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Rosie -- Palin's a Real Elisabitch

9/10/2008 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ruh-Ro: Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are "identical cousins" who "hunt in high heels" -– according to Rosie O'Donnell.

Ro came back to her blog after a hiatus, and didn't hold back. "sarah p – elisabeth h/identical cousins/women who hunt in high heels/gives one pause," she wrote, in small letters and with less restraint. It's no surprise Rosie is already hating on the Gov, but she'd supposedly given up bashing Hasselbeck.

Paul –- Why Go Down That Road Again

Paul McCartney could be getting married again, not months after having to shell out almost $50 mil to his last wife.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Sir Paul is nearing an engagement to NYC socialite Nancy Shevell, as soon as her divorce from Bruce Blakeman is signed, sealed, and delivered. (Oh wait – that's Stevie Wonder.) Anyway, Shevell would be Paul's third trip down the aisle.

The pair have been gallivanting around the world, in New York, Antigua, and even getting their kicks on Route 66 (that's Nat King Cole.)

Blake Lively's Big Fat Flapper

Frankly, it's hard to believe she's only 21.

But Blake was thoroughly embarrassed at her flapper-themed 21st bday party, reports Life & Style, when her folks showed her pals vid of Blake lip-synching "I Will Survive" and in a homemade video of Melissa Etheridge "Come to My Window." Coming to her window as usual was Penn Badgley, with whom Blake was said to be "very cozy."

Party Favors: Did Elizabeth Edwards Squash Rielle Early On? ... Franken Still in the Game ... Truth Is Out There –- Kinda –- About Duchovny's Marriage

Elizabeth Edwards may have had Rielle Hunter replaced as campaign videographer early on, reports FOX News, suggesting she may have known something was up way before John Edwards let on. ... Al Franken will face up against Norm Coleman for a Minnesota Senate seat after winning the Dem primary. ... Speaking of vote-taking, over 60 percent of the American people think ... that David Duchovny and Tea Leoni will be dunzo by the Sept. 25, thanks to the pollsters at


No Avatar


rosie,s jealousy of eh is so deep,she just can,t hide need a shrink ro...

2234 days ago


#15 / Proud Respectful and Independent

Not sticking up for Rosie, but lets be fair. You seem to forget how this story got started. It was from Hasselbeck doing her usual mudd slinging. Talk about shoving politicals views in ones face !!! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander'. Everything you said about Rosie can apply to Hasselbecks behavior also. Hasselbeck looked like a girl in school talking stuff behind somebody's back. She acted all nice at the interveiw on the View , but then said what she said . Kid stuff. Both showed no class.

2234 days ago


McCain has America's RESPECT
Palin has America's LOVE

Great combo for the White House

2234 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Hate on Liz all you like,

She ran Rosie's fat ass off the public scene.and into internet obscurity.

That's good enough for me...

2234 days ago

Thomas Van Etten    

Rosie sees Elisabeth Hasselback for the Nazi she is. Rosie has experienced a lot of pain in her life as a woman and as a lesbian and the loss of her mother at a tender age. Her anger is raw and understandable. She always tells the truth. Palin and Hasselback are two of a kind...mean spirited and in the 40s the Nazi Party would have loved them both.

2233 days ago


Who is fat, stupid and ulgy and nobody cares about, roise o donnell- who is smart, beautifull and running for V.P. and has the eyes of the world on her Sara Palin---roise who?

2233 days ago


That mega b*tch can STFU!!! Why one Earth would TMZ run any comment from this nut- job so close to 9/11 is beyond me! This air headed whack job believe that the World Trade Towers was an inside job?!!! SERIOUSLY?!!! This in-spite of the fact that's it's not just conservative news stations like FOX who state the FACT that the towers falling WAS due to the burning fuel from the planes which were burning hotter than the temperature used to cremate the deceased! Even far left news outlets like CNN and MSNBC have always maintained that the towers fell due to the burning fuel from the planes! The temperature was more than hot enough to melt the steel beams inside BOTH OF THE TOWERS! Oh by the way I heard this explanation on a program about 9/11 on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL! Oh wait! Don't tell me Rosie! They were blackmailed into this "cover up" by the government! LOL!! RIIIGGGGHHHHT! And no one from the DISCOVERY CHANNEL has had the guts to come forward. I think all of the nut- jobs who keep babbling this crap are either saying this for cheap easy publicity or their just plain CRAZY!!

2233 days ago


To the moron who is comparing Sarah and Elizabeth to Nazi's?! STFU! Your nothing but an idiot.! Just because these strong women refuse to bow to the radical far left. Just because these women stand for everything that is Godly and decent hardly makes them NAZIS! The Nazis wanted to eliminate anyone they deemed inconvenient or whomever they wanted to blame for their problems! Sounds more in line with the PRO-CHOICE line of reasoning then the PRO-LIFE PHILOSOPHY! Rosie always tells the TRUTH?! That's the funniest thing I've ever read! Maybe she always tells her "version" of the truth but her "truth" and the vast majority of the general public's truth, are two entirely different things! And why are so many idiots bashing Elizabeth for smearing Michell Obama and yet say nothing about all of the other celebrities who bash Cindy McCain? Those persons are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. I'm also willing to bet that there are a bunch of celebrities who say nice things about whomever in public and then they say nothing but nasty things behind their back. They just don't get caught!

2233 days ago


elizabeth on the veiw all she does is talk and interuppets everyone else like we have to listen to her and she is the only thing that counts now she has talked over everyone and whoopi has just looked at her and she didn't even say sorry or i'll wait until you're done, thats rude and when someone asked but the presidental race question she says i'll tell u about mccain. and we have to get him on here. i don't watch the veiw because of her and she does whine like a 2 yrs old. i'll get off of my box now.

2233 days ago


I hate that big mouth BITCH elizabeth. Talk about a dumb blond. Dumb and f-ing stupid. Talk talk talk and nothing come's out. Guess you can't fix stupid. But i would sure fire the dumb BITCH. Maybe she can get a job working for her daddy. Dumb ass George Bush.

2233 days ago

Lizzie G    

It's rosies blog. She can say what she likes. If you don't agree with her don't go to her blog or make a comment about what was written and then copied from her blog.

2223 days ago

queen kiki the great    

Rose hates Sarah because she is anti gay, duh.

2223 days ago
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