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Obama -- Palin's No Porker

9/11/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama tried to explain his "lipstick on a pig" remarks to David Letterman last night. We're not sure how much he fixed things.
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I am originally from Chicago, IL and I've never heard the lipstick on a pig thing in all my (Almost as of tomorrow) 32 years of life.

And how odd is it that he said it after Palin made that now well known comment...

and why did he say "You know... you can put lipstick on a pig..." Then waited for applause as if he was trying to see if it registered with anyone.

besides. I don't care about the lipstick/pig thing... it just shows where the liberal mind is at.

I'm more concerned why he's so afraid of Palin when his running opponent is McCain, a man who is healthy, has genes from his mother who is still alive at 94, and has survived worse than being president... so he's not on his way out anytime soon...

I'm also concerned about why he would vote "Present" as in "I am here but I have no opinion" over 150 times on key issues

or why he has missed MORE votes in THREE YEARS than McCain missed in over TWENTY-ONE years, and Clinton missed in SEVEN.

I'm also concerned how he not only flip flops (I'm bringing toops home in the first 3 months, I never said I was bringing troops home, I'm bringing them home in 16 months)

But he also has gone soft on his own party.

mr. Women's rights, who is pro-late term abortion and even thought it should be legal to smother to death a child that was BORN alive after an abortion attempt.

Now he says he agrees with the states rights to prohibit abortion... as long as there is a clause that allows for abortion in a medical emergency (IE the mother's risking death if she carries the baby to term.)

Why has he suddenly gone soft now that he's up for election?

He says he's the candidate of change, yet the only thing he ever seems to change is his mind on the issues!!!!

2230 days ago

She is rediculous    

I think it's funny. A bunch of whining republicans who are nastier than they try to appear. Crockadile tears. They are just trying to deflect off of the real issues (repubs) so that they can slide that unfit vp into the whitehouse without anyone noticing. AND WE ARE ALL LETTING THEM DO IT BY FOCUSING ON THIS B.S!

2230 days ago


He's a smug arrogant a-hole who thinks he's funny.
The candidates, however, have more important things to address. The media
is to blame for all this hype.

2230 days ago



Obama is hot? Are you serious? Did you smoke crack before you had that dream? You must find Dumbo sexy then. Every time I see him, I'm reminded of that scene in one of those dumb Austin Powers movies - you know - the one about the "Mole". "Moley, Moley, Moley....did I say Mole? I said Mole!". And yeah he's smart alright, NOT!

2230 days ago


And has McCain done any explanation of his "lipstick on a pig" comment when he referred to Hillary last May?

2230 days ago


He protests too much. Sounds like Clinton's " I did not have sex with that woman."

2230 days ago


The man does just fine on friendly venues like Letterman; otherwise, he stumbles and stutters because he cannot think on his feet. That's why he won't debate McCain in a town hall meeting. He needs his teleprompter big time. Bye-bye earmarks when McCain-Palin get into the White House. And Barak likes his earmarks.

2230 days ago


Obama says this is a "common expression" in Illinois. Bu&^^S*&%. I've lived here my whole life (unlike him) and have NEVER heard it before. Of course, this comes from the man who has worked 143 days in our Senate and is now ready to be President.

2230 days ago


today is not the day for dirty politics. my thoughts are with all the family's of 911

2230 days ago


Glad anonymous cares about what's important. I'm certainly voting according to hotness. Let's forget the fact Obama won't put his hand over his heart when the pledge of allegience is said. Refusing to sing God Bless America. Have you ever seen a picture of him with an American flag pin on his $3000 lapel? As I've said, he's done absolutely NOTHING for Illinois. So, according to his track record, he'll do NOTHING for the United States of America. Well, except fist bump his wife that has been compared to Jackie O. Still trying to figure that one out. . .

2230 days ago


"we don't know how much he fixed things"

That's because you are a silly little gossip rag. I'm suprised you even know he's running. Stick to your little stories about movie stars, TMZ. You're in over your head here.

Just sayin!

2230 days ago

Independent for Barack    

The truth is middle America doesn't want to vote for a black or half black guy and the rich want to vote republican well because the rich stay rich when a Republican is in office. I have many colleagues who are voting Republican not because they care about foreign policy, national security, jobless rates, race, etc. They can care less about the canidates color or religion. The only reason they are voting Republican is because they are rich and they want to keep it that way.

2230 days ago


If that muslim loser gets in the White House we're DOOMED.

2230 days ago



2230 days ago


Hey anonymous...

Harvard Graduate who can't decide how he wants to vote so he vote's present, whose missed more votes in 3 years than McCain missed in 21 years...

or a graduate of the University of Idaho who has lowered taxes in Alaska, who was for finding natural energy resources, who cut government spending in Alaska easing up on the tax payers expenses...

Someone who has voted WITH His party over 98% of the time

or someone with the guts to stand up against her party many occassions?

2230 days ago
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