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Reassembled Britney

9/10/2008 9:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney Spears Comeback Tour rages on as the conservatorship wonder continues to shock and awe -- kinda sorta.

And her weave is finally starting to look as healthy as she does.


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atta girl! i miss the old britney, it looks like we're starting to get her back. and #10, what exactly do you mean by "she's mentally sick but it's not bipolar disorder?" who are YOU to diagnose her? you definitely don't know her and i highly doubt you're a doctor.

2237 days ago


AS with all people we have a breaking point. She was broken and in peices. Nice to see the peices coming back together. It sad how quick people are to others. I guess those of you giving such strong opinions about her health have been with her to the doctors therefore can give a proper diagnosis for the rest of us. PLEASE. I just want to say, Good for her, I'd rather see her suceed than fail. IF you are hoping she will fall apart again. You may want to take a closer look at yourself.

2237 days ago

Sick of It All    

She is still mentally ill. Look in her eyes, they are vacant. There is nothing there.............nothing.

2237 days ago


hopefully she stays under conservatorship - it's a long haul back to mental stability.

2237 days ago


i cant believe that she has a come back tour......

2237 days ago


For all of those people saying that she needs to be a mom and nothing more, what about Christina Aguilera and Madonna? Why don't you tell them to just go be mothers and stop performing??? They are no different then Britney. I love how Madonna can still try to act like she's 30 when she is 50 and no one says anything, but if Britney tries to get her career back on track, she is a bad mother. Some one has to work support those children and it certainly looks like K-Fed isn't trying very hard. Just leave her alone, anyone who has a negative comment is just jealous. Oh and cut the crap about her mental don't know her to judge her on that, just let her be!

2237 days ago


#14 for your information Britney does play the piano, writes some of her own songs, and is talented. Oh and by the way you spelled her name wrong. Boy for a person who is just trying to get their life back on track there sure are a lot of haters out there that want to bring her back down. Do you people even know the Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. There is a lot to be said for compassion because it seems like most people in this world have known......Go Britney!

2237 days ago


What comeback? You think walking 30 feet to a stage and then reading two sentences off a teleprompter is a comeback? You think winning 3 bogus awards that were given to her out of pity is a comeback? A comeback is a hit album, a hit tv show, a hit movie. She has none of that and she never will again. People can see behind the curtain now, there is no wizard--only a white trash loser who at one time was surrounded by really talented handlers. Game over.

2237 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

A NO Talent!!!! Now take a look at Christina A Can she sing or what??? Put them both together now... Britney is a no talent. She's awful. Can't for the life of me figure why she is so famous. What a joke!! Guaranteed she will be at those fast food places and back at those gas stations when Papa leaves... Guarantee!!!!!

2237 days ago

Aussie Mom    

I think the VMA's are just like any other award system. It's based on personality not talent. Yes there are some talented people out there but Britney is not one of them. She was marketed on sexuality alone. Yes when she was in her late teens and early 20's she was prime for the marketing but now she has to pretty much stand on her talent and if music wasn't edited and mixed she would be pathetic and shown to be the less than the talented singer she is. Just remember those who perform in concert and I don't mean lip sync aren't the same quality sounds as you get with the mixed recordings that we hear on CD's and radio. She is still mentally unstable and will show it sooner than later. Or as soon as her father is no longer in control the people like Sam Lufti and Adnan will come into her circle once again and prey. I think her mental issues stem from her being pushed and prodded into entertainment at a very young age to satisfy her mother's wants and needs for notarity and fame. This kind of child actor disabilty is shown in many of these later in life adults to be very damaging to the psychiatric stability of the person.

2237 days ago


Come on people. Britney has made enough money already in her young life to never need to work again or at least to only work a couple weeks a year. Kinda like the opposite of the rest of us who can only afford to take a couple of weeks a year off of work. Give her a break. She probably had a little case of the baby blues and then had to deal with 50 cameras going off in her face every time she went anywhere. If she did go a little bonkers, blame it on the paps and give her a break! And also being controlled by that jerk that was drugging her with who knows what! Someone needs to bend that boy over!!!

2237 days ago


Please people, you have got to stop saying Britney is bi-polar. No one in any position to know has confirmed this. You aren't doing her or any one who actually does suffer from this mental illness a favor.

2237 days ago


#25 cutiewhatever........Do you see Christina or Madonna skipping court when it comes to their children? This isn't about working mothers, moron. It's about a stupid chick who gave up custody to cruise dirty bathrooms and party. Nobody is jealous of a dirty, no talent crotch flasher...some people are jealous because someone who can't sing has made millions, while us regular people actually work for slave wages. And who needs to know her to call her crazy? Where exactly were you when those pics of her getting hauled away to the loony bin? Idiots like you need STFU.

2237 days ago


Her career is over...who wants to look at a chubby mother looking and acting like a hoochie mama.
Her appeal was her youth and innocence..thats gone and so should she be gone.
Go raise her kids and accept her fate...its over!!!

2237 days ago


Pam.....THANK YOU! Absolutely NO WHERE has it EVER been confirmed she is bi-polar. Her fans just use this term because it makes them feel better about an unfit skank of a mother.......

2237 days ago
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