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Palin Don't Preach: Bristol and Levi Unite

9/3/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's fave unwed pregnant teen coupleLooking like models out of the J.Crew catalog's Unwed Pregnant Teen Couple edition, Sarah Palin's evangelical Christian daughter, Bristol, and her politically-trapped baby daddy, Levi Johnston, held hands as they waited to greet John McCain at the St. Paul airport on Wednesday.

If only Bristol and Levi stopped at holding hands, they wouldn't be in their latest predicament.


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guido III    

Usually I enjoy almost all your stuff. Don't get this one though. Leave em the Hell alone. What's with the "evangelical" reference? Are you that familiar with the kid's personal beliefs? And as to the comment regarding the "latest predicament", what other factual predicaments related to the two kids can you back up. None probably,

2186 days ago


#77 our right's taken away where have you been the last 8 yrs GW already did that, he already destroyed this country you idiott, Obama will fix thing's and by the way, wire tapping and torture, taking a woman's right to choose a way, THAT IS COMMUNISIM, yOU RIGHTWING NUT

Posted at 6:52PM on Sep 3rd 2008 by The Party Of family value's Not so much Value's

Wuh???? Have any your personal rights been taken from you, assuming that is that you're not in jail for any reason? You have freedom of speech, as evidenced here, you can purchase a gun with a permit, provided you're not a terrorist or a convicted felon (are your?), you can choose what to do with your life, even if it does consist of eating Cheetos and Watching Jerry Springer......

So, pray tell, what forsaken rights do you speak of? Is every American's phone wire tapped? What is the reason that some phones are bugged? Could be under Suspicion of being a terrorist? Taking away a woman's right to choose.....that won't happen for a while, if ever, but your right, Dems would rather kill babies than drill for oil and then put out one spotted owl, because that would be "inhumane" (don't worry about the wasn't a human, and besides, owls are more important, anyway).....Also, later term abortion, when a fetus is viable, but partially birthed then stabbed with scissors and then have the brains sucked out....Cool....very caring Yep, that's the PARTY OF CHANGE, all right,,,,,,These are really, really POOR REASONS to vote for Obama.... Dems are so very caring....

If you vote for Obama, as well as you're empty headed friends and the rich elitists who look down on normal middle of the road Americans, you are heading this country straight towards socialism. What is socialism you might ask?

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

You know where I work, my family works, my neighbors work and you sit around all day on "your brains" and watch Jerry Springer (I guess you can't do anything else) because we payed an unbelievable amount of our wages in taxes so you could do that and eat Cheetos and drink Amp....Yeah, that really makes people want and try to improve things, because you know, your hard efforts will be rewarded with confiscation under the threat of prison (oh wait, that does already happen to some degree with the IRS,,,,) so that the less able (lazy parasites) can get a free ride!!!!! Get ready, if O Man and his cronies get their way, it's on its way.

I'm so sick of Obamites.....I have not ever heard even ONE explain what "CHANGE" THEIR SAVIOR STANDS FOR.....They are right, there will be change, and it won't be one that the founding fathers of this great nation, those who came to our country to ESCAPE OPPRESSION, and those who sacrificed their lives fighting for the USA thought it would be.

You are the perfect example of the "Dumb Masses" that will be voting this November (shudder....)

MCCAIN/PALIN 2008......And I don't give a rat's A$$ is her daughter is pregnant!


2186 days ago


Politically trapped baby daddy fits perfect. lol.

2186 days ago


She is still human even though her mom is running for VP. Humans make mistakes! God is the only one who can judge!

2186 days ago


David #97, yes I can imagine if there was a democratic candidate with a teen in this situation. They would encourage an abortion and hide it, and never allow it to be spoken of..In fact I am willing to bet it has happen and we don't know about it. Because democrats LIE and republicans are honest!

2186 days ago


Can't believe the Republicans are trying to turn this into a "positive" thing, if they weren't so politically connected... I would feel sorry for them. But since they have money, it's not that bad.

2186 days ago


# 15 is absolutely correct. TMZ is full of crap, political and is not even real journalism..not to say the mainstream media is at all either!! 2008...the year journalism DIED in out country....TMZ is very biased and it's common knowledge...insulting too!

2186 days ago


Seamus and Staci 110.....YOU ROCK!

2186 days ago


Brilliant TMZ! You're saying EXACTLY what all of America's press is thinking but won't print !!! It's like you're rubbing the truth in republicans' HYPOCRITICAL faces! I love to watch them squirm. Just look at their comments!

Repugnants, where are your morals now?

PS. If the shoe were on the other democratic foot, I highly doubt that Mcan't or his minions would have handled this with the grace that Obama did.

2186 days ago


Kudos David
"I think people are missing the point here. For years the Republicans have touted the moral standing of their party, family values, honor etc. and point to Clinton (who was impeached), Edwards etc. and that liberal morals have destroyed the Anerican way -- and yet McCain had an affair and was cheating with Cindy while he was still married, and the abstinence only preaching of the right suddenly is okay. It's not about the poor kids. Llevi - self proclaimed no children redneck - is stuck in a drama. But it is about double standards.... Can you imagine if a Democratic candidate had a son or daughter involved in out of wedlock pregnancy?"

2186 days ago


Cause no one leaving a negative comment about these two, ever had sex as a teenager... pregnancy happens... We're all offended by half of the comments on TMZ, but we continue to read it.
Go McCain/Palin!!!

2186 days ago


I live in Alaska and have seen both Levi and Bristol... and I can tell you... Levi has never remotely looked like that before - a complete professional makeover. He prides himself on being a "f**k'n redneck" and normally sports beard stubble with long unwashed hair. He's a jock that lives for hockey and partying and is known for being something of a Wasilla "bad-boy". Bristol seems nice, but usually dresses in sweats and is known to hang-out (party) with Levi and his sister. Many of the parties involved underage teen drinking. In fact, Levi and his sister had posted some of the pictures online. Most people thought it was the classic "nice girl - bad boy" pairing.

Everybody thought Bristol and Levi broke up last year, when after a couple of months, Bristol abruptly switched schools and transferred from Wasilla to Anchorage, and Levi was seen hanging-out with other girls. He always said that he only wanted to play hockey, hang with his buddies, and have a good time. He also said that he never wanted to have kids, though he had nothing against them.

Now, less than a year later, he suddenly wants to get married and have a kid... not impossible, but not likely. Up until the time Palin got picked as a candidate for VP, he was acting like he always acted. Hard to think that the sudden change of heart wasn't campaign related.

2186 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Let 'em be, TMZ.

2186 days ago



2186 days ago

Ann Preston    

I WILL NEVER READ TMZ AGAIN. I AM BOYCOTTING ALL "ENTERTAINMENT" SITES BECAUSE YOU STINK AND YOU ARE RUINING OUR CULTURE WITH YOUR BIAS AND HATRED towards decent individuals and families that make our country great. You will rue the day when you have to answer for what you are doing.

2186 days ago
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