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McCain Swings at Barack Over Lindsay

9/17/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCainJohn McCain has weighed in over Barack Obama's reported slap in the face to Lindsay Lohan. The Chicago Sun-Times quotes an unnamed high-level Barack source who says they rejected Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign tells TMZ, "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

UPDATE: Tommy Vietor, Obama's spokesperson, just told TMZ, "Glad to see they're focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ."


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I thought BO was trying to appeal to the younger generation. They've been working their a$$es off for him but he's too embarrassed to be seen with them.

2227 days ago

you're all nuts    

Re: #135's post... I've read, hmm, must be around 135 posts or so at this point. I was going to wait until I'd read all of this nonsense before commenting. And what a bunch of nonsense it's been. Several dozen absolutely brain-dead posters, at LEAST:

Presumably-black racists calling anyone white who wouldn't vote for Obama a racist. And this from Canadians yet. Gee, a Canadian telling people in another county how to behave. You should immigrate to the US, dude. The US Government wants more folks like you to help run the world and tell everybody how to live!

Oh, but that's right - the White Power Monopoly never allows black people to get elected.

Uhh, were you in the same deep-freeze as Austin Powers, or what? Precisely how did you think Obama GOT the Democratic nomination, if not by being VOTED so? Did you think that nomination was white-free? Sorry, but 12% of the population does not a nominee make. Newsflash: It's no longer 1964. Oh, and things such as slavery have been frowned upon recently, too, and we don't practice it anymore. There's slavery aplenty in Africa, though... Blacks owning blacks. Might want to look into that... Find a Congolese website to complain about black mistreatment and lack of empowerment, will you? You're more consumed with divisiveness and dead-horse-beating and clinging on to grudges than most whites I know. Take your eyes off the rear-view mirror and look at that great wide-open road ahead. Moving on...

A couple dozen posters that apparently couldn't comprehend the fact that this Lohan comment was from a campaign spokesman. Like McCain is a Svengali who can control someone's mouth remotely with superhuman mental powers no common mortal possesses!

Lots of mindless Rah!, Rah!, Rah! for my candidate! crap.

Someone proud that California handles the incoming shipping of %50 of the items we have in our house. You mean those absolute-crap Chinese items in our house that we've traded away our riches and jobs for and no longer even have an American-made alternative to choose from? THOSE items? Yay.

Lies upon lies from both sides posting.

And all over what's so absolutely completely utterly not remotely the slightest little bit important. I couldn't give a rat's behind about Lohan. Is this ACTUALLY what you Republicrats think is important???

How about, last I'd heard, but I'm sure it's up by now (because Democrats and Republicans ALLOWED it to go up more by now), the 9.2 TRILLION bucks of immediate national debt your one-party idiots voted for? Which we owe largely to CHINA?? More than half of which occurred just during the King of Fools' two terms? Including the massive increases during the last 2 years, in which you "budget-balancing fiscally responsible Democrats" held the Congress? I can't even believe you continue to argue there's a dime's worth of difference between you. BOTH parties have colluded in destroying this country's greatness, its future, and our reputation worldwide. (Although, yes, George Bush has done more damage to the US than any single person in our history.) Go look up the word 'treason', if it's not entirely clear to you. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a Sunday School teacher.

noun (also "high treason")
the crime of betraying one's country (etc.)

To me, voting for unbalanced budgets and palming it off onto future citizens is TREASON. Instigating a war with a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11, which even a bowl of Jell-O could have figured out would only inflame anti-US sentiment and further destabilize the region, leading to MORE terrorist recruits than ever, is TREASON. (George Bush is the best Poster Child for terrorist recruitment that Bin Laden could ever have dreamed of. I believe the dirty little bugger KNEW this, too, and knew he could lead that dummy right where he wanted him.)

Enough on that... It'd take a book to cover that topic sufficiently...

How about the disaster area that New Orleans and many other Katrina-ruined places STILL are, 3 years later? How about world population doubling in the past 40 years? How about a sizable chunk of the US coastline possibly being underwater before your grandkids' lifetimes have ended? How about the OIL running out? How about the extreme polarity we have with each other, largely fostered by our government and those running it? ('Keep them fighting amongst themselves, and hopefully they won't unite against us.') How about the oceans dying? How about any of the hundreds of ways in which Americans are living unsustainably because lots of them seemingly prefer keeping their heads in the sand, wasting time yammering about Lindsay Lohan instead, and arguing with each other like smacked-ass 4-year-olds? How about the campaigning period for a 4-year term of office lasting for 2 and a half YEARS? How about what a violent country we've got on our hands these days

2227 days ago

Gossipho any of you not remember that over a year ago celebrites wanted to help endorse Obama. He said no, we are not running this election that way. He's turned down a lot of famous people. And honestly, who would want LiLo helping on their election? She has issues she needs to take care of first.

