Strippers Claim They're Getting Screwed

9/16/2008 2:10 PM PDT

Strippers Claim They're Getting Screwed

Two strippers have filed a class action lawsuit against several strip clubs, alleging they'd do better financially picking grapes in a field.

Demetria Ann Leshay and Roxanne Roberts allege they're basically working for free, dancing at Starz, First King, and King Henry VIII. They claim they're essentially working for tips, and part of that gets kicked back to management. The lawsuit alleges they're not even getting minimum wage. To add insult to injury, they're required to work for five hours at a time without a meal break. Oh, the humanity.

One thing the clubs do pay for: An L.A. county "sheriff's permit" for each girl to bump and grind. You need a sheriff's permit to strip?

Then there's this: The lawyer for the strippers cite a court case, ruling that dancers can be considered full-time employees even though they're "transient" and "lacked specialized skills." Patrons would beg to differ.