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Kanye West May Skate

9/12/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was not provoked into attacking a still photographer, according to an American Airlines employee who witnessed the whole scene that was caught on tape. Nevertheless, Kanye could easily beat the rap.
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Law enforcement sources told TMZ, at the time of the arrest, Kanye could be charged with felony vandalism. But here's what we know. The still camera that was broken is a Canon 40D -- retail price $1429.96. In California, someone who criminally damages property worth more than $400 can be prosecuted for felony vandalism.

But here's the rub: look closely at the video. Kanye and the bodyguard wrestle the camera away from the photog, but the bodyguard ends up with the camera ... Kanye is holding the light unit. We did some checking and found the light unit is only worth around $100, so here's the irony -- the bodyguard could be processed for a felony, but not Kanye.

BTW -- It was the bodyguard, not Kanye that broke our cam (retail value: $7000).

If Kanye is prosecuted at all, it's likely it would be for a misdemeanor. But prosecuting a celebrity where the victim is a paparazzo -- good luck, Mr. City Attorney.


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ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

And I hope he does.

2233 days ago


Kanye is a total loser! What the hell does ANYBODY see in this crybaby? He SUCKS and always will. Someone get him a tissue.

2233 days ago

monsseur butterman    

Diggin' the Troop Beverly Hills backpack.

Beverly Hills. . .WHAT A THRILL!!

2233 days ago

LA Officer    

Not true, no canon flash has a price that low. The typical flash used is the Canon Speedlite 580EX Flash, average price over $400

2233 days ago


Kayne should have kept on walking. We don't allow children in school to get away with this type of behavior. If a child gets hit in school and if they hit that child back they are in just as much trouble as the child who hit them. The paparazzi didn't touch him. Kayne should have to pay for the equipment, serve several days in jail or community service, pay for medical and pain and suffering. What he did was wrong. If we expect elementary children to behave ... adults should be setting the examples.

2233 days ago


He should skate...they had SOME nerve taking him in anyhow....they should have handed him a trophy for doing what most celeb's only dream of doing! YOU GO KANYE!!!!

2233 days ago


Sallygail...Kanye is not a child...what are you seriously talking about anyhow? Do you even know?

2233 days ago


GOOD for Kanye.

EVERYONE knows TMZ photographers are the worst.

They are the ones who attacked Angelina in a corner and told Rebecca Romijn that they are not surpirsed her husband left her after she wouldn't talk to them.

TMZ (aka Harvey) is a PIG!

2233 days ago


All Kanye broke was the light on the camera...under $400...his bodyguard is the one who broke the camera

2233 days ago


They should put a police tax on rappers. They are being arrested enough to pay for new bulletproof vests.

I would love to see this processed as a hate crime -- because we all *hate* Kanye.

2233 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Kanye should be charged with the crime he actually committed ... no more, no less.

2233 days ago


I love Kanye! You go boy!

2233 days ago


Kanye West is just another thug with too much money and no earthly idea how to behave in public. I'm sick of these idiots "skating" through the legal system. If their parents didn't teach them how to behave in public, let the jail give them a clue. I'd like to see him try him with a fellow inmate.

2233 days ago

get a grip    

He has every right to go to the airport w/ out people in his face.I am not a fan of his,but enough is enough w/ the pap's!!! keep your distance snap all the shots you want,but to get right in their face is sooooooo wrong.

2233 days ago


TMZ: get your information together...Don C. is Kanye's manager, not his bodyguard.

2233 days ago
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