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He Doesn't Love You

9/16/2008 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And we don't mean Spencer.


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Way to go TMZ! Now you have brought out all of your freaky christian readers. Here's to them: Jesus is DEAD. AND...he wasn't the first man to die for his religious/political (religion was politics at that time) beliefs. Get over it!

2164 days ago

UH HUH    

You people whine about TMZ covering them but you ALWAYS take the time to click on the story and comment about how much you hate seeing them. If you hate them so much and are sick of seeing them, stop commenting, stop watching the videos. You're doing it to yourselves. If YOU
all would stop commenting, then TMZ might leave them alone. But
let's face it, it's amazing how they can generate so much pubilicity,
even if it is bad. Publicity is publicity and is keeping them in the
lime light. And of course all these things they do are
IS working for them b/c of YOU all. That's why they keep doing it.

2164 days ago


Heidi is not a Chrisitian and could less what Jesus does. Her behavior speaks the truth. And they loser small $ick freeloader will do anything for a buck. Let's take a collection and have someone dump him somewhere.

2164 days ago


Spencer..didja borrow 10 bucks from Brody to buy Heidi a blingy rhinestone cross from The Icing? hahahahaha!! True love between dumbazzes..please do not reproduce!!

2164 days ago


makes me miss the good old days when Paris, Lindsay, Nicole were always in the news.and they are 100 times more relavant than these two. I have a theory...they weren't hugged enough as children and they are really bro and sister.

2164 days ago


Dude, I dont like them just as much as the rest of the readers on here, but that caption was a lil to far. And anyone who says that they "hate" Hedi and Spencer is a total jerk face. I am glad I dont have to go through life hating people. I am so glad I dont have to live with hate in my heart. You know the reason? Because I Love Jesus, He loves me. How about sticking to really dissliking people. That would save a lot of energy.

2164 days ago


she's her puppet on his string...,she's living up to that saying...."just a dumb blonde" for putting it up with someone like him...BUT enough is enough.....STOP THE INSANITY....STOP FEATURING THESE PATHETIC LOSERS IN YOUR SITE!!!!

2164 days ago


Heidi and Spencer make me want to Puke!!!!! Can there BE anymore AIR ion her head???

2164 days ago


I don't generally comment but this was by far the best caption for a photo EVER. Rock on, TMZ!

2164 days ago


They look like they are doing a commercial/pamphlet for a homosexuality "re-assignment" program offered through a holy-roller church. You know, the ones where you can supposedely be cured of your "gayness" if you just BELIEVE...

2164 days ago


Somebody please let them know thier 15 minutes of Lame are done

2164 days ago


Heidi!!!!! Spencer looks like Beavis. He is a worthless moron. Break up with him so he jumps off a bridge. You're not the best looking either but you're way to cute for him. Spencer is a skid mark on the underpants of society. Just go away Spencer ! GO AWAY ALREADY!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! YOU SUCK FARTS OUT OF ASSES!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!

2163 days ago


Why do you follow these two douchebags? Seriously. What do they add to anything? Everyone hates them. They have no talent. Please educate me. They play you like a fiddle.

2163 days ago


Hats off TMZ. That caption's comic genius.

2163 days ago


i almost spit up on this one! INSTANT CLASSIC

2163 days ago
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