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Strippers Claim They're Getting Screwed

9/16/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two strippers have filed a class action lawsuit against several strip clubs, alleging they'd do better financially picking grapes in a field.

Demetria Ann Leshay and Roxanne Roberts allege they're basically working for free, dancing at Starz, First King, and King Henry VIII. They claim they're essentially working for tips, and part of that gets kicked back to management. The lawsuit alleges they're not even getting minimum wage. To add insult to injury, they're required to work for five hours at a time without a meal break. Oh, the humanity.

One thing the clubs do pay for: An L.A. county "sheriff's permit" for each girl to bump and grind. You need a sheriff's permit to strip?

Then there's this: The lawyer for the strippers cite a court case, ruling that dancers can be considered full-time employees even though they're "transient" and "lacked specialized skills." Patrons would beg to differ.


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I have seen their perfermance before with the Dalai Lama who is a good friend of mine!

2227 days ago


Ah, but strippers do have talent. Bad strippers get crappy tips but really really good strippers get great tips. SO the lesson is if you can't give a rockin' lap dance or your a fat pig, don't be a stripper.

2226 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Oh cheer up girls. They may not be paying a living wage and you probably will have to get something better that pays but in a way you both blessed because you have bodies that richer women with lousy physiques would pay a goodly sum of their earnings to have. [and unsuccessfully try to buy via various operations enhancements,liposuctions ect ] They have their power suit jobs that give them the money for big houses and fancy cars but they probably would give it up to be a naturally beautiful sexy babe. So count your blessings. Be thankful for what you've got.

PS there are alot of other jobs that millions of peole go to where they also work long hours and don't make more than $20.000 a year.So your situation is hardly unique.

2226 days ago


There are certainly some strippers that make less than minimum wage. But like any job, if you don't like it go somewhere else. This is not rocket science. Or, maybe it is. I knew a young lady in Phoenix that stripped for 15 years. She owned 2 homes in Phoenix and one in Maui. She was not model material, but she was extremely friendly. She could get along with anyone, but that was her secret. Once you got to know her, you couldn't help but give her one more twenty, and then another. She was just like your girl friend, but obviously better.

2226 days ago

so sad    

Get a real job instead of trying to get paid to be a whore.

2225 days ago


Clubs charge dancers ALOT.....Lots of WORTHLESS PIGS sit and enjoy the show without dropping a dollar, because they have already paid a cover charge and drinks are expensive....also, dancing is VERY physical, long hours in uncomfortable also DOES take talent...exotic dancers are NOT all sluts, either.....most of you sound like ignorant prudes...and im a conservative!!!

2225 days ago


"I complained about my shoes until I meet a man with no feet". You have no idea why a person has the job that they have. It is extremely disappointing to hear the comments givin on the story. I suggest you come up with better solutions than working for Mc Donalds. The reality is money, and if Mc Doalds was paying like that I'm sure they would'nt have any openings. Anyway, I am a former employee of one of the First King and I would like to be contacted by the lawyer handleing this case, maybe they can help me get my money back.

2224 days ago


I have to say that I agree with the women filing the lawsuit. I used to dance at Starz and it literally cost me a minimum of $1200 per month just in club fees plus $800 per month for childcare and I couldn't even make enough to pay all of my bills. I had to choose whether to pay the rent or the car note because I couldn't pay both. I don't know any other jobs where you have to pay $2000 per month just to go to work and not even make enough to survive. The men are very cheap and are not spending money because they want to just come in and look for free. The club acts as if they are pimps and take too much money from the girls. You would have to work at least 3 days per week paying $100 minimum each day and if you missed a scheduled day, you had to pay $200 for each day that you missed. The club could care less if you left with nothing. A friend of mine only had $80 and they told her to either give it to them, borrow it, or go to the atm to pay them or they wouldn't let her leave. AND THE GIRLS ARE NOT WHORES DAMNIT!!! You can go to a regular club and pick up a girl and screw her for free whereas at the strip club, you have to pay her and you don't even sleep with her. So who are the real whores???

2221 days ago


I am sorry, but most, but not all, of the comments have thouroughly insulted me. I am not a dancer. I have two college degrees and a 'real' job.

Most strippers are NOT whores, sluts, floozies, etc. While I know that there are some dancers who participate in such acts, like having sex with people for is rare. Furthermore, this type of activity is not condoned by the club. And for those of you who claim that "stripping is not a real job", I beg to differ. Dancing is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you are constantly oogled and googled by disgusting drunk horny men who don't even have the courtesy to tip! It's mind's as if these "gentlemen" think that they are in for a free show. It happens, I've seen it.

A note for anybody planning on attending a strip club: regardless if you have to pay a cover (which goes to the establishment), buy expensive drinks (which also goes to the establishment), bring a wad of cash. These women are not dancing in 6 inch stilettos because they love to dance. These women are doing it entertain their guests in order to make money. If you go into a club, be respectful and throw your money up on the stage. It's entertainment, period. WE pay for entertainment.

I am not a stripper. But, I have worked in several clubs serving drinks. I wore clothes. I observed the culture within these clubs. While there are very respectful patrons (regulars) there are also a shameful amount of cheap men who come in there with their erections sticking out of their pants as they walk to sit in front of the stage expecting to get attention. Put your money out and you will be danced for. It's the business. I doubt these men would work if they did not receive a paycheck. Well, unless you pay your stripper, she's not getting a paycheck.

As I said before, MOST of these strippers are not sluts etc. Some of them are married, and some of them have children. Stripping gives them a chance to be able to work at night, so that they can take care of the kids during the day. In other instances, these women have day jobs as well....."real" jobs. Some of them have college degrees too.

I think it's time to give these women some sort of respect. They work hard, which is more than I can say for many other people in this country.

2193 days ago
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