the maid of honor for just two weeks ago. She asked about the groom and I said there wasn't one just another bride. Before I could say another word she stated: "I'm a New York Democrat and I am not at all offended that your sister is gay." I thought what a stupid comment. I told her my republican gay sister would be glad to know she wasn't offended.

When speaking with my Republican friends I get responses like this:

When talking about Obama my brother stated (BTW also a gay Republican): I can't vote for someone with such a lack of experience it was why I couldn't vote for Bush. His presidency should be an example of what an inexperienced leader can do to a country. I stated wow I never thought of it that way.

Honestly most Republicans are afraid to say anything publically. They are always threatened by liberals. I always marvel at the Democratic party claiming it is a party of peace. A party that vandalizes people homes who display support for the Republican party. A party that begins violent verbal and physical assaults one anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

For the person who stated their experience makes them a Democrat mine makes me sympathize with the Republican party. However I got sick of the whole corrupt system and it is why I am Independent.

2212 days ago


Came here to say this:

87. How childish. Last night Obama used a Brooks and Dunn song that Bush used in 2004 - only Brooks and Dunn performed it live for Bush. Today they just said they are flattered that people in both parties like their song.

Funny to say this to oldsters like Van Halen, but grow up already.

By the way, Sammy Hagar, who sang the song in question, is a Republican and is performing at the Republican convention next week. Does he have permission to sing it?

Posted at 6:23PM on Aug 29th 2008 by Texas Guy

2212 days ago


Another 4 years of repugnicans? Might as well Jump! (off the tallahatchie bridge)

2212 days ago


"Posted at 5:49PM on Aug 29th 2008 by drumchick"

Call yourself whatever you want dumbchick but you are a Liberal.

Flame On!

2212 days ago


Obama is Muslim!!! Doesnt anybody get it? They were responsible for 9/11....thats what this war is about...keep them from coming back!!!

2212 days ago


I find it funny that Mccain compares Obama to Paris Hilton,saying he's a celebrity and then goes and picks a former beauty pageant queen to run as his VP.Can you say desperate???The only reason he picked her is to try and get some of Hilary's votes.What a joke. Obama 08 yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!

2212 days ago


Van Halen should be happy for the free plug. That was the most people in a sinle sitting listening to their music in decades. Plus, do cheerleaders have to get permission to use songs? Whats the big deal?

2212 days ago


Come on Democrats,make sure you get out and vote! Can we really afford 4 more yrs of tax breaks for Millionaires while the middle class gets dumped on every way we turn? Obama 08 YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2212 days ago


McCain should have asked Hillary. That truly would have been historic!

Howdy to the other Independents posting!

2212 days ago


How about this: Why don't these people in Hollywood and Rock and Roll put a D or R after their name or band, so WE can decide if we want to buy their movie or CD or not. Van Halen and Jackson Brown (Jackson Brown in particular) should be lucky anybody still listens to their stuff.

By the way: WHAT HAPPENED to BON JOVI and SPRINGSTEEN????????????????? TMZ do your job,

2212 days ago

we will miss MJ    

obama is not a muslim he is worse; a crazy baptist..just ask rev wright and his crazy followers, those folks are "SCAREY" and they live in this country.

2212 days ago


Gingersnap, you know you're off base. It wasn't Saddam and it wasn't Iraq and it wasn't a religion and OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM (you idiot!!!!), it was Saudis who were indicated, but no planes hit the Pentagon or landed in fields, we all know that. Building 7 was a complete hoax, we all know that. It all points to cooperation between the Mossad, the Pentagon, corporations like Halliburton and international financiers, with the aim being to generate US public acceptance of military entanglement long term, via making a hopeless mess, in the middle east. So they did! But they were very sloppy about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History is on a one-way course in finding out about this scam and who was responsible. Putin was right this week. The US induced the initial strike into Russia by Georgia. Check the timelines. Eisenhower was correct; beware the military-industrial complex - they'll make work for themselves. They're a business and they like the monopoly, they don't like democracy or accountability.

McCain isn't out to change anything! Palin is a diversion. McCain wouldn't want competence, he'll want someone to be subsurvient.

2212 days ago

Linda Lou    

All you property-loving Republicans are missing the point that this song is property that belongs to Van Halen. They aren't taking sides, they don't want to endorse anyone and have the right to ask that their song not be played at political rallies.

2212 days ago

Linda Lou    

And Van Halen just finished a wildly successful tour that sold out almost every town they played.

2212 days ago
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