2227 days ago


LOL, youre all nuts, you covered enough ground that I don't have to say anything. McCain is talking once again about a celebrity rather than the fact that the US economy has tanked, and he has no intelligent plan since he has openly admitted that he does not really get the economy thing. If you ask his brilliant VP hopeful she will most likely say, I toldem' thanks but no thanks Charlie". If you ask her about the Bush Doctrine it will be another "thanks but no thanks"..never mind that it is a lie to begin with. The Republicans have turned this election into a farce. Even the likes of Paris Hilton finds McCain to be without merit. What does that tell you?

2227 days ago


It is getting really boring listening to all of the intolerant lefties babbling about "How much alike" Bush and McCain are! What a load of CRAP!! Bush is a conservative McCain is a LIBERAL! HELLOOOOO! Bush is Pro-Life and McCain is Pro-Choice! Also McCain hates Bushes guts probably more than the average Demacrap! LOL!! MOST of the things that a bunch of half-wits are accusing McCain of voting with Bush on are bunch of meaningless proclamations that have absolutely nothing to do with running the country! And I love the way the morons have attacked Governor Palin on that "Bridge to Nowhere" debacle! Obama and Biden both voted for the earmarks for that bridge, while McCain voted against it! Silly old man......he actually wanted that money to be spent on the Katrina Victims! What was that "Evil" man thinking?! And while Sarah initially supported the bridge in the end it WAS SHE who stopped the project! I still can't believe the number of morons who don't seem to comprehend that while Saddam didn't have any direct involvement with 9/11, he did on numerous occasions house many important Al Qaeda operatives! Like Iran NO ONE CROSSES THEIR BORDERS WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT KNOWING ABOUT IT! PERIOD!!!
And to all of the idiots who are acting soooooooo smug about that pathetic Gibson interview? Apparently many of you are EXTREMELY IGNORANT of the fact that there are in FACT FOUR DIFFERENT BUSH DOCTRINES!! I heard this from the gentleman who coined the phrase back in June of 2001!! So Governor Palin's question "Which one?" was an intelligent response while Gibson's 'gotcha' look was NOT!! LOL!!!
However I will concede one point.....McCain needs to stop taking the bait from a bunch liberal butt-heads and stick to the real issues! And that goes for the rest of his camp as well!
I know one thing....I'll never vote for any cold blooded bastard who supports partial birth abortion....and then manufactures some half-baked lie about how he was "afraid" that the bill could somehow be used to overturn roe vs wade? Talk about PATHETIC!!

2227 days ago


PLEASE by stupid is as stupid does- BUSH, yeah the brilliant fellow you put in the White House is the admitted Drunk. Yeah just maybe ENTJ has enough sense to actually be concerned as he reads these posts and sees just how incredibly brainless these posters seem to be. Do YOU think the economy is just fine like McCain??? Please refresh us all with whatever kind of crap YOU can muster to tell us all that it is our imagination that the country is going to he** . Does it not concern you, brilliant one that we have sent our young soldiers to a war in which they were killed to the tune of 400,000+, not to mention the trillion dollar deficit. I am talking a war that was entered into based on misconceptions. No one has to answer to sending our young people there to be murdered. Voluntarily you say, sure they volunteered, when fed lies. McCain is ready to stay there and supposedly fix that country while the US is slipping fast. Uh, er...but that's just fine with you and the other mindless zombies.

2227 days ago


Why do you people think that Obama turned down Lindsay Lohan only because she is gay? Lindsay is also a trainwreck alcoholic/drug user, who does not wear panties and likes to show her c*nt to the paparazzi, poses nude in magazines, and associates with deadbeat losers. He'd probably have no qualms with Ellen Degeneres.

2227 days ago


I'll take Lindsay anytime

2227 days ago

Racist Hater    

Hate to all the racist whites!!!! Hope you all burn in hell together!!!!! AND this includes this racist ass site TMZ!!!!!!!!!!

2227 days ago

Mr. A    

you're all nuts~

having that MUCH angst over what's being posted here at TMZ doesn't exactly seperate YOU from the pack...of nuts that is. You seem to just hate everything, so in your mind, that makes you superior somehow? Your kind are a dime a dozen and just as ignorant as the next. Welcome to the PLANTERS plantation! yes, we're all NUTS around here.

2227 days ago

Derrick Dilworth (white, and therefore obviously a racist in desperate need of a good Hell-Burning), reporting Live from The Cuc    

Nurse! Nurse! Emergency in Room #216! Full psychotic episode in progress! I need 10 cc of Thorazine, STAT!

(there's a pot and kettle joke in here, somewhere, but I'll skip it...)

Man, talk about GRUDGES and people filled with hatred based on skin color... Has it occurred to you that you've become exactly the same as those you despise?

2227 days ago


Lindsay's a high-profile star?

2227 days ago


In a few months, both McCain and that Lindsay will both be forgotten.

OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2227 days ago


Reponse to Kelly: Kelly, learn how to use a "paragraph". I'm not going to read that stringball of noise you wrote. Really! I'm not!

2227 days ago


Kelly's post is a great example of trying to defend a defenceless cause by using emotional tirades. Bush, McCain and Palin cannot be defended as valid VP or President material. They are all frauds, proven failures and a waste of energy.

2227 days ago
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