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Republicans Lack Heart! -- redirect

9/5/2008 12:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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#8 ("Both women are one-hit wonders!") Where the hell have you been? Oh, you must be someone who has no idea who the artists were BEFORE 1990! Bananarama is a one hit wonder, the women of Heart blazed the trail for women in rock, side by side with Stevie Nicks (bet you don't know who that is either right?)

2183 days ago


I would bet if they keep there mouths shut.

They may have sold many cd's with the song Barracuda.

Most buyers would have been Republicans.

I guess they don't need the money.

Not a smart move.

2183 days ago


You know, these singers/celebrities are getting absolutely ridiculous. Whatever your polictical views are, who cares? Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you don't want your music heard or played by anyone, then why be in the buisness? They are not the first people to do this. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's like saying well, I don't like that radio station or I don't like that club or I don't like that car that just went by that is playing my music or I don't like the looks of that person with the iPod that has my song playing. CRAZY! Why be in the business then? Isn't that what it's all about, getting your songs played, rather than, who is playing them and where and by who it is being played for? Honestly, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting pretty sick and tired of these celebrities shoving their opinion or who they think would be a better president down our throats and if you don't agree, we are idiots. Obviously some of them don't have mirrors in their homes. Why don't you (celebrites) just shut up and sit with your millions/ and continue to have babies in other countries, continue buy homes in other countries, continue to contribute to the economy of other countries, etc. and go ahead keep pretending that you give a crap about America, all while the little people (true Americans that didn't forget their roots, who make this country what it is and make the celebrities who they are); the people that are homeless, don't have jobs, struggling to feed their children they have, trying educate the children they have, and all while you keep pretending that your helping your fellow Americans or actually give a crap about who lives in the White House. It really doesn't matter who gets in, you people will still be sitting with your millions, your songs and everything else you have, but the middle class/poor people will be the ones that still suffer. How bout you put your money where you mouths are? Get rid of some of your millions, if all of you contributed 1 million dollars to the Katrina fund, New Orleans and the people that are STILL suffering, could or would have homes. Or the homeless right here in your back yard, could eat, or a single mother or father trying to survive, could feed their kids and be home with them without working 3 jobs. I'm not saying that some of you don't help out, or that you didn't work hard for what you have, but please don't act like you are better, because your wallet is thicker and that your Polictical views outweigh everyone elses. We all put our pants on one leg at a time and in the end, we are all one race, we are all human, we are all Americans.

2183 days ago

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