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Lilo to Palin: Stop Being Such a Mag Hag

9/14/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Sarah Palin may have trouble getting the rehabbed and rumored-to-be-gay vote come November.

LiLo ripped Palin apart last night in her blog, asking, "Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?" She then added the totally non-ironic comment, "Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!"

Lesson: Leave the gossip mags to the professionals.


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She is soooo out of touch, Palin did not pose for a tabloid...The pic that was on the tabloid she is probably talking about was photocopied from a pic that the tabloid found, and put on the cover...furthermore, palin didn't even talk to the trash mag...
Lilosambo, is washed up....

2198 days ago


Wow a bunch of haters representing the GOP ...not a surprize....Say what you feel Lindsey...and stay happy...

2198 days ago


LiLo is such an Idiot. She should just shut her stupid mouth up. She sucks as an actress and i will not go see one of her lame movies ever...

2198 days ago


The only way Lilo can be happy is in rehab. And why does she care who is on a mag cover or not? What did they take from her and her disfunctional family who wants to bad mouth each other in public? Hmmmm and we wonder why she takes a crack at Palin... That's all that family knows to do.

2198 days ago

Yellow Rose    

An alcoholic lesbo who knows nothing about politics. The more these "celebrities" open their traps, the more votes McCain/Palin rack up.

2198 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is an idiot! Did she miss the countless magazine covers that had Obama and his family on the front? Leave the politics to the educated and informed Lindsay and go back to worrying about your uhmmm "career" if that's what you want to call it.

2198 days ago


I agree with Lindsay, You call her narrowminded- have you ever listened to Palin speak?

You too are a tax paying citizen and do have a right to freedom of speech, as does she, but you have no right to call LiLo narrowminded.

2198 days ago


Everone in this country has the right to voice their opinion, but some people just need to learn to shut the hell up. Sarah Palin didn't get her manager to arrange a magazine cover, the magazines come to her. And guess what Lindsey? She didn't have to take her clothes off, hook up in a lesbian relationship, go to rehab, crash into other people's cars or in general be a complete total FOOL to get them to do that. You may not agree with her politically, but you better learn a little bit more about the world before you try shoving your opinion down other people's throats.

2198 days ago


I never thought I'd agree with Lindsay Lohan

2198 days ago


Funny stuff, I think that Lindsay Lohan speaking out against anyone and the use of the media is hilarious. Her career has tanked and if it wasn't for her is she/ isn't she lesbian love fest with Sam Ronson, she would be washed up by now.

We can only hope...then maybe we wouldn't have to see her and her media sucking family all over everything!

2198 days ago

chin chin    

OMFG!!! Celebrities make this so easy!!!! Are they secretly being subsidized by the McCain campaign? I mean seriously!!! Yes, they sure have freedom of speech... however, WE in turn have the freedom to laugh our a$$es off at their colossal ignorance.....thanks for the giggles lilo :-)

2198 days ago

Texas Harley    

OMG... IS this TWIT SERIOUS??? Hmmm let me think... Ms. LILO is FAILED CELEBRITY that may once had a potential career but show BLEW IT... SUCKED IT UP HER NOSE and DRANK THE BAR DRY.... WHO IS SHE TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MRS. PALIN... oh, let me see... MRS. PALIN IS SUCH A CELEBRITY THAT ms LILO took the time to blog about.... hmmmm now that is an interesting fact....

Do ya think MRS PALIN GIVES A RATS ASS what little ms FREAK has to say???? I say NO!!!


2198 days ago

Mr. A    


If the Left TRULY want to get their candidate in office, I'd suggest they start putting a muzzle on the Hollyweird idiots trying to do THEIR part for him, by mouthing off with more of their asinine comments AGAINST the opposition. Ignorant, uneducated, hate speech out of morally inept RICH celebrity WHORES who clutter the magazine covers and take up valuable space on network news programs (reserved for REAL news) is not going to win over the "undecided" for their candidate.

The hypocrisy of these idiots is mind blowing sometimes, but seeing how most of their minds are blown out anyways...go figure?

2198 days ago


Linds is obviously drinkin' again! HAHA!

2198 days ago


Wow, I'm embarrassed for her. Hollywood party-types certainly aren't who most of us look to for intelligent opinions!

2198 days ago
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