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Kanye West May Skate

9/12/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was not provoked into attacking a still photographer, according to an American Airlines employee who witnessed the whole scene that was caught on tape. Nevertheless, Kanye could easily beat the rap.
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Law enforcement sources told TMZ, at the time of the arrest, Kanye could be charged with felony vandalism. But here's what we know. The still camera that was broken is a Canon 40D -- retail price $1429.96. In California, someone who criminally damages property worth more than $400 can be prosecuted for felony vandalism.

But here's the rub: look closely at the video. Kanye and the bodyguard wrestle the camera away from the photog, but the bodyguard ends up with the camera ... Kanye is holding the light unit. We did some checking and found the light unit is only worth around $100, so here's the irony -- the bodyguard could be processed for a felony, but not Kanye.

BTW -- It was the bodyguard, not Kanye that broke our cam (retail value: $7000).

If Kanye is prosecuted at all, it's likely it would be for a misdemeanor. But prosecuting a celebrity where the victim is a paparazzo -- good luck, Mr. City Attorney.


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Does anyone see the delicious irony of the idiots (henna) vwho come to this website and then rip on TMZ and the paparazzi?

If you view this website, you are increasing the bottom-line for TMZ.

Figures though, only idiots and tools like Kanye anyway.

2234 days ago


That little biotch is going down faster then his mama did when his daddy wasnt home...

2234 days ago

ski 69    

What a complete jackass. For a guy who claims in his music that he has it all, why doesn't he get his own private jet and avoid the hassle of going through the airport? Kanye is the kind of celebrity that uses these encounters to get even more pub which in turn leads to more paparazzi. He loves it. He cannot stand to be off camera for more then 5 minutes. The worst thing that could ever happen to Kanye would be that nobody took his picture and everyone left him alone.

2234 days ago


TMZ you guys are idiots - can you please stop calling Don C his bodyguard. He's his road manager, and its so annoying that you keep referring to him as a bodyguard when your supposed to be in the field of some kind of journalism and can't even get someone's title right. You guys are MORONS.

(and Don C)

2234 days ago


It's a Canon 40D, not a D40. D40 is a lower end Nikon camera.

2234 days ago


Send that whiny b1tch to jail anyway

2234 days ago


Kanye deserves to be treated like any other loser that gets arrested for felony vandalism. They should have a special sentence for his a** because he is a celebrity. Before he was famous, I'm sure he was BEGGING for the camera to find his sorry face. Now he's just letting it all go to his head.
Sooner or later he'll be looking for TMZ or even VH1's Where Are They Now.(lol, dumb a**)
Kanye, come on, get over yourself. We did.

2234 days ago

Frank Davis    

Excuse me, but forcibly taking something from the person of another is robbery. Hear that, LA police? ROBBERY!! Look it up in the penal code.

2234 days ago


One small thing you are forgetting about this is "Conspiracy to Commit" meaning that if they were 'both' involved in the tussle then they are both guilty of the crime. Saying you can only charge him with what he broke is like saying you can only charge a bank robber with the actual money he took from a bank heist, or more closely; if two men beat another man to death are they both charged with murder or only the guy that gave the 'killing blow' ? (I will give you a hint, they are all charged for it - the jury decides who did what, when, where and how.)

2234 days ago


I just want to say that Kanye is just a rich punk kid who if he doesnt get his way he pouts like a baby. How many times has he threatened to not attend MTV or some other event. if he doesnt like to get his picture taken he should be a celebrity. They all know what they are getting into when they become a public figure.

2234 days ago



2234 days ago


". . . so here's the irony -- the bodyguard could be processed for a felony, but not Kanye."

I'm pretty sure that is not ironic.

2234 days ago

Frank Davis    

Charon9 is roght - They are both guilty of robbery and robbery by force in concert. But the LA Police are too busy playing step and fetchit it for all the celebs demanding escorts that they'll whimp out on this.

2234 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I cant stand Mr, crybaby West but Im lovin this. I hope TMZ ends up paying him and his manager for getting them arrested. Wouldnt that be a hoot. I gotta say TMZ has been whining about this just like Kayne does when he dont get his way. Its ok Harvey Perez is on his way over to comfort you.

2233 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

The real irony is TMZ complaining about a crybaby like a bunch of crybabies

2233 days ago
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