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Palin Daughter Baby Daddy -- "Don't Want Kids"

9/2/2008 7:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who knew there were rednecks in Alaska?

Apparently there are, according to Levi Johnston, the guy who impregnated the daughter of GOP veep nominee Sarah Palin. He says so himself, on his MySpace page (which is now offline): "I'm a f***in' redneck," he wrote. "I live to play hockey ... I'll kick ass." Somewhat more troubling for 17-year-old Bristol Palin is the following: "I don't want kids." (Of course, what 18 year old really does?)

Gov. Palin and her family announced yesterday that Bristol is pregnant, dispelling rumors Sarah's four-month old was in fact Bristol's.

No Tea in Toronto

Tea Leoni is taking a little time out while her husband deals with his sex addiction.

The actress was meant to be at the Toronto Film Festival, where her film "Ghost Town" is scheduled to premiere, reports People. But given the circumstances – i.e., David Duchovny's revelation he's checked into rehab – Tea has decided to ditch the preem.

The "Californication" star's sex addiction was blamed by pals on porn, not an extramarital affair.

LiLo Chooses SamRo Over MiLo?

Lindsay Lohan and her dad are at it again, supposedly because Lindsay skipped her granddad's wake.

Michael's father died late last week, just as Lindz and Sam and Michael were duking it out on the Internet and in the tabs. Mike had taken the opportunity of the passing to take a shot at wife Dina and then, according to the Sun, blabbed to a photo agency about Lindsay's (and Dina and the rest of the kids) absence at the wake.


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2245 days ago


Of course it was taken down. wouldn't want them to look foolish. I mean than they already do. I feel for the girl but the republicans are looking mighty dumb right now. Now i'm an Obama voter, but i think it's up to the family how to deal with her daughter's pregnacy. If the mom wants to take the kid so that she can go on to have a somewhat normal life then so be it. it's not your household and as long as they don't infringe on my household then i am A O-K. She's a young girl and bashing her is not going to help.

you people on here are treacherous.

2245 days ago


Can we all please stop bashing this young girl. How would any of you like your teen age wrecklessness splashed all over international media. Everyone assume Sarah Pailn never talked to her about sex & birth control. Were you in their home? That's like saying every kid in a car wreck or made sick or worse yet dying from binge drinking never di the very same the second they walked out the door. I am so opposed to Obama, and yet, he is speaking so much more compassionately than so many people on these blogs. He himself, he pointed out, was born to an 18 yr old mother. She was involved with a black man, which many saw as scandoulous. If he can be so empathetic and vocal about protecting the children of all candidates, why can't we. There are SO many other thinga to concern ourselves with each day, globally, and in our own house holds. Let this girl sort out the 100% life changing path she chose when she had unprotected sex.

2245 days ago

Illinois person    

While I don't care for Linds, and could care even less about whom she's licking, it's sad that her father (and mother too) want so badly to be "A" list stars themselves. I guess they don't realize their daughter is no longer on that list and hasn't been for quite some time. In other words, they (the parents) need to get off of her coat tails 'cause she can no longer carry them on into stardom.

Now on an unrelated matter - what is the deal with someone trying to be the "first" person to offer a post? I've noticed this over the past few weeks. First of all, if this is your daily goal, how empty is one's life? Not only that, you can't even offer an overall comment on the gist of the story except to say "first"? Talk about sad, how many of us can say "childish"? Get a life!!

2245 days ago


Thank you jerseygirl! I agree.

2245 days ago


So wait - it's ok now to be a whore as long as you are Republican and don't use birth control?? Jesus.

All the holy rollers who condemn Britney, Jamie and others in ollywood should have explained that a little sooner.

2245 days ago


I wish LiLo, SamRo, and MiLo would all LayLo for a while. It's getting old!

2245 days ago


That's what happens when you have a mother who promotes Abstinence Only ndtries to ge sx ed banned in America!

Itworked wonders for Bristol and her babydaddy.

2245 days ago


Republicans are looking mighty dumb? Where is your girl Hillary? Not here, like Sarah! LOL And why is that? Because of her pervert husband, that's why! You wanna talk about sex scandals and who is looking dumb? Where is Ted Kennedy's girlfriend? In the lake! And where is his brothers John and Bobby's girlfriend? Dead, too.

2245 days ago


Sarah Palin:

What really bothers me here is not that her young daughter is pregnant - parents cannot always be held responsible for the actions of their children. It's that the ONLY reason she came out with this statement is to dispel the "mud-slinging liberal" blog posts that Palin's baby was actually her daughter's She chose to globaly embarass her daughter to further her own political career. And don't even get me STARTED on the fact that she herself selfishly and irresonsibly chose to have a child when she was over 40. It seems to me that for Sarah Palin it's all about what SHE wants and what's best for her. What's going to happen if her needs conflict with the nation's. Who's she going to choose?

2245 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

6. So wait - it's ok now to be a whore as long as you are Republican and don't use birth control?? Jesus.

You're an aZZ. And don't bring Jesus into this, you sh!t head. So go hmmmmm yourself.

2245 days ago


Palin has a daughter with open knees and panties that come off easily.
And a husband who had a DUI.

What a fine Repblican family.

And of course we're not supposed to talk about the little slut because..... oh I get it....
only Republicans can condemn other people's conduct but when it's one of their own you're to keep quiet.

2245 days ago


I' do her and her mom...and Lilo and her mom...

2245 days ago


Why are we surprised????
Palin is a political whore and her daughter, well, she's just a whore.

The 18 year old BF won't marry her, mark my words.
He already stated he does NOT want kids on MySpace.

Welcome to the White House babydaddy drama!

2245 days ago



2245 days ago
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