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Judge Says Borat Can Make You Look Stupid

9/8/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're pissed about being mocked in that "Borat" flick, go to hell -- or Kazakhstan.

That's what a New York judge told the final three suckers who sued Sacha Baron Cohen, because they were made to look like fools in "Borat."

It's all in the fine print. The Borat people are totally off the hook because the waiver these people signed says the film is "documentary-style," which gives them the power to do anything they want. So the judge told the final three to pound sand.


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Ha ha. Those guys were d-bags-god forbid they actually take responsibility for their actions.

2201 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Hhhhhggigh five!

2201 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I'm not surprised. I hate Borat but those people should have known what they were getting into. Always read the fine print and if you don't understand, ask a lawyer or don't sign.

Go Sox

2201 days ago



2201 days ago

big momma    

One of the few things you can count on in this country is the god given right to act like a fool and make other people look foolish!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

2200 days ago


Its pack sand, not pound sand. The judge told them to pack sand!

2200 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Tiffany, the idiom is "pound sand", in other words stop wasting my time. If the judge said "pack sand" then both of you got it wrong.

Go Sox

2200 days ago


It seems unfair to me that he can use the footage if the people are not happy with him showing it, after all, he is tricking them! Purposefully setting people up to look foolish isn't funny if your intention is to make fun of them rather than laugh with THEM.

Think of the good-natured candid camera - it was fun because the ''victim'' could laugh along with us at the situation and the reaction they'd had to it before realizing they were on candid camera. But it was just showing them react as most people would and they were not angry with the film.

Cohen's stuff is mean-spirited. Period. Can't watch it,

2200 days ago

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