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Helen Mirren -- Rape Isn't Always Criminal

9/1/2008 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hellen MirrenThis will raise some eyebrows. Helen Mirren says she's been the victim of date-rape before, but if a woman says no at the last second, don't go whining your way into court. got a copy of a GQ story that's about to be published, in which Mirren calls date-rape a "tricky area," something best worked out between the parties.

Mirren says if a couple is heavy into sexual activity and the woman says "no" at the last second, technically it's rape, but, "I don't think she can have that man into court under those circumstances. I guess it is one of the subtle parts of the men/women relationship that has to be negotiated and worked out between them."

: Mirren's rep issued the following statement: "Helen Mirren does not dispute the accuracy of statements attributed to her in an upcoming GQ article. She merely asks that people read the article in its entirety before drawing conclusions. If they do that, she says, their conclusions will likely be far less sweeping and sensational than those drawn by some in the popular press. She does not wish to qualify any of her remarks. She just wants to avoid having them presented in inflammatory language."


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Sorry, I meant well said to #19
tho I agree with #20 also

2244 days ago


#22, That's horrible. Most men/boys are pigs at any and all age. And I'm sickened by the % on this stupid poll that seem to think it is ok to shove it in even if the woman says no. I am loosing all faith in "men" period!

2244 days ago


#29 SICKO attitudes like yours is what is wrong with this world!
You have NO idea what she wanted or didn't want and that is
a cold heartless thing to say. I hope karma kicks you up the butt!

2244 days ago


" Ok, so here's my case. When I was a young, naive virgin, I didn't want to have sex. The guy said, "Let me just rub it on yours" and then decided to shove it in anyway. So I had no right to complain? I cried, "Now I'm not a virgin anymore!" and he had the gaul to say, "Does it matter?" What do you think of that."

That you should have said "no" to any kind if genital on genital contact whatsoever?

2244 days ago

Sad sad    

There is no tricky area. What a stupid bitch. You hear the word no and a guy continues its rape. Period no fine line. Ya it sucks for the guy but that's life. People like her is what makes so many rape victims NOT come forward.

2244 days ago

Sad sad    

but then again if she means deal with it Lorena Bobbitt style then I'm all for it.

2244 days ago


I am happy for Helen that she has never been date raped
she should consider herself lucky
I have always loved her acting but her values I'm beginning to question

2244 days ago


if you lead a man on and are perfectly fine with it while he is erect...but you all of a sudden change your mind at the very last probably shouldnt have went that far with him in the first place...hop on top i assume you have played the victim roll before. lame.

2244 days ago

San Francisco    

Since the 1970's, the MAN is always wrong - whether it's rape cases, or child custody, or most divorces.
Alec Baldwin knows this. Helen is very intelligent - read more about her.

2244 days ago


This is why straight men go on the down low. Gay boys never say no.

2244 days ago

Don't Bookem Dano    

What I hear is this. NO when he buys you a beer means NO. But does NO two seconds before climax still mean NO. One guy should go to jail. The second guy has been lead on past the point of no return. "I am going to put you in jail so get me off first so that I can protest before you getting off and call ir date rape". Rape is ugly and degrading. Protesting after hours of mutual masterbation is not rape. This last case is an insult to true rape victims every where.

2244 days ago



You have to be able to distinguish between:

(1) No. Don't. Stop.

- versus -

(2) No. Don't Stop.

2244 days ago


I agree with her completely. Most of you dumb broads deserve what you get they sleazy way you dress and act!

2244 days ago

dwts fan    

Helen is wrong. It doesn't matter who says no... No does mean STOP right now! I met my husband when I was 15, we were married when I was 19 and have been married for 15 yrs. He has ALWAYS been a perfect gentleman in the bedroom. Even if we are in the middle of having sex and I say no or stop for whatever reason... he will pull out and finish by hand because he respects me.
Helen must never have been loved or had respect to know what that truly feels like.

2244 days ago


15. So, if a guy agrees to give someone ten thousand dollars, but has a change of heart at the last moment, by Mirren's asinine reasoning it would not be theft if the other person took the money and kept it.

Actors should keep their mouths shut about substantive issues because they are morons with too much influence. Shame on you, Helen Mirren.

No means no.

well actually if its part of a contract you're not allowed to back out at the last second without some kind of penalty.

i agree with her. if you don't want to have sex then you really should state that in the beginning instead of waiting until the last minute. if you feel like you're mature enough for sex then you should be mature enough to stay out of situations like that.

2244 days ago
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