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Daddy Lohan Has His Say

9/17/2008 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has insinuated himself into this Obama-Lohan thing, predictably. But we think he might be taking LiLo a lil' too seriously, at least right now.

Proclaimeth Michael: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion and so is Obama and his staff. Then again, you know what they say about opinions. Unfortunately, for them, to make such a comment about my daughter was a big mistake ... Look at Angelina Jolie and the wonderful things she has done in her life, and now watch how Lindsay does the same."


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Michael just needs to shut up.
He is such a famewhore.

2224 days ago

kate blows bigtime    

How the hell can this ass compare LiLo to Angelina? When is his return to the rehab?

2224 days ago


Did he just compare Lindsay to Angelina Jolie????? What a freakin idiot.

2224 days ago


LOL...Why on earth would Obama accept support from her? Busted for DWI, known drug user, and a lesbian to boot. Yeah, that will go over real well trying to convert over conservatives to the Dem ticket. Not to mention she can't act to save her life.

2224 days ago


I would HARDLY call a D-lister like Lindsey Lohan the same as an A-Lister like Angelina Jolie.
Lindsey: "Herbie" and "Parent-Trap." Angelina: "Lara Croft" "Beowulf" and "A Mighty Heart."
Besides, Angelina Jolie has given away MILLIONs of dollars to charity, whereas has Lindsey Lohan donated anything? Maybe a couple-hundred grand, MAYBE.
And Angelina doesn't hang out a party-type places and she's never been busted once, let alone multilple times, for drunk-driving.
Don't get me wrong, Angelina Jolie has had her freaky days, but stating your daughter Lindsey is "the same" as the current Angelina Jolie, well that's just delusional.

BTW, what were the results of that DNA test of that other girl? Is he the dad or what?

2224 days ago


Oh, please Lindsay, do NOT be like Angelina Ho-lie. A freak who only likes other women's men. And announces daily how much she gives to charity, which I highly doubt, but never to a charity in her own country. We have given her the money she has and yet we are not even good enough for her children tobe born here. she makes me sick!

One other thing, whatever happened to the paternity test saint michael took?

2224 days ago


Angelina Jolie, Lindsey Lohan, and Osama Bin Ladin . . . way to go Barack! They are all supporting you??

2224 days ago


That is exactly who is daughter is trying to be. She's done the drug rebel child thing. She's hating on the dad thing. She's doing the fake lesbian thing now and later she'll sleep with someone's husband, get knocked up and collect children. Then Obama will come running to her for support!

2224 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Don't any of you fools get it? It's just these douches trying to get PR by forcing themselves into the debate! And I mean FORCE!!! They are all disgusting pigs! Any candidate would be screwed having them leech off of them for publicity!

2224 days ago


LOL - you should do your research - Obama is also an admittedly known drug user - or former drug user SO HE SAYS. I cannot fathom how any person in their right mind would vote for an experienced drug user who is an unexperienced politician as President of the United States. All druggies should be automatically disqualified. I had no idea so many americans were that stupid!

2224 days ago

UH HUH    

I love how people on this site say that the celebrities opinions are not valid b/c they are celebrities. We are ALL entitled to our opinions. Just b/c you may not agree with them....and/or because they are a celebrity...does not mean they should not talk about politics. It affects us all. We all opinions. They (celebrities) are only saying how they feel about a certain candidate. Those who say Hollywood should shut up b/c no one cares....well, no cares about YOUR opinion also. We are ALL entitled....celebrity or our opinions. That's the FREEDOM of America!

Yours just doesnt always wind up on the internet.

2224 days ago

BOEING 787    

Why is this guy Mike always trying to out-glair his daughter?

How mush money does he need from her?

Michael is jealous because he can't milk her for $$$ anymore.

Nice try Sparky.

2224 days ago


Douche X 2

2224 days ago


What is wrong with U????? What person in their right mind would have that I don't know who or what I am doing child do a support rally! Her own mother didn't even have her on their short lived reality show because she's so screwed up! And by the way Mr "I'm a lawyer", everyone does drugs in college, even u I'm sure. Not to mention the current "reformed alcoholic" that's been running the country for tha past eight years!!!! So let's not compare ivy league moralities when speaking about good campaign common sense.

2224 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

obama will loose anyway.. he has this high priced dinner with all these stars and is so out of touch with main stream american. i will no longer vote for "obama the rockstar"

2224 days ago
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