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Douchebag Wusses Out In Lawsuit

9/15/2008 10:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the Writers Guild is suing a studio employee for allegedly running him over during the strike. But here's the thing -- the plaintiff seems fearful to state the ugly details of the incident.

Thomas Johnson claims on the first morning of the strike, he was picketing in front of Sunset and Gower Studios in Hollywood, when defendant Christopher King, a studio employee, tried to drive onto the lot. The suit claims when King saw strikers blocking his entrance, he screamed from his SUV, "Get out of my [expletive] way or I'll run you [feminine hygiene devices] over."

We're guessing King called the strikers douches, although it's entirely possible he said douchebag. Technically speaking, a feminine hygiene device would be a douche, although it's more common to refer to douchebags as "douchebags."

By the way, Johnson claims King mowed him and others down.

And one final note...we're not really calling Johnson a douchebag, but it is kinda douchey to self-edit the word "douche." Just our opinion.


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2192 days ago


Sounds like the dude is filled with piss and vinegar. Or maybe water and vinegar.

2192 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

Thank you TMZ For explaining the "douche" part at the end of the post. I was sitting here wondering why he would call them a bunch of tampons!

2192 days ago


Its a disgusting term and it needs to stop being used. Seriously. Its gross and offensive. There are many other insults to choose from. Unless you are reffering to Nobama

2192 days ago

George I Think I Got It    

TMZ you still suck.

Oh and, FYI ... [feminine hygiene devices] also include douche nozzles, one of my favorite expressions.

2191 days ago


OK, seriously? Why the hell would you purposely go onto a site and tell them they suck in the comments if you REALLY hated them?

I think YOU'RE the douchenozzle, douchebag.

2191 days ago


I think he could have used the term "tampon" or "maxipad" or other feminine hygeine products. Douches are not the only feminine hygeine product! I thought better of you TMZ!

2191 days ago


For Harvey's info ....... And he's old enough and is one himself ... a douche bag is what they use to use in the old days when he was a lil girl .... not only til like the 70s did they make the plastic bottles he has to place up his anal cavity to clean it out.

2191 days ago

Not Quite a Witness    

I didn't witness the incident, but I do work on the same lot and was here during the strike and I can tell you based on what I saw of the striking writers, this douchebag probably had it coming. Writers were hitting cars as the drivers tried to get to work, and otherwise being very aggressive in preserving their picket line.

2190 days ago

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