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McCain Swings at Barack Over Lindsay

9/17/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCainJohn McCain has weighed in over Barack Obama's reported slap in the face to Lindsay Lohan. The Chicago Sun-Times quotes an unnamed high-level Barack source who says they rejected Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign tells TMZ, "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

UPDATE: Tommy Vietor, Obama's spokesperson, just told TMZ, "Glad to see they're focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ."


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I like reading the pro McCain/anti Obama comments. The trolls are high-larious! Anyway, I wouldn't want Lohan either. And the fact that McCain camp is grasping at straws instead of focusing on the issues shows you they have nothing to offer. Anyone for McCain is simply put, and idjit.

2228 days ago


A lot of hypocrisy emanating from BOTH sides.

2228 days ago

concerned citizen    

Here we go again! McCain and his political machine WILL do ANYTHING to avoid the true problems facing this country.
VOTE then you will have bitching rights!

2228 days ago


Might Obama feel this way, because Lohan's current companion is a woman?

2228 days ago


#19-News flash: Your comments are more racist than any I have heard spoken in awhile, except for Obama's pastor buddy. Also, Obama has less "black" blood flowing through his veins than I do. #43- as far as the tanning bed goes, I would like to see you spend six months in darkness and not need at least some artificial sunlight. It's a medical fact that people who live in such environments need some sort of light exposure to keep their body rhythms going and to fight depression.

2228 days ago

Independent for Barack    

Republicans don't care about the middle class. Cmon people we all know this. They never have and never will care about the littlr guy. I don't have an allegiance to either party but thats just simply fact

2228 days ago


I like Lindsey Lohan and Sam Ronson. They would probably not be so keen on supporting Obama if they knew the Palin is no homophobe. She said to Charlie Gibson that homosexuality was not an issue for her. Rumor has it that Obama is a homophobic in closet married man type. He is scared of gay people. Lindsey and Sam are getting wrong propaganda from the biased media. McCain/Palin would probably appreciate their support. The Log Cabin Republicans have endorsed McCain. The Republican ticket this year is cool with gay people.
NcCain/Palin 2008
Hillary 2012

2228 days ago

Ricky Riccardo    

Barack Obama is not the answer to anything that America needs right now. He has literally no experience running anything except a teleprompter.

2228 days ago


The economy is tanking and MCCAIN IS WORRIED ABOUT LINDSEY LOHEN. ARE YOU SERIOUS? What a joke.

2228 days ago


At least Lindsay doesn't hang out with "Terrorist".

2228 days ago


obama needs to let lindsay host an event, 90% of the people who are voting for him are young, ignorant liberals with no values just like lilo. and like #30... "STFU..." what are you 12? that's how you talk politics with people? just about half the country votes republican, so what do you mean "no one cares about your political views?" are you THAT stupid? and newsflash, we're not all rednecks. i live in new jersey. it's idiots like you that make me remember why i will never vote obama.

2228 days ago


I am a Mccain supporter. Obama is a huge hypocrite. I do wish everyone including Obama,McCain and TMZ would focus on real issues and facts and stop wasting time on this garbage. Who cares what these Celebrities think or who they support anyway. I can't even look at celebrity gossip or watch celebrity gossip shows anymore until this election is over. I am so sick of the bias one sided reporting by TMZ and E!. I absolutely love Chelsea Handler but I refuse to watch her show right now cause she is constantly making fun of McCain/Palin. We get it Chelsea u looovveee Obama. Just cause I like her show and books are quite funny does not mean I give a crap about her political view!! Please get back to trashing celebrites its funny and at the end of the day they do not matter at all!!

2228 days ago


McCain ISN'T worried about Lindsey Lohan, I am sure he is eternally GRATEFUL that she is NOT endorcing him. The fact is, Obama's camp is furiously emailing people with every little snippet, a misspoken word, rumor, lies and inuendo, JUST LIKE HE DID WITH HILLARY, but god forbid anyone should get a little laugh out of Mr. Thin Skin. If the Obama camp is going to dish it out, then they better learn to TAKE IT.

2228 days ago


mikey, #46...

so you are saying it's fine to kill BABIES, but hunting is not okay?! another reason i'm so happy i'm republican, so i don't need to agree with idiot statements like yours.

2228 days ago


Who cares what lindsay lohan or diddy think, I would never make a vote on what airhead stars think, can't wait until John McCain is Pres

2228 days ago
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