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Blasted for Cherry Pickin'

9/8/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings -- but VMA host Russell Brand got in some serious hot water with his extremely impure jokes about the Disney virgins.

Russell Brand: Click to watch
Humorless "Idol" champ Jordin Sparks ('memba her!?) defended the boys after Brand bragged he'd bag 'em all by the end of the night. Hope he stayed away from Nick -- that kid's only 15!


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to comment number 9: Try supporting the US if you are an American citizens!!! What about all of the AMERICAN soliders fighting for YOU as well as our country? You are an idiot!

2234 days ago

Belle Start    

At least there is someone that will get up and say something about that retard we have as a president. The wimppy press are scared to say anything about Bush. Bush is the worst president there is and will ever be. It will take at least 50 years to getthe country back the way it should be, if that is possible. And everyone hates us overseas, we don't have any allies any more. I don't like anything that guy said but the bit about Bush, at least somebody had the guts to say something about the worst president in American History.

2234 days ago


#9, you are an idiot like that host! How is #4 being racist? hahaha. English people arent a RACE of people. You have whites, blacks, asians, spanish etc liek the rest of us. OMG. that was priceless. FROM DUBLIN. dumb a s s

2234 days ago


all these celebrities are really hurting obama and i love it! they think we care what they think, infact you say we vote for someone and we decide to vote for the other guy just because you dont like him. i feel for obama because he didnt ask for their stupid endorsements but they give it to him anyways and now look, he is sinking faster than the titanic thanks to these idiots.

2234 days ago


Never heard of this guy but he is very annoying!

2234 days ago


"...he was reluctant at first, but realized it was for the best..." Sounds like he's joking about rape. Rape isn't funny.

2234 days ago


That Host SUCKED!!! I tunrned it off, and I always watch the VMA's and I like Brittney Spears, and I want her to make a comeback but she did nothing last year and there were so many more deserving artists. The VMA's are so fixed, Iwill not bother watching anymore.

2234 days ago


By all means don't make fun of the Jonas Bros! The ridicule may just make them want to do bad things with their bodies!!!! Perhaps these youngsters shouldn't have been up past their bedtimes either! Who, what and where did these little punks come from other than being magically created by Disney?

And by the way, we have the worst president in the history of the world right now in office. I think it's okay for anyone to make fun of him. I hope he is brought up on war crimes after his term is up along with all of his cronies.

2234 days ago


I watched the about 15 minutes of the show and changed the channel. I found his comments rude and he wasn't in the least bit funny, and it didnt seem like he was trying to be funny. He just wanted to use the opportunity to push his ideas out there. I am glad I didn't waste any more of my time watching this loser last night.

2234 days ago



2234 days ago

Fat White Woman    

Brand was funny if a bit rushed. The Jonas Brothers are public figures and therefore everything they do will be made fun of by one person or another. I remember not so long ago several other pop stars saying they were staying celibate until marriage... and isn't Jessica Simpson now divorced?

oh and btw, for anyone who missed it Brand did, in fact, insult the British Royal family as well as our president. Both insults got a good chuckle from me. :)

2234 days ago


I think Brand was a joke and very tasteless. MTV the station doesn't tell anyone who to vote for they just want people to vote and not sit on their ass. Brand takes it to himself to vote for the Democratic party. He should of just told the people to just 'vote' in general and not try to tell them what party to swing to. Also, he was bashing the Jonas Brothers for their purity rings.. I'm sure they can get laid 50 times more then this guy who looks like a he lost a war with a bottle of hairspray. They are just being role models for younger kids to show it's okay to be celibate. Go back to the U.K. Brand and I hope the U.S.A doesn't grant you another visa.

2234 days ago


I agree with the first poster. I was curious about the awards but immediatley turned it off during the opening comments.

1. You are not from this country - son't be telling us how to run it. You are an entertainer, not a politician. Stick to the music and leave your editiorial comments for someplace else. I have had more than enough of so called celebrities telling me how our country should be run and all that is wrong with it. Either sing, or perform, or keep your stupid mouths shut!

2. I applaud the Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks. And I think she was correct. No - not all non-virgins are sluts, but as we see daily on this website, an awful lot of "entertainers" are.

2234 days ago


I was actually looking forward to watching the VMA's last night. Saw Britney, she looked good, etc. then the British unknown in the US host came out (no one else was available to host?) and began to tell me who I should vote for, bashing Pres Bush, among other things. Saying that people were racist if they did not vote for Obama but then continuted on to call Sarah Palin a VILF (Vice President I like to #$@@). So it's okay to be sexist! At that point, I turned it off. All I wanted to see was a mindless fun, lighthearted awards show. Thanks MTV for being just like every other biased media outlet!!

2234 days ago


Russell was hysterical. Loved him!!! Americans are so freakin' oversensitive about everything! Get a grip already! Learn to take some ribbing. UGH. The VMAs have become so awkward and boring and at least Russell made it a little more interesting.

2234 days ago
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