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Blasted for Cherry Pickin'

9/8/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings -- but VMA host Russell Brand got in some serious hot water with his extremely impure jokes about the Disney virgins.

Russell Brand: Click to watch
Humorless "Idol" champ Jordin Sparks ('memba her!?) defended the boys after Brand bragged he'd bag 'em all by the end of the night. Hope he stayed away from Nick -- that kid's only 15!


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Sorry if I missed the humor in Mr. Brands comedy, I thought it was discusting. Obviously MTV realizes they have also have a younger audience if they have Miley Cyrus and the cast of High School Musical in attendance. I was watching the awards with my kids and was embarassed at Mr. Brands tasteless remarks. The Jonas Brothers are very talented and it is sad Mr. Brand thought he needed to take away from that.

2175 days ago

hyper-spastic supergirl    

Distasteful? Maybe... for primetime network tv. Come on, the VMAs are intended to be controversial. Unfortunately for Brand the host is also intended to be funny. Okay, so the jokes were old (Bush Jokes? at least make them original... calling someone a "retarded cowboy" isn't a joke, it's a 3rd grade insult) and mostly unclever. In fact, the funniest bit Brand had all night was his RESPONSE to Jordan Sparks. So, overall not a great host- sorry, Russell- but does he deserve the backlash for the Jonas Brothers? If it hadn't been about the "almighty-adorable-infallable" Jonas Brothers no one would have batted an eye. Come on, The Jonas Brothers are gonna have to deal with the slanderous Tabloid stories and rude butting-into-your-life comments from paps and strangers just like every other celebrity. Get over it- that's the price for fame.

2173 days ago


I think Brand was a bit nervous and used jokes that were a bit immature. However The Jonas brothers shouldn't be upset about it at all! If your famous and you let the whole world know your saving yourself till marriage then be prepared to take some heat for it. I couldn't believe when Jordin said that some people aren't slut because they wear purity rings! Good T.V haha and I get what she was trying to say but still could have lost the name calling,

2172 days ago


got new's for everybody the show sucked and as for the ring who the hell cares. slut not a slut who needs some whining ass teenager who's living the good life tell ordinary people how to live .... you want sex just do it who cares if you do or dont

2171 days ago


Someone ought to take a swipe at the squeaky clean Jonas Brothers. They're tools, & we might as well have our fun before they go down the road of Danny Bonaduce, Gary Coleman, et al & the jokes are too easy to make.

And as for the purity rings.... it's a convenient way of not admitting they like getting tea bagged... by each other.

2167 days ago


well in my opinion i thought how ridiculous he is criticizing our government when he isnt even from the US he may have been right with some things but even then it ridiculous how he criticizes America basically saying we are dumb because we re-elected Bush although it is true who does he think he is being from the UK coming to the US and criticizing our government

2165 days ago
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