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Blasted for Cherry Pickin'

9/8/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings -- but VMA host Russell Brand got in some serious hot water with his extremely impure jokes about the Disney virgins.

Russell Brand: Click to watch
Humorless "Idol" champ Jordin Sparks ('memba her!?) defended the boys after Brand bragged he'd bag 'em all by the end of the night. Hope he stayed away from Nick -- that kid's only 15!


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I thought it was VERY tasteless and at that point I turned it off.

Shame on you MTV!

2233 days ago


Are we that desperate in the US that we need to bring in a TRASH MOUTH IDIOT from another country to put down the president, bash the Jonas Brothers and make the vulgar comments he did all the way through the show! Come on people!!! Kid Rock would have done a MUCH better job! We are NOW ALLOWING foreigners to take over television as well as the rest of the US. We shouldn't complain if we are going to sit back and let garbage like this happen! Send that IDIOT back to his own country!!!

2233 days ago


I found Jordin Sparks' comment, "We were purity rings because we don't want to be sluts" extremely distasteful and rude. Because someone doesn't wear a purity ring, it doesn't make them a slut, and that's exactly what she said. I think people should be outraged at that comment. Russell Brand put a comedic spin on a taboo subject, and Jordin Sparks generalized all non-virgins as sluts. Screw you Jordin. I'm not virgin. And I'm not a slut. And you should obtain a sense of humor.

2233 days ago


I watched all of about 30 minutes of the awards ....

When Britney won for best female video I new the awards were going to be rigged! .... what a joke! .... way to go VMA! ... and you wonder why the attendence is going down and not up ....

Oh! and the host? What a complete idiot .... even 90% of the audience wasn't laughing to his opening monalogue

2233 days ago


He sucked but you can't blame him for speaking about our candidates when we've got our own celebrity idiots blasting them when they perform in other countries! Dixie Chicks, Madonna, etc...

2233 days ago


much like the profoundly untalented "music performers" MTV puts on the stage, Brand filled in quite nicely to round off another sh*t night for an MTV production. Where most back in the day would have talent, Brand had insults. and oh, isn't it always just so funny to hear from a european about our screwed up government? Nothing like hearing from a no skill ass on who we should elect in our presidential election. go back to your royal family you idiot, and get some talent!

2233 days ago


Where did they get this piece of trash from to host the MTV VMAs. After his comments about President Bush I turned the channel. I dont care what anyone thinks of president Bush but he is the president and deserves the respect and for some idiot to call the Predident of the united states a retarded cowboy. I will never watch the VMAs nor MTV again for allowing that garbage. Basically I saw this as a slap on the US and all the military serving it. Boycott MTV. Liberal Idiots

2233 days ago

just some facts to get in the way    

He was disgusting,

Jordan Sparks was the only brave decent person on last night. A young girl new how wrong he was. Not one so called adult had the balls to say anything. The Jonas brothers agent should have had them leave with out preforming.

They need to have his VISA revoked again. Shame on MTV and everyone that sat by and said nothing.

2233 days ago


I didn't see it, because when this idiot first came out (who is he, anyway?) bashing the president, I turned the channel. Not gonna watch ANY show with an agenda. BTW, Brand....your hair is stupid.

2233 days ago


commentor no. 4. Many thanks for some more wonderful American racism.

2233 days ago

hang him high    

Its were really expecting an evening of sophistication? Lighten wasn't as funny as I had hoped though.

2233 days ago


I watched the beginning of the VMA. After Brit opened (she looked great/healthy) I changed the channel and watched "America United"!

Brand's comment was very distasteful as well as Spark's.....................why does it always have to be about sex?!?

2233 days ago


Russell Brand was Hilarious! By far the best part of the show!

2233 days ago


Terrible. Not funny. Repetitive.Tried too hard. Horrible choice by MTV.

2233 days ago


I agree with TLS (comment #4)

I began watching the VMAs that I had recorded so I could fast forward through the commercials. The very minute that it became a platform for a political promotion and insult session I turned it off and deleted it.

I realize there is a tight race for the next president, but seriously, can't people keep it out of the MTV VMAs? We don't need to hear your opinion just because you have an audience and a microphone! I don't necessarily with everything Pres. Bush has done during his term in office, but don't come over here to the USA and start dogging and disrespecting him.

Boy, if the situation had been reversed and one of our's had insulted the queen, then WW3 would shortly follow.

2233 days ago
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