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Sarah Palin

Fake Baked Alaska

9/16/2008 7:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may have ditched the private plane and the personal chef, but Sarah Palin did get her own tanning bed for the Guv's mansion ... for that year-round orange glow.

But, as the Narco News reports, Palin paid for the fake bakery herself, and bought it used from a health club. Similar models -- new -- can cost up to $35K to install in a home, not including parts, said a tanning salon manager.

We knew Palin and Britney had something in common. And need it be pointed out that John McCain has had skin cancers removed twice?

Megan Fox Once Loved a Russian Stripper

That's all we had to say. We know.

But there's more: Brian Austin Green's betrothed tells GQ about her love affair with Nikita, a Russian ecdysiast who would do "beautiful slow dances to Aerosmith ballads" and with whom she was "in love." But lest the hetero men of the world despair, Fox says she's "not a lesbian."

But then there's this: "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." She said mountain ox.

Cindy McCain Slams "View" Vultures

Talk about biting the hand that feeds your publicity machine.

Cindy McCain was not pleased about getting grilled by the yentas of "The View" the other day, and, as ABC News notes, vented to a GOP crowd over the weekend: "They picked our bones clean," said Mrs. Mac of her Friday appearance, referring to various jabs Joy, Babwa, and Whoopi took at her husband.

She called the "View" bunch "not what the American people ... are believing."

Party Favors: Dept. of Celeb Crushes: Slick Willie and Melo ... Timbaland Gets Winey

So Carmelo Anthony is eating at Nobu with Steve Rifkind and James Cruz of SRC when who should come up to him? None other than Bill Clinton, who gushed about 'Melo's gold medal. We're told Bubba was celebrating Chelsea's 30th. ... Over the weekend, Timbaland went deep – into the wine cellar – at Phillippe Chow Miami with restaurateurs Jeffrey Chodorow and Myles Chefetz.


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Cindy McCain has nothing to b*tch about. The VIEW could have asked her about stealing pain killers from 3rd world children or grilled McCain on his extra-marital affairs and how he dumped his 1st wife after she was disfigured in a car accident! Yeah, that's integrity! LOL!

2227 days ago


Cindy McCain is right, the View panel was disgraceful and rude, especially Whoopi, Joy and Barbara, they didn't just ask questions, they hissed the questions. Michelle Obama was able to give a list of questions prior to the show they couldn't ask her, re: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and they all fawned over Michelle and Barack. The show is an abomination anyway, Barbara Walters is completely senile and Whoopi needs a bath

2227 days ago


Honestly TMZ you are really making it quite obvious who you want us to vote for. Not going to happen. I never ever see anything about Obama and his racist wife. Why do you kiss there asses and find any reason to bash McCain/Palin!! I enjoy celebrity gossip and it's nice that we can come on here and express our political views but you seem to be very one sided!!

2227 days ago


Excuse me folks, she does live in Alaska. If I lived there, I would want a tanning bed too. For those who have issues with less sunlight, tanning beds do wonders. Back off the trash talk.

2227 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wah. Can't stand the heat... stay out of the kitchen. What did the second Mrs. McCain expect? This is politics and if McCain Palin think they are having it rough... they need to walk a mile in Obama's shoes. People have blasted him non-stop for the last 21 months and he has not cried foul once. And if you think he has gotten off easy, then you have not been paying attention... or you are just ignoring the truth. What would the press say if Michelle had stolen drugs from the non-profit she founded and had to be dragged through an intervention? What would the press say if one of Obama' daughters turned up pregnant? I certainly know what all of you would say! You'd say he was not fit to lead this nation...

2227 days ago

Amazing T!    

John McCain has a tanning bed,too. He just can't remember which house it's in.

2227 days ago


Give me a break Cindy- if your husband wants to lead America he needs to go through the fire a little! Tough questions is going to be asked and we need anwers. I watched the show and you are always so polished and wearing expensive suits and all that. Tell me this how much is gas right now? How much is a carton of eggs? How much is milk? Anwer these for me and I will bet you will not know. Well, let me help you pretty expensive and it should not be. You need to get a cloue stop compalning and donate those suits to raise money to pay for my household expenses.

2227 days ago


Doen't Palin have a son who is addicted to Oxycontin and was involved in a break-n???? And the 17 year old is preggers.
Maybe Palin should start by reforming her own family before she tackles the rest of the US.

And McCain had 28 years to "clean up Washington", it's a little late for him to start now.

2227 days ago


McCain is running for president, yet his wife bitches about being asked hard questions?
We don't need another 4 years of Bush secrecy and elitism.

2227 days ago


All women should be sooo excited to have Sarah Palin and Cindy Mc Cain in the white house. real women who love their country and not afraid to say it.

2227 days ago


Just what we need. A woman with seasonal affective disorder a heartbeat away from having her finger on the nuclear button.

2227 days ago


The View is no longer the brilliant show it once was.

Did you really expect more of three flaming liberals (Whoopie, Babs & Joy) and a Do-do (Sherri)?

Anybody notice that Elisabeth stayed cool, calm and collected during the sham of an interview? I wonder is ABC/Disney put a gag on Elisabeth and Sherri (so Sherri doesn't look even more ridiculous).

All the junior-high fawning and sugar coating of Barrack and Michelle Obama turns my stomach -- and my TV channel.

You can kiss the Emmy Award goodbye for another year, and probably ratings as well. Not that that's a bad thing.

2227 days ago


Anyone with integrity would ask tough questions of both parties over kid gloves for Obama (Stephanapolis correcting Obama's "my muslim faith" to Christian) and lunatic fringe comments (Whoppie "should I be worried about being a slave") questions. Ah, but the media is force feeding Obama on the stupid populace because we seem to allow for such propaganda. Ask yourself why you hear about Palin's family but you hear very little about Obama's. Let's see: Obama's father was a polygamist and Obama is the byproduct of such a union. This is especially interesting because Romney was interrogated for his polygamist ancestors. Where is the mention that Obama's father had a first car accident that resulted in the amputation of his legs, but that Palin's husband is open access for a dui 20 years ago? Where is the mention that Obama's father ultimately had another drunk driving accident that resulted in his death? Oh the hypocrisy.

Obama whines about Republican lies while simultaneously lying about McCain. It seems that McCain's physical handicap is being judged. Would Obama judge Gov. David Paterson(blind) for his inability to drive? My magic 8-ball says "doubtful." Just as McCain has his wife type emails for him, so too does Governor David Paterson have someone else drive for him. Obama has sunk to a new low.

As one of the undecideds, Obama is quickly forcing me away from his camp.

2227 days ago

Amazing T!    

Be careful what you say about Palin,TMZ. She'll get your ass fired just like she did her ex brother in law!

2227 days ago


He got picked on? Gimme a break. He's running for President of the United States, not student council. I want to hear whether he plans on nominating USSC Justices that will overturn Roe v. Wade (he said on The View he believes this is bad law). Shouldn't we get real answers to real questions so the American can make intelligent decisions as to how they want to vote? I could care less how either candidate would answer soft ball questions.

2227 days ago
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