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Apollo Creed KO's Third Marriage

9/8/2008 8:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carl Weathers -- the guy who played Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" movies -- is throwing in the towel on his third marriage ... after barely getting in the ring.

After 17 months of holy matrimony, Weathers claims he and wife number 3, Jennifer Peterson, had irreconcilable differences, according to divorce papers filed Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court.

But get this, Weathers -- who starred in classics like "Happy Gilmore," "Predator," and "Action Jackson" -- is asking the judge to make Peterson pay for his legal costs.

Looks like someone's gettin' ready for a fight ...


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first! suckers!!!!

2146 days ago


He should throw in the towel and just go gay. Women are users and whiners anyway.

2146 days ago


When will they learn - mixed race marriages are a very bad idea, it's difficult enough for same races to make it but mix the cultures of black and white and you get a mistake! Stick with your own race! Do you see Robins mating with Blue Jays - even the animal kingdom knows better! Don't turn on your race and pollute your gene pool forever!

2146 days ago


Wow..Brad needs to take biology 101 again...

2146 days ago

Joe Mama    

wtf, it seems like everyday someone is getting a divorce in hollywood. i like carl weathers, i hope he does'nt get taken to the cleaners.

2146 days ago


Poor, Apollo- someone need to get that eye of the tiger back! Cue- the Rocky music, call Stallone

and get ready to fly now!!! ... into bachelorhood lifestyle... seriously Carl, you don't have much money left,

you don't want to end up doing Rocky 7 as the ghost of Apollo ;)

2146 days ago


The marriage being mixed has nothing to do with it. You just have two people who could not get along with each other.

2146 days ago

That explains things!    

She's a cool lady. I met her during his B'day party at his home last year in Venice. I do believe, however, that HE'S the Goldigger in this case. She's smarted up and wants out. Trust me, Carl Weathers is nowhere NEAR being broke. I wish them both the best. It's just not working for one or both of them.

2145 days ago


I dont have a problem with interracial marriages. The both of them could not get along so what is the best thing to do get a divorce. I hope for the best of both of them

2145 days ago


The post by Brad reads like something from stormfront.

2145 days ago


Carl Weathers is a fraud. Given his marital history does this come as a surprise? It's time for this sixty year old has been to grow up and stop making promises to women and taking vows that he has no intention of keeping.

2145 days ago


The guy is your typical ego-centric actor. He's a liar, tricked her into marrying him under false pretenses, and now wants her to pay for the divorce. He needs to pay for his own legal fees. Is it too late for him to grow balls and be a man of honor? Yeah, probably. You can't teach an old dog new tricks and he's an old geezer.

2130 days ago

From one who knows more    

The last two ladies sound like haters, regardless of who it would be. Onewho(think she) knows sounds like she's been burned in the past and fears growing old...alone. Elaine, you just sound like a hater. I had the pleasure of dating Carl for a period of time (he was single at the time) , He has a warm heart, deep intelligence to go with his keen wit, he's open and honest, and a far from pretenous as you can get. No one knows what goes on inside a marriage, he (or she) who is wthout sin, cast the first stone.

2121 days ago


He was great and warm to Jennifer until she married him. The promises all went out the window once he had the ring on her finger. He asked her for the divorce, not the other way around. So "one who knows more", you don't know as much as you think.

2081 days ago

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