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Dr. Dre Buries His Son

8/30/2008 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Over 200 mourners turned out Friday for the funeral of Andre Young, Jr. -- the son of Grammy-winning rapper Dr. Dre.

The funeral took place in Glendale, Calif at The Church of the Recessional.

Young, 20, was found dead last Saturday by his mother at their home.


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2209 days ago


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2209 days ago

Matt G    

if you dont feel for dre your heartless.

2209 days ago


So sorry Dre, I recently lost a very dear loved one.

People say time heals all wounds, rest assured it helps, but will never heal.

God bless you and your family.

2209 days ago


I am really surprised at TMZ for showing this shot. We obviously all come here for the same reason, but is there a limit? To post pictures of a family at one of the difficult times is just awful. To see Dr. Dre carrying his own sons casket is just heartbreaking. Give the family some space in their time of grief. I think you really crossed a line this time (which is probably just what you wanted to do), you should be ashamed.

2209 days ago


I can't believe this. TMZ, you have officially gone too far. Posting a picture of the coffin? Very poor taste. I don't think I'll be coming back to this site ever again. Sickening.

2209 days ago


I don't see any disrespect in TMZ putting this up. This is just them reporting news. They didn't make any jokes or snyde remarks. If you don't like TMZ telling you what's going on with famous people then don't go onto there site and read it.
R.I.P Andre, and live in peace to his family

2209 days ago


you guys were actually hiding across the street taking THESE pictures??????? EWWWWWWW TMZ
God Bless Dre & his family~

2209 days ago


Andi...shut the F up! How dare you jump to conclusions on the day of the kids funeral!! NO ONE knows what happened yet. He could have had a bad heart and no one knew it so take you ignorant azz somewhere else idiot!

2209 days ago

Vajayjay are only looking for attention you poor thing. I am a white woman who loves my black brothers & sisters and I will say this....there IS fried chicken in heaven, just none for you loser

2209 days ago


extremely poor taste...

2209 days ago


My sincerest condolences to Dr Dre and his family. And to all of you holier than thou people out there who ASSume that Dr Dre's son died of a drug overdose, and/or that "the example that Dr Dre set" for him led to his untimely death, I hope you will never have to suffer the loss of a child or loved one. I hope you paragons of virtue always set the perfect example for your children, even though you are not doing such a fine job of it here by displaying your ignorance and hatred this way. Dr Dre is human just like we are, and the loss of a child is the kind of pain that no parent should feel.

2209 days ago


well said cendarella .. !! well said....

2209 days ago


5. An innocent man?

While Dr. Dre and his family have my deepest sympathy, let's not forget it was Dr. Dre who brought to the world the whole "gangsta rap" phenomenon.

How many young men have died because of this glorification of violence and drugs?

Posted at 7:10PM on Aug 30th 2008 by RogersDavid

You are a fu**kin dumb ass. Dr. Dre did not tell anyone that they had to use drugs and violence to be into gansta rap. I suppose you also think that whoever created heavy metal music is also responsible for all the people that died from drugs and alcohol.

2209 days ago


That picture just ruined my day. RIP.

2209 days ago
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