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It's My Party and I'll Be a Little Bitch If I Want To

8/30/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The folks at MSNBC wants us to make them the place to get our info on one of the most important decisions ever. Turns out we're getting that info from a bunch of whiney, back-stabbing, petty anchors.
An epic feud has erupted on the air between Joe Scarborough, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and David Shuster. They're all accusing each other of being bias, partisan and all around D-bags. They can no longer hide their contempt for each other on the air. The deal is that Scarborough is odd man out because he's a former Republican congressman. The others are known Democrats, except for Shuster, who claims he's never had an affiliation with anything except Just For Men haircare.

The New York Post is quoting sources who say Tom Brokaw is disgusted at MSNBC's play to make it itself the official We Hate George W. Bush cable net.

MSNBC's move comes years after FOX figured out that it could score big ratings by aligning itself with die-hard conservatives. MSNBC is now making the same play with whiners -- a large faction in this country that believes the economy is in bad shape.


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I call Shotgun    

That network is crap anyways. I just hope that Obama doesn't drop his pants anytime soon, 'cuz all 4 will hurt themselves trying to get to their knees.

2243 days ago


MSNBC is so biased that I can't stand to watch it. Keith Olbermann should go back to sports or retire because to me he is an embarrassment. If I want to get a good dose of hate and negativity - then I tune into the show.

2243 days ago


Olbermann is by far the biggest douche. His nightly rants against Bill O'Reilly are childish and laughable. He is a tortured mind. And his commentaries on Bush are so hate filled, I stopped watching him long ago.

2243 days ago


I saw this happen the other day in Denver...Joe was a real a-hole to Shuster and Keith was giving hell to Joe and Chris...but I absolutely LOVE Keith and watch his show every night...HE IS HOT AND FUNNY!

2243 days ago


MSNBC has no idea what they are doing. Joe was the only good show on at night and they moved him to mornings, which I don't do. They keep that idiot Olbermann for some odd reason. He is pathetic. Now they have canceled Dan Abrams AGAIN and show the same old reruns everynight about some damned prison. They suck all the way around. I qiut watching a long time ago.

2243 days ago


I think TMZ should stick to reporting celebrity crap and leave politics to others. Not sure how I feel about MSNBC's decision to align themselves with one party, but doesn't it seem fair that liberals have a voice in the media when the entire Fox network is devoted to re-reading Republican talking points?

2243 days ago


HA! this is rich. TMZ doing hard hitting reporting on politics. Stick to the syrup, douchebags.
Olbermann is pissed and you should be too. Oh, I guess you dont pay attention to what's gone on around you for the last 7+years. MSNBC sounds so biased because it's reporting what the networks and MSM (look it up) wont. Clue in, jerks.

2243 days ago


I tuned into Keith Olberman's show by accident last night....big mistake. He is the sexist, hateful person. Gov. Sarah Palin has earned the right to be referred to as Gov. Palin or at least Mrs. Palin....he referred to her as "Miss Wasilla"!!!! What a sexist pig!!! Obviously, MSNBC did not learn their lesson with the way they treated Hillary. They have no respect for women.

2243 days ago


MMMMMMMMM? NY Post owned by Rupert Murdoch who owns FOX News which is competeing with MSNBC reports of an epic feud among MSNBC anchors. I really have to question the reliability of the report given the animosity between FOX News and MSNBC.

2243 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have with MSNBC is they don't report the news, they cheer for Obama and the Demos out in the open. Keith Olbermann is just the worse of the worse. He can't beat Billy O'Reilly, so all he does is call him names or berate him. This is sign of a loser and out of control network.

2243 days ago

Jane Peterson    

I couldn't even vote because everyone knows the biggest whiner is not on MSNBC but rather the fox network in the form of Bill O'Reily

2243 days ago


I truly hate everyone on MSNBC! They are all a bunch of douche bags.I wish Chris Mathews would have died instead of Tim
Russert. I will never watch them again after the way they treated Hillary when she was running for President

2243 days ago


mk~~True that. I don't like news to be one side or the other. MSNBC is purely left wing. Fox is right wing, but at least they report both sides of the story. Fox has far more viewers than them. I love the way O'
Reilly doesn't say a word about Olbermann. Classy and professional.

2243 days ago


"Whiners" bcause they are INFORMED of what is going on in the world more than FAILED ATTORNEYS who are ATTENTION STARVED AND MONEY HUNGRY. Just because your pockets are full, Harvey, the FACT is that the economy for the REST of us is in shambles. We aren't making money latching onto other people's fame and being BOTTOM SCRAPERS. Good job calling informed, intelligent Democrats WHINERS when they are taking over YOUR FAILED POLITICS and trying to improve this country back to the shape it was in BEFORE that inbred corrupt oil baron piece of sh#t GW got his hands on it and sent us into HUGE DEBT and war all over the world and lets our people suffer, starve, drown, etc. Talk about biased piece of crap "pieces". Harvey Levin is the only whiney bottom scraping jackass...

2243 days ago


FoxNews is just as biased if not more. TMZ and Fox are afilliated.

2243 days ago
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