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King Tut


9/7/2008 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well, not really. But it's a pretty funny pic of Winona Ryder leaving LAX yesterday in a bundle of clothes, partially blocking her face with a King Tut pamphlet.


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That's her boarding pass. I had one just like it last week. The back of the little folder thing it goes in had an ad for a King Tut exhibit. Just, fyi.

2239 days ago


That's the back of the ticket jacket for either American or Delta. I flew a couple weeks ago and somebody said the same thing to me..."why do you have a King Tut brochure?" Good job TMZ getting to the bottom of this mystery- you guys are really on top of it!

2239 days ago

Patriotic Illegal Immigrant    

Something for you guys to think about.

Whats a Jew like Ms Rider doing with something thats Related to an Egyptian King? Isn't King Tut supposed to be part of the Lineage of the Rulers that held Jews in Bondage as slaves in Africa/Egypt?

Well the TRUTH is that there is NO EVIDENCE of Jews ever held as slaves. No proof that Jews built the great monuments in North East Africa. Because those monuments where too advanced and in no way could they be built by slaves/unskilled labor.

Oh and Finally they'd also like to let you know that the Ancient Egyptians were Aliens,Arabs,White,Red Race or some different group of People that dissappeard. Nope They were Black Africans.

2239 days ago


Slow day at LAX?Wasting perfectly good footage on a no talent has been that could never act her way out of a shopping bag to begin with,whats wrong?..., missed that shot of Gary Coleman parking Avis rental cars?Good job TMZ.

2239 days ago


This is so not even funny nor is it worth the other comments pointed out that's the back of a ticket jacket for her boarding pass......and she was leaving an I don't get it---at all!
Landed in LAX a few weeks ago and had the same sleeve. Oh you were right......"Really funny"

2239 days ago


What's so funny about that?

Ah, I get it ... TMZ 'Journalists' aren't very bright to beginn with .. they'd laugh at a red and white lollypop

2239 days ago


Comment # 4 is so sad. Imagine being so obsessed with weird racial lineage theories that an inaccurate reference to the back of a boarding pass immediately prompts a posting on the dreaded Jews. And, incidentally, the Ancient Egyptians were, er, Egyptians.

2239 days ago

Matthew Prefontaine    

Yes, that is an American Airlines Ticket Jacket. I am the designer of it for the King Tut exhibit that opens in Dallas - October 2008. A second King Tut exhibit opens in Atlanta this November.

2235 days ago

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