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McCain Epic Fumble

9/10/2008 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We were literally face to face with potential Prez John McCain ... and this is the one question we asked. When we suck, we suck.


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My gun has killed less people than Ted Kennedy's car.

2233 days ago


wow dot... can we say unsubstansiated, talking out of your ass because you're a whacked out liberal with no common sense or education, claim?

Incompetent? She's got an 80% approval rating for cutting spending, lowering taxes and eliminating unnecessary public funded items.

Criminal? What has she done that was illegal? If she was convicted of a serious crime... she would be ineligable to run for office.

Religious... this is America right? Freedom OF religion... not freedom FROM religion.

You just prove what everyone thinks about lefties. You're insane, uneducated attack machines who don't care how good a person is, if they don't think the way you think they are automatically evil people. God forbid we should all be clones with the same thoughts.

Why don't you actually do a little research before spouting diarrhea of the mouth.

Name a few accomplishments that Obama has made.

since 2005 he voted "Present" 150+ times to key issues meaning "I'm here, but I have no opinion."

In 3 years he missed MORE votes than McCain missed in 21. He also missed more votes than Hillary did in 7 years.

How does a candidate of change miss more votes in 3 years than someone in 7 or 21?
How does a candidate of change vote Present over 150 times instead of having an opinion.

Also... even obama's supporters can't name one damn accomplishment this man has EVER made.

for example: Abortion.

Ask Obama why he suddenly has taken a much more softer stance on the abortion issue lately than he had in the past being such a hardcore pro-choicer than he was FOR making it legal to smother a child born alive after an abortion attempt to death.

Suddenly he's for the right to prohibit abortion, as long as there is a medical necessity clause.

How about asking your hero why he's pissing out on you.

As for this video... OMG what the hell does canada have to do with anything. The guy was asking about Nova Scotia right?

He does realize that's in Canada right?

And what's this "Joe" stuff? When did TMZ photogs become personal friends with McCain?

2233 days ago


26. Sadly, the misguided fools rooting for Obama have come to an early demise. Has anybody listened to Obama speak when there isn't a teleprompter? He has the voice inflection of a southern preacher, and the wit of a homeless person. WTF is the attraction to this village idiot?

WTF, is the attraction to McCain/Palin! Besides the hilarious fact that Palin is running around with McCain's arms hanging out of her ass!!! Let's see teleprompter compared to rhetoric speeches, speeches & Obama attacks written by Bush buddies, failure to do interviews? She may have been govenor of the state of Alaska, but this is the United States, once one of the most powerful countries in the world. A bible thumping fake christian, moose killing, Captain Morgan babysitting her 17yr old pregnant daughter, whose already had a down syndrome baby, whose mother is as crooked and fake as a 6 dollar bill, use my family and lie to the american women to get their vote is too much of a risk! Bin Laden is waiting and will take them both down!!!! Hillary is a force to be reckoned with, Palin is "piss poor politics".

2233 days ago

hillary clinton    

tmz, we know most of yall want a pro gay, anit war-surrender to the world , tree hugger , who will legalize drugs while he is the white house, too bad most of america isnt 22 or act like it..... GO MCCAIN

2233 days ago


55. John - I see a slight resemblence between you & John McCain here. FYI: the reporter isn't black, he's European. Damn, you don't know your own kind? So quick to blame it on a black, seems to me the reporter is one of your ignorant ass european backwoods hillbilly relatives. Not sure who's dumber, the reporter, mccain or you!!! I guess your wife wears the pants and you just kind of follow her around for guidance! Damn

2233 days ago


Mayu, thank you so much for researching and stating the truth about McCain and Obama. I stand behind you 100%. My opinion is that Obama is the token black. Liberals in all the right places have found and put him on the ticket for reasons known only to themselves. Other than chicago, who has ever heard of Obama until the the primaries got going.

2233 days ago


Wow typical.

Way to stick to the FACTS, and make an educated point that can be backed by public records. Once again, you lefties have nothing of true substance to say so you fall back on pointless attacks and demeaning comments about someone's mother, when her mother isn't the one running for office.

Again I ask you...

Name some of Obama's accomplishments.

And what is it about Palin that has you so scared? McCain is Obama's opponent, and contrary to what you may think, being 72 doesn't mean he has one foot in the grave. His mom is 96 and looking healthy. 89% of my great aunts and uncles lived to their 90's...

yet I had an uncle killed in a car crash at 45 years old.

Age has nothing to do with longevity. So you can't say he's on his way out.

So why is it that all you can do is attack Palin. Something about her have you guys running scared, so you are doing all you can to smear her with unsubstansiated, false attacks.

She's doing something right!!!!

2233 days ago


If we fall for this Republican bull and lies again and elect John McCain, our country is going to be in serious trouble. You think the economy is bad now... just wait. Gas will be $300 a barrell and a loaf of bread will be $6. McCain will be putting the nails in our coffins, and this country will be in the tiolet.

2233 days ago


President Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama-NEW YORK - Barack Obama revealed Wednesday that former President Clinton, once the presidential nominee's nemesis, will campaign for him during the weeks leading up to Election Day.


2233 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Will she be a good mayor for Nova Scotia?

2233 days ago

Melon Head    

Betty, you are a total A-Hole, I just paid $7.00 for a loaf of olive bread from the La Brea bakery...anyway Obomanation/biden will never get in office as Obomination is a Phony. He is friends of a terrorist Bill Ayers who bombed the Pentagon and NYC police stations among other faults. Also friends with the wrong Reverend Wright, who hates this country and obama went to his church and is good friends for the last 20 years!!!

2233 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Hey Msfisty,

You're missing this evenings latest round of talking points on Faux News,shame on you!

2233 days ago

Ms. X    

Pay your reporters better and you will have better ones.

2233 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Palin should be the Prime Minister of Canada, NOT potentially, the President of the United States.

2233 days ago


TMZ if you could ask an intelligent question than maybe John Mc Cain would have answered you.

2233 days ago
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