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Diddy: "McCain is Buggin' the F*** Out"

8/31/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are there any black people in Alaska? If there are, Diddy sure doesn't know about 'em -- and on his latest online power ramble he blasts John McCain for picking Sarah Palin as his VP.

Diddy also doesn't think Palin should be so close to the top spot because there's not enough crackheads or crime in Alaska. And we all know a little crackhead experience goes a long way.


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I think that is one of most ignorant statements I've ever heard! So now if your running for president you need to keep the crack heads in mind?! I cannot stand Diddy and im not really sure why people even like him I personally believe that he is extremely racist if the tables were turned and a white guy was talkin about black people like he talks about white people he would be one of the most hated people in america but for some reason its okay for black people to talk bad about whites just not the other way around its ridiculous. btw I am not racist in any way just get tired ignorant people who shape the minds of americas youth.

2253 days ago


Diddy lives in a white hood called Alpine NJ. I'm sure all of his homes are in White hoods. He has a lot of nerve blasting McCain. Hey Diddy look where you live and your life before you make stupid comments. It makes you out to be an idiot.

2253 days ago


diddy, no one cares what u think! stick to music, clothes, being your arrogant self, those of us who have a clue understand the issues and how important this election is. u on the otherhand do not have a clue, your endless bashing is unbecoming and quite frankly shows who u really are and what u are really about,

2253 days ago


Poop Diddy, the crap just flows out of his mouth.

2253 days ago


WOW! No blacks, No crackheads No crime? What a coincidence.

2253 days ago


Blimey, that diddy is such a scary bloke that I am voting for McCain just to cancel out his vote.

And Sarah Palin is really cute, I'd totally like to meet her and have our kids play together.

2253 days ago


Hey dumb, that was hateful.. No need for that here.

2253 days ago



2253 days ago


I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

2253 days ago


This is to "Dumb" (#48)--
I thought Diddy's video was atrocious, as did many others. But you seem to have an actual hatred against black general. Just look at how you lumped them all together and are calling them dumb and so on.

That is racist hate speech and it's quite a shame that there are still people walking around in this world who actually think this way.

Educate yourself. You're worse than Diddy here.

2253 days ago

Mr. Hideous    

diddy made me "dizzy" trying to watch is video, and I guess repeating everything 3 or 4 times must make it come true, kinda like dorothy clicking her heals three times. maybe mccain should've gotten mayor nagin from new orleans. THAT would've helped him with diversity and helped him understand corruption, drugs & crime. I'd be safer in Bagdad than New Orleans. diddy, help your people, STFU.

2253 days ago

Dick Pudenda    


2253 days ago


IGNORANT..and no you will never rule the world as you say you will God rules this earth try voting for substance not colour why do you think blacks and whites cant come togetherin this country because majority have your ignorant mindset.

sarah palin has 8 more years experience than OSAMA OBAMA do your research or get your 500 assistants to do it for you maybe you should be asking yourself who is buggin..the people who want to put a man as PRESIDENT NOT VP who has no dam experience but just beccause he is a black man go figure.

he says he is for change yet all his endorsements are loaded with cash oprah goes and build a school in africa if you are all so concerned about the poor in americans dish your cash out and build them a life and quit defending there lazy butts.

you are all as fake as obama magicians you only help people when it is a tax reduction get a real life. u want change sell all your bling would probably build 25 homes for the middleclass in amercica thats the change we need.

your buggin and the rest of you montorage will be buggin in november.

2253 days ago

Dick Pudenda    

MRHIDEOUS, you ARE safer in Baghdad than in New Orleans. Is tnat any surprise considering who runs the city govenment. If Mayor Nagin was white, his incompetent ass would already have been out of office or in jail but as it is, it's PC tp keep the kaffa bastard around. Like I always say, we shoul'a picked the frigging connot ourselves.

2253 days ago

Mr. Hideous    

obammy is the one buggin. he's so concerned about helping everybody, but can't even help his own brother. living in a 6x9 sheethole on $1.00 per month. he ought to quit staring at the faces on the dollar bill & give his bro a couple of years worth. ($24) this may come as a shock to some of you buggers, but bush has given more financial relief to africa then any previous president. of course, most folks never hear about it. where's TMZ?

2253 days ago
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