Douchebag Wusses Out In Lawsuit

9/15/2008 10:17 PM PDT

Douchebag Wusses Out In Lawsuit

A member of the Writers Guild is suing a studio employee for allegedly running him over during the strike. But here's the thing -- the plaintiff seems fearful to state the ugly details of the incident.

Thomas Johnson claims on the first morning of the strike, he was picketing in front of Sunset and Gower Studios in Hollywood, when defendant Christopher King, a studio employee, tried to drive onto the lot. The suit claims when King saw strikers blocking his entrance, he screamed from his SUV, "Get out of my [expletive] way or I'll run you [feminine hygiene devices] over."

We're guessing King called the strikers douches, although it's entirely possible he said douchebag. Technically speaking, a feminine hygiene device would be a douche, although it's more common to refer to douchebags as "douchebags."

By the way, Johnson claims King mowed him and others down.

And one final note...we're not really calling Johnson a douchebag, but it is kinda douchey to self-edit the word "douche." Just our opinion.