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Ding Dang -- Brit's Cover Up Exposed!

9/8/2008 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears opened the VMAs last night with the telltale sign of a notorious lip syncher -- completely covering her moving lips the entire time she opened the show.
Britney Spears: Click to watch
That said, TMZ eats crow for declaring her career dead after last year's girthy performance. She ain't dead at all after bizarrely winning three awards and looking awfully hot -- minus the spaghetti weave.


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All that dieting and she still a size 8. never be skinny. too fat for anything. cant dance and cant sing. only manufacture same as loooohan, paris,all the other skanks who wake up one morning and think they can sing.

2234 days ago


jon..............How much do you get per click for spamming the board with your BS?

2234 days ago


Ok enough already!! I threw up in my mouth when she opened her mouth to speak! SHe is such an idiot!!
PLEASE I really don't want to hear about her anymore! Big deal she cleaned up her act, HELLO you got 2 kids dumb ASS! So please go away again it was nice not seeing her or hearing from her!

2234 days ago


OMG, that stupid award show was completely rigged. How could her stupid videos win over bands that people actually like. Everything centered around Britney, just so if by chance she does make a real comeback MTV can say they were the ones who made it possible. We all know that she didn't deserve any of those awards. All of her songs and videos were lame.

2234 days ago


can she please get rid of that fake baby ass whinny speaking voice!! Mousekateers is SOOOO 20 years ago!

2234 days ago


People have to remeber that Britney Spears was & is still one of the biggest, most successful pop music stars in history. The fact that MTV centred or made her a priority last night just goes to show the respect they still have for her. In case people to remember her prior appearances/performances on VMAS and how highly rated & talked about those shows were. I say good for you Britney, yes you had a public mental breakdown but it just goes to show it doesn't matter what u have or don't have, people are people.

2234 days ago

Margie S    

She has been through alot... and has really worked hard on recovery. She looks great and I give her a lot of credit for standing up for herself and the rest of us. She did great and looks great and sounds great... Leave her alone for God's sake! Brittney is in the eye of all of us so anything she does is up for comment.... Good or bad! Give her the positive credit she deserves... Haven't we all been through crap in our lives, her's just happen to be for all to see, not private! Good Job Brittney!

2234 days ago

lil shorty    

No,i am not getting anything for letting people know about this site.I just really dispise britney and I am also on paid sick leave right now because I just had surgery to get the pins taken outta my elbow and my pelvis from a car accident.So basically I am bored and stuck at home w/my pain meds.
So what;s ur excuse for being a total c*nt? I'll be here all day in case u got something else biotch.

2234 days ago


Baby steps is fine, maybe this will get her confidence back up there, shes not back yet. She has been down a crazy long road. Giving her my best thoughts and hoping for a full recovery. So glad she won. Whoever wrote the show sucks, the Brand sucked and so did the skits..

2234 days ago


I have come to love Britney Spears...I used to hate her, but now I feel for her. She seemed very nervous and didn't look like she was lip-synching. Idiots!!!! I'm so glad that she won three awards!!!! She deserves it!!!!

2234 days ago

nira k    

Glad she looks and feels better but her time is over, way over. Her audience has moved on.

2234 days ago


That's how a singer usually holds a mic, and she's a singer, not a speaker. There was no lip synching. I work in audio production, and I can assure you- that was live. Good job Brit!

2234 days ago


i am a mother and grandmother and i am so proud of Brittany, all she needed was to be surrounded by the people that love and care for her, FAMILY. it is not always about money.

Proud of her!!!!!!!!!

2234 days ago


she was nervous. at least she was sober and wearing something appropriate. give her a break!!

2234 days ago


Uhm, I do not think she was faking it. She looked great! She made A HUGE come back. Very happy for her. Never liked Sleezy K Fed.

2234 days ago
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