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Sheen's Ex Accused of Major League Beatdown

9/11/2008 6:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's baby mama -- and his baby -- are both being sued over a broken business deal that ended in allegations of a bloody fistfight, stolen money and one giant conspiracy.
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The person doing the suing is Paige Snear Apar -- who went into the kiddie clothing business with Sheen's former GF Paula Speert back in 2002. Speert eventually hired her 23-year-old daughter Cassandra Estevez -- the child she had with Charlie -- to work in the company.

The allegations in the suit filed today in L.A. County Superior are drawn out and complicated -- but there's one thing that you just can't miss. Paige claims she confronted Paula over some shady financial moves within the company during a business trip to NY in March -- that is until a beatdown of the century broke out.

According to the suit, Paula "suddenly, viciously, intentionally and maliciously struck [Paige] in the face with a wine glass that shattered and caused significant lacerations and bruises around and above [Paige's] right eye."

Paige claims she was nearly blinded by the attack and eventually pressed charges in NY. Martin Sheen showed up to court to support her when she faced the judge in June.

Now Paige is suing for more than $100,000 in damages. Calls to Paula's lawyer have not yet been returned.

FYI -- From the looks of the suit, Cassandra had nothing to do with the beatdown. It seems she's only tied into the suit because she's accused of using the alleged stolen funds from the old clothing company to start a new clothing company with her mom.

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I am sorry no comments . Is he still acting . Who is Charlie Sheen ? Who is Charlie Sheen? He the guy on Chuck ,he funny.HA ! HA!HA! HA!

2235 days ago


Are you sure that's an updated picture of Cassandra? Because she's huge and fat. FAT.

2235 days ago

Dean Martin    

Charlie Sheen has a 22 year old?

2235 days ago


Paige Apar is a total and complete fraud! She will say and do ANYTHING to get what she wants. She should not be believed or trusted EVER. People PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.... Just so you know... in this great country of ours it's illegal to counter press assault charges.. even if there is evidence the other party started the fight. Again, DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!

2235 days ago


thanks for the link...
Wow Charlie must be oh so proud of his super large daughter, no wonder she is kept hidden!
I imagine she wouldn't be great publicity for him..

2234 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

She's dating a rapper in Fresno.

2234 days ago

someone who knows!    

as someone who is close to the situation, i can tell you that Paige is fabricating most of this! she invested zero $$ into the company and owes all of it to the Sheen's! also, for all of you that want to disparage Cassandra, what is wrong with you people? she is a lovely young woman! leave her out of this!!!

2234 days ago


You people are ridiculous!!! She is a beautiful girl and this Paige woman is full of crap. This really makes me realize that you cant believe ANYTHING that you read on the internet. Remove this story!! Why is it on TMZ anyway? This is NOT celebrity news. Wait... its not news at all.

2234 days ago

a friend of Charlie    

first of all, Paige never invested one penny into the company! not one dime! secondly, for those of you that want to disparage Cassandra, SHAME ON YOU! she is a beautiful, lovely and talented young woman, regardless of her weight! i mean, seriously! the whole thing is ridiculous, and Paige should be ashamed of herself!

2234 days ago


Sounds to me like Paige is getting a bad rap here in the comment section. Makes me wonder if it's all of Paula low life friends writing in. I read this in the paper when the assult happened. Paula is a loser, immoral, and a drunk to top it off. Paige is a good person and thought she was going into business with a honest and reliable person. Paige also may not have been all the money behind the clothing line business, yet she "was" the buisness. She did all the ground work and designs as well as many other aspects of the company. Paula hit her in the face with a wine glass and was dishonest with the clothing line's money, end of story.

2234 days ago


major league beating is right! I saw that girl Paige's face a couple days after the fight, and she looked like she was attacked by an elephant. Oh...I guess she was!

2234 days ago

a friend of Charlie    

sounds to me Chris that you must be a friend of Paige's to say what you're saying...funny how that works out.

2234 days ago


Wasn't that Sheen's little girl I saw at The Magic Show in Vegas screaming the C-word at someone? Nice mouth!

2234 days ago


Seriously...she looks like "Two-and-a-Half Women"

2234 days ago


CJ is a good friend of mine. We went to college together. You all need to stop being so mean to her. She is a very nice girl regardless of her weight. No wonder 3/4 of Hollywood girls have eating disorders. Because of lame immature comments that you a$$holes make.

And yes that was her at "Magic" calling someone a "c" word. She was defending herself. And I should know, I was with her!!

2234 days ago
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