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Sarah Palin

Fake Baked Alaska

9/16/2008 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may have ditched the private plane and the personal chef, but Sarah Palin did get her own tanning bed for the Guv's mansion ... for that year-round orange glow.

But, as the Narco News reports, Palin paid for the fake bakery herself, and bought it used from a health club. Similar models -- new -- can cost up to $35K to install in a home, not including parts, said a tanning salon manager.

We knew Palin and Britney had something in common. And need it be pointed out that John McCain has had skin cancers removed twice?

Megan Fox Once Loved a Russian Stripper

That's all we had to say. We know.

But there's more: Brian Austin Green's betrothed tells GQ about her love affair with Nikita, a Russian ecdysiast who would do "beautiful slow dances to Aerosmith ballads" and with whom she was "in love." But lest the hetero men of the world despair, Fox says she's "not a lesbian."

But then there's this: "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." She said mountain ox.

Cindy McCain Slams "View" Vultures

Talk about biting the hand that feeds your publicity machine.

Cindy McCain was not pleased about getting grilled by the yentas of "The View" the other day, and, as ABC News notes, vented to a GOP crowd over the weekend: "They picked our bones clean," said Mrs. Mac of her Friday appearance, referring to various jabs Joy, Babwa, and Whoopi took at her husband.

She called the "View" bunch "not what the American people ... are believing."

Party Favors: Dept. of Celeb Crushes: Slick Willie and Melo ... Timbaland Gets Winey

So Carmelo Anthony is eating at Nobu with Steve Rifkind and James Cruz of SRC when who should come up to him? None other than Bill Clinton, who gushed about 'Melo's gold medal. We're told Bubba was celebrating Chelsea's 30th. ... Over the weekend, Timbaland went deep – into the wine cellar – at Phillippe Chow Miami with restaurateurs Jeffrey Chodorow and Myles Chefetz.


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Any woman that votes for John McCain and his bucket of fluff running mate is a disgrace.

2194 days ago


When you're as old and anorexic as Cindy McCain, there is no need to pick the meat off the slides right off like a well cooked chicken.

2194 days ago


For a group who loves to lie, cheat, steal, smear people, drag them through the mud, and publicly humiliate them, the repub/conservs are some thin skinned people. Most people like that usually are; can give it all day but b*tch up like a little clam when the slightest little bit of negative comes their way. They make racist jokes about Obama all day, outright lies, smear him, his wife and his family, yet yell "Leave Bristol alone. families are off limits!" Well, Michelle has been fair game this entire election so I say F- Palin's irresponsible unemployed knocked up teenage daughter." I am not going to let the Republican machine program and manipulate me like all the Palin Kool Aid drinkers and McCain/Bush supporters. They have no problems playing dirty ball by lying and decieving, yet they're trying to make it appear the Democrats are doing it. They whine about a innocent lipstick on a pig remark, yet Palin's supporters are wearing campaign buttons with a picture of a cartoon pitbull wearing lipstick. So they're all upset over Obama using a well worn phrase thousands of miles away with no direct attck on Palin, yet they're all ok with folks walking around their offices with a button of a dog's face to symbolize Palin? WellI guess if it's a pregnant female pit bull, it fits Palin just

2194 days ago


Poor, poor, pitiful Cindy. Go clean a toilet and see what real life is really all about.

2194 days ago


Does anyone even watch the View? I could not care any less what those big mouthed, filthy old broads think. Elizabeth is the only one with any class. Babawawa is an old ho, Whoopie needs to be dipped in flea bath and Joy is a filthy mouthed slimeball. Cindy McCain has class, something the wind bags at the View have never had and sure cant buy! They are all WORRIED that the American people, especially the American WOMEN are going to decide this election. Lets go raise some McCain and Palin girls!

2194 days ago


Freddie and Kay aere retards.
IN Alaska there is hardly any sunlight for more than half the year and when it is out it is way too cold to sunbathe. Doctors actually prescribe suntanning beds for people who get that winter blues. It is from lack of vitamin D form the sun. Used in moderation the beds arent any more harmful than us lower 48ers who gorge ourselves on fast food everyday or walk in the sunlight to and from work daily. Get a life. Attacking the child is classless.

2194 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Oh, I think the McCains can do without the "publicity blitz" of the "View" crew. Who's watching that show anyway? Five deluded, baying at the moon, left-wing hausfraus on the Upper East side, who perpetually battle a Ben and Jerry's brain freeze and a Merlot migraine; so, tmz, to your writer of this crap, you gots ta be a woman, cause ya look so sweet in them Daisy Dukes!

2194 days ago


Check the homes of millions of Americans and you will find a tanning bed, OH MY!!! Is that all they have left to throw out about Sarah? Get real! She is tanned, beautiful, smart, energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, happy, and she is going to be the first female VP. Go McCain and Palin in 08!!!

2194 days ago


she is right they were so rude to them! I hate that show
Honestly who cares about these things you write about palin

2194 days ago


babelicious - If you're older than eight you need to go back to school.

2194 days ago


TMZ, where is the news about ACORN? You do know who ACORN is don't you. They are the group that started Obama as a "community organizer". They are back in the news for voter registration fraud AGAIN. Seems we finally know what a "community organizer" does. He registers fake names and issues fake id's to people to vote for the Democratic nominee.

Your bias is pitiful. Did the left wind media learn nothing from the lase election?

2194 days ago


RE: by Seriously?
WTF are you brain dead or what. That has got to be the stupiest comment I've read!!!!!

2194 days ago


Go Obama. Down with whitey! And if we lose the election......we'll just keep on beating up all the white people in jail.

Sarah Palin is WHITE TRASH.....HAHAHAHa

2194 days ago

L Baker    

I have already commented on the rudeness of these women. They don't deserve our attention because that's all they want.Barbara wawa was so rude she wouldn't look at him while she tried to interagate him. He's been there by tougher than you wawa. She was trying to be mean to him because she didn't get the Palin interview. w and j were their true selves, mean and condesending. Really showed their a's to the public. Don't you think this show should be titled "The Liberal View Only"? When Sen McCain and Gov Palin are elected I hope they thank these women for their help in being elected. Keep it up b's because you're showing America just what the dem liberals are like. Their true ideas and hate will destroy from within. I pray it's not within America.

2194 days ago


Helen, anyone that calls someone a disgrace for voting for their choice, a right granted to us in the constitution, is the disgrace.

2194 days ago
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