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McCain Swings at Barack Over Lindsay

9/17/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCainJohn McCain has weighed in over Barack Obama's reported slap in the face to Lindsay Lohan. The Chicago Sun-Times quotes an unnamed high-level Barack source who says they rejected Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign tells TMZ, "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

UPDATE: Tommy Vietor, Obama's spokesperson, just told TMZ, "Glad to see they're focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ."


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Guess that Obama has run a 70 % negative campaign to McCains's 50% now that is occording to on MSNBC lastnite....and he9Obamamama) was joking about it...I heardhim say with my own ears the other nite he was stepping up the negative attacks (Obamamama)...Obama is indeed an elitist and shows it...........with this comment about Lilo.....Hillarys best friend and #1 fundraiser come out and now supports McCain, I actually think Bill and Hillary secretly support McCain.....because of Obama was predetermined by the democratic party to become their president choice.........they falsely said Hillary didnt have what it took to be president.....hmmmm...I have been active in politics for 15 years on both sides of the aisle............not a newbie to the deceit that goes on......WTF why cant people see clearly here and without blinders........everytime the democraps crap out like congress led majority did the other nite, they fail us and THE PEOPLE let them, citizens of Calif ought to be breaking down Pelosi's door demanding the democraps to get to work back in Congress and start working for the people.......imagine getting paid for working a measly 14 days these last few months....thats your democraps for you in congress........and you pay for them NOT wanting to work.......McCain/Palin 08

2164 days ago


BTW I have been using the word DEMOCRAP for years, I get credit for it!!!!

2164 days ago


FYI our Bush didnt send our troops into war............CONGRESS DID!!!!!! the president doesnt have all the power everyone gives him...see how public education failed.....never learned how to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Congress can only declare war and btw, since the democrap controlled congress when into office, we have seen our economy go down the drain, gas prices skyrocket, and all the while the dems were voting on a bill to give 50 million to learn how to teach monkeys called the famous monkey this point most monkeys can think more rational than the average US citizen.........Congress has the most power out of all the 3 branches of government, and idiots who dont know the Constitution Blame the President for everything......Read the Constitution!

2164 days ago


it was necessary to post four times in a row? retard. get a life you're a loser. :)

2164 days ago

you're all nuts    

Uh, well, that's great... I'd spent a while on carefully typing up a post, and the great system here at TMZ instead reposted my earlier post. But not before crashing my browser, so I lost the whole thing... You people need to do some revamping of your programming, TMZ! I shouldn't be apologizing for THEM, but, sorry, folks. I had no intention of reiterating what I'd already said.

2164 days ago


Liklihood of winning the election:
McBush = 5%
Obama = 95%

Republicans. What a sad bunch. 75% of Republicans still think they have the party from 50 years ago that was just a slightly right of center party, and they hang on to that notion. They've also absorbed the ludicrous description of the Democrats that the current Republican leadership dishes out, and that makes them act in idiotic ways.

What shows some level of intelligence is the rise of the independent voters who think through each election. I'm one of them. Screw the idea of belonging to a party regardless of policy, leadership, competence level, etc. I hate the two-party gridlock we have.

But I've decided. I'ved kept up to date and I've decided.

OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2164 days ago


Obama is full of it....he is such a phony only saying what he thinks people want to hear...At least McCain speaks the truth regardless if you like it or not..FURTHERMORE..Who cares what these celebs think or feel politic wise..they all live on a totally different planet...all they do is follow trends..they have tons of money and jump on whatever bandwagon is trendy..right now obama is trendy....whatever...

2164 days ago


McCain = Bush = Cheney = Rumsfeld = Wolfowitz = Halliburton = Corporate Raiders on steroids
Palin = decoy

2164 days ago


How scary is it that the repubs have to shut up their own VP candidate? I mean really, they must be well aware of her wacko-ness and are doing their best to keep attention on her without letting her speak anymore. Palin will not be doing the talk-show stumping because they have deep concerns she will get slaughtered for her outrageous right-wing slander. Not to mention it would be easier to call her out on the outright lies she tells than express disdain for her lying ass to McCain, who denies denies denies. Don't worry, they DIDN'T get the women they thought, and miss wasilly can go back up to AK and stay there as far as most are concerned.

2163 days ago

Mr. A    

PolarBear is making me cheer for global warming.

2163 days ago

Mr. A    

Don't the Liberals on here sound like a bunch of 1955 southern hick rednecks talking about how much they hate Black people? People they don't even KNOW, but just HATE because they're different from themselves?

imbred hateful racist morons.

Some party of REFORM they got going there, and such a nice group.

2163 days ago


Now we have the nightmare Palin in ANOTHER legal bind by not complying with investigators in the TROOPERGATE inquiry. The Republicans certainly did find useless CRIME BAIT this time! THAT'S USING YOUR HEAD, MCCAIN, YOU PATHETIC SKIRT CHASING IMPOSTER! If Failin Palin thinks she's going to excape public scutiny by doing that, SHE DOESN'T KNOW SQUAT ABOUT PRIVATE INVESTIGATION in all it's variety, including hired Private Investigators right through to the National Enquirer who've taken on a more non-fiction role in the past few months.

SCORE SO FAR: Palin = 0, Wolves = 5

This election is too important for this country, and idiotic Republican activity will NOT distract from what's important to voters. Republican diversions will persist, but it's only fooling those who are far right sociopath Republicans, which is a small crowd.

2163 days ago


Mr. A (that's probably short for Karl Rove's rear end): what are you talking about? You're firing insults into the void left and right and you have no weapons and no targets. Are you on LSD?

2163 days ago

Mr. A    

PolarBear~ are you illiterate?

Liberal HATE is what I'm firing at and you're full of it. Hate and ignorance, the same kind of hate and ignorance that drives the mentalities of racists and old NAZI's against the folks THEY deem to be the source of al ltheir misery in life, and the kind of CRAP I'm reading from all you left-wing liberals out there, is right in tune.

I'm firing insults alright...but you're too dense or too SHORT....they're going over your little head. That High School education might have been worth completing afterall aye?

2163 days ago


lol.. just lol..

2163 days ago
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