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Obama to LiLo -- Oh, Hell No

9/17/2008 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan apparently wants to help get Barack Obama get elected: B-O is telling her thanks, but no thanks.

Lindz was so hyped to help Barack, she offered to host "a series of events" for younger voters, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. But, according to a source, the rehabbing freckled freak "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Unlike Barbra Streisand, of course, who just helped Obama raise $9 mil ... in one night.

Palin –- The Pig Wears Valentino

Sarah Palin's just your average hockey mom –- in silk shantung Valentino.

The Veep-seeker splurged for a $2,500 jacket from Saks designed by the fashion legend for her big RNC speech, reports the New York Post. It was at the urging of a team of stylists Palin's peeps have been trying to keep under the radar, so as not to confuse her hockey-mom, moose-hunting image.

The Gov's running mate's wife Cindy McCain recently took some flak for wearing big bling on stage.

Jamie -– Foxx Hunting in Vegas

Jamie Foxx, as we've pointed out before, does two things: He wins Oscars, and macks on chicks. That's it.

More evidence? He spent the weekend with pretty much every hot blonde in Sin City. First, Stacy Keibler, who was "bent over his lap" at Lavo, with a full massage in effect, according to Rush & Molloy. Stacy wasn't overly impressed – she "wandered off, leaving Foxx alone."

Jamie then went after Ashley Scott -– no dice. And finally, a non-famous blonde back at Lavo was Jamie's prize after a serious grind on her bumper.


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Palin is nothing but a corrupt, fake-ass poseur. She's another no-talent GWB, an ignorant redneck with ambition. Her shallow ass put a tanning bed in her Governor's Mansion and spent $50,000 redecorating an office with approval, while she's trying to pass herself off as financially thrifty.

She fired people who didn't kiss up to her and hired her incompetent friends. She hired a personal friend to head the Alaska agriculture because she LIKED COWS.

Her police force made rape victims PAY FOR THEIR OWN RAPE INVESTIGATION EXAMS.

It's sad that America has so many people who are so gullible they'll vote any "cute" white girl into office to send this country down the drain and into more war since she neither knows nor cares about anything outside her little Alaska clique. If this "Rouge Cou" - a name SHE came up with to hide her true self - gets near the White House, America deserves to go down the drain for being stupid again.

2225 days ago

Amazing T!    

I'm planning a wardrobe made only from the hides of endangered species for the White House.

2225 days ago


What was Mcain thinking when he picked Palin?????

This woman and her famiy are exhibit A for the ever shifting, ever phony family values Republicans espouse.

She is not qualified to be VP, and she certainly is notqualified to be president.
And remember, the VP is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

2225 days ago


women should be sooo excited she is smart tough strong intelligent wow
Sara Palin you go girl

2225 days ago

Amazing T!    

Perhaps Palin should have her cocaine and oxycontin addicted son, Trackmark design her next ensemble. It's sure to be a hit!

2225 days ago

Amazing T!    

Isn't $2,500 about what her administration charges a rape victim for their own rape kits? Coincidence?

2225 days ago

Frank Davis    

Palin the pig? That's it - TMZ has dropped to the trash heap of every other sleazy media group not hiding their bias. So long.

2225 days ago



You really should STOP believing everything you read from the liberal dumbasses. Please do yourself a favor and do a little damn homework before you start spewing slanderous lies. One day, it just might catch up with you!

2225 days ago


No one likes to read long drawn out messages here's the executive summary.........

Congress Military

John McCain 26 Years 22 years

Barack Obama 143 days 0

Summary Concluded.

2225 days ago


She paid for her own tanning bed, look it up. The trooper she supposedly fired is still working for alaska and was never fired, look it up. The man that made the trooper problem come to light, is mad because sarah refused to pass funding that he tried to get through funding several times for non important items, she vetoed it, look it up. He is just mad. And really if liberals do not want others judging them than do the same. Whether for food or sport that is the normal for Alasksa. Many things we do in the city or the country probably seem strange to them. Would you make fun of customs from other counrties that were different than yours? So take your own advice and do not judge others. Again, America educate yourself no matter what side you are on. The only way to make an informed decision is to see all the facts, from every angle.

2225 days ago

Amazing T!    

So I suppose Rush Limbaugh wasn't addicted to Oxycontin either? Was that made up by the liberal dumbasses,too?

2225 days ago


Cassie #59 Palin paid for the tanning bed out-of-pocket. Unlike the gyms and other amenities the Democratic Congress enjoys.

Anna #60 He was thinking he was going to kick Obama's ass.

2225 days ago


64 and 65 if you have something to say at least show some class about it. I bet your moms would be proud of yalls action. I sure know mine wouldn't

2225 days ago



2225 days ago

Patti H    

Yeah Im sure Michelle Obama was wearing stuff from Target since she claims to be such a big shopper there. Unfortunately...the neighborhood where she lives doesnt seem to HAVE A TARGET!

2225 days ago
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