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Hathaway's Ex: Guilty... Guilty... Guilty...Gui..

9/10/2008 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Hathaway's ex won't be bothering her anytime soon -- well at least for the next 5 years -- after the dirtball pled guilty to 14 counts of con-artistry just moments ago in a Manhattan Federal court.

Raffaello Follieri will serve at least five years in prison for filching $6 mil while pretending to be the Vatican's chief money man.

But here's the rub -- so to speak -- while entering his plea, Raffa begged the judge to let him out of his NYC holding cell ASAP because of "unspecified inmate issues."

It's hard in prison for those Zach Braff-alikes (pun intended).

Check out all the Raffa bling Anne H. had to give back to the Feds in the criminal complaint: Two Rolexes, a bunch of rings and a five-strand pearl necklace, among other things.


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If that's all he got for stealing 6 million, where do I sign up?

I'll do 5 years in federal prision to make that much money.

2232 days ago


I find it hard to believe that Anne Hathaway didn't know about what he was doing. She seems a lot brighter than that.

2232 days ago

artie help    

this guy rules. Brass Balls.

2232 days ago


And he is probably already working on a book deal and seeking money to give an "exclusive" interview. He will do a little time, then come out a "new man" and start a charity, do a PSA, feed the homeless, adopt a black baby, shave his head, get some "tough guy" tattoos, say he got carried away by fame, start a blog, become a special envoy to the UN and all the other things rich crooks/celebs do to rebrand themselves.

2232 days ago


It's funny that Anne lived with this guy for four year and didn't know anything. DUH... Who are you kidding? She knew all and just turned the other cheek until he got busted. Anne, you suck!

2232 days ago

northern gypsy    

5 yrs for 6 mil...he'll do that without breaking a sweat...sorry...i'm not buying A.H. alibi...she lived with him for 4 yrs (?) and not a clue ??? she's lucky the judge did...

2232 days ago


Well......5 years is a good deal. If he were black and stole that much money he wouldn't be getting out of jail until he was eligible for social security, if then.

2232 days ago



2232 days ago


Five years?? Oh please, he'll probably end up in some posh Marth Stewart type prison knitting a poncho!!!

2232 days ago


I wonder if Ann will take him back in since they were living together I'm sure she knew what was going on and helped him con people and she put him in touch with people he probably couldn't of gon't in touch with any other way!!!!!!!!

2232 days ago

Rick in L.A.    

You're right Sandra, I could have sworn it was a pic of John Ritter!

2232 days ago

Lisa G.    

HA!! Sandra -- I thought the same thing -- I thought it was a pic of a young John Ritter.

2232 days ago


Oh great that's right #7 let's play the 'black' card. Oh geez that happened to your forefathers....give it a rest already will ya?

2232 days ago


She is not as innocent as she proclaims. She cannot be with him that long and be oblivous as to what he was doing. She wanted the high life with all the perks....

2232 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Guilty, guilty guilty, he's on my list, list, list.

2232 days ago
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