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O's Mom: Paying Bills Not One of Her Fav Things

9/3/2008 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah's mom might have a lil' habit her daughter needs to know about.

Vernita Lee has allegedly rolled up a $150K bill since 2004 at a Brookfield, Wi. clothing boutique -- and hasn't paid it back. So now the store, Valentina, is trying to get its money the hard way -- in court.

The store's attorney tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the Oprah-ma hasn't been making minimum monthly payments of $2,000 for some time.

Our question: Your daughter is the most powerful woman in showbiz, not to mention a billionaire. What gives? We called Mrs. Lee's lawyer, but haven't heard back yet.


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Oprah's mom has tons of problems and expectations. That's why Oprah was sent to live with her father as a young teen.

2243 days ago


Not Oprah's problem. My mom doesn't pay off my debt nor would I pay off my daughters. Just because a parent has a rich daughter doesn't mean she's allowed to be wasteful with money, or reckless with a credit card.

2243 days ago


Oprah has made it clear that her mother has a substantial credit line each month for which her mother regularly over abuses. She has also done the same for her father. Oprah has paid for her home, vehicles, driver. The daughter has done what she can for her mother, but lets face it, if you have a stiphen of $100k a month, no house note, no car payment and all your health care and taxes taken care of, if you keep running out of cash, more than some families make in a whole year, then maybe mommy should consider a work from home job, and stop abusing her daughters pocket book. At some point you have to cut people off. Oprah is doing the right thing, sometimes the kindest thing you can do for someone, is nothing.

2243 days ago


Just because a family member is wealthy and "won't miss the money" according to one poster, doesn't mean you're entitled to it. I make a decent living and my deadbeat family is always coming out of the woodwork. I am generous with gifts and take each request on a case by case basis to decide if I'm going to pony up the dough. Oprah doesn't owe anyone anything. She is a self-made woman and can do what she wants with her money. I personally would not pay this debt for someone that I already support financially. This mother is obviously greedy and needs therapy to help curb her shopping addiction.

2243 days ago


chrissy.....its not about the money....and yes oprah woudnt miss themoney..i would not let tmz and the media parade my moms name in such bad light jus coz of a few G's whent i got billions sitting in the bank..its about respect for the woman who brought you into this world more than anything.....were not talkin some distant cousin orsome irrelevant uncle.....its her godam MOTHER......sure its not right for her mom to be rackin up such big bills when she knows she cant afford to pay for it... but hey wats doneis done. ..(hopefully she learns her lesson after this) sure this situation is not pleasant for oprah but wats she gonna do..let her mom go to jail in the state of health she is in? come on sure oprah will do the right thing.....

2243 days ago



Of course it is Oprahs choice whether to bail her out or not. I understand your point that you should help out your mother but here's my personal experience for what it is worth.
My mother has her hands out at me all the time to pay her credit card debt. What do I know, as soon as I pay it she is in debt again. I am sick of it and refuse to give her any more money for her reckless spending. I don't care if she is my mother, why should I have to keep paying for her shopping sprees? It's not like she doesn't have a roof over her head or food (which I also help pay for), it's spending money you don't have (and know you don't have) and then expecting some one else to bail you out. Well those some one's get sick and tired of it.

2243 days ago


What tell all book. her mother did not raise her. Why is this O's fault? How many bill yo' mama have that she wants you to pay? lol

2243 days ago

pooh bear    

LLS posted at 6:23 TMZ cannot be sued all the Local news are reporting the same story.

2243 days ago


The fat assed cow is too busy suckin the last bit of meat off a chicken leg to bother paying her bills...She'll probably file bankruptcy and stiff the business...

2241 days ago


oprah is trash...

2241 days ago
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