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Ryan O'Neal Busted in Meth Mess

9/17/2008 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is no father/son bonding activity quite like being busted together for methamphetamine.
Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond were booked on suspicion of narcotics possession this morning.

Ryan O'Neal: Click to watchAuthorities said they were doing a probation search at the family's Malibu home when they found Redmond O'Neal in possession of methamphetamine and a vial of the drug was allegedly found in Ryan's bedroom.

The father/son are being held on $10,000 bail.

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Been There    

Have a heart people, addiction lures people to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t do … It is horrible and to involve his son, but remember that drugs have a powerful seductive nature …

I was addicted for years, meth too was my drug of choice – check out .. they explain drug addiction, signs, symptoms, and dangers. They offer a detox product, which has helped others, but the site is well done and very informative ..

Good Luck Ryan and Redmond, get the help you need.

2141 days ago


Sorry, but I feel so sad about this family's troubled lives. Don't be too hard on Ryan, he has had to deal with three rotten kids and I don't believe he would do meth, weed maybe for the pain, but not meth -- think his kid Redmond had something to do with that issue! He is already in enough trouble and has been most of his life. Griffin tried to help Redmond by scaring the bejesus out of him -- didn't work did it? I would escape too Griffin, how screwed up can a family get????? With both Ryan and Farrah ill with cancer can't these kids give their parents a break?

2141 days ago


The son looks like he is 40!!!

2141 days ago


Ryan O'Neal????

You've got to be kidding? Ryan O'Neal???

Just out of curiousity.... what was on the 2nd page of today's paper???

Ryan freakin O'Neal???

Is anyone aware that Rick Wright, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, has died???

Now that's news.

2141 days ago


How could such good looking people make such an ugly son????? And why would Farrah let her son hang out with such a loser father??? He has 4 kids and only one has turned out half way decent (Patrick).

2141 days ago


There should have been a law prohibiting this man from being around any of his kids , I wonder if Farrah's a druggie from being with him! Ryan O'neal get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

2141 days ago


Seems addiction runs in the family...big time!! Sad!

2141 days ago


Does Ryan O'Neil have a special mug shot shirt? I thought this was an old picture but it's not. Get the O'Neils into rehab.

2141 days ago


Look at other countrys where drugs have been legalized and there crime rates and then look at the United States I think I could sleep better at night knowing I don't have to worry about someone breaking into my house just so they can get drug money when it could be legal for the users to get there drugs free like they do in some other countrys and it is proven that it dose work and those countrys have less crimes than we have in this country. Sometimes I just wonder if the United States is worred about having to lay off so many prison gaurds ? What do you think ? The United States know they can't stop drug use and they know it. and what about prostaution in Nevada when they legalized prostaution the VD rate droped by about 90% so why would it not work for drugs as well ?
A United States voter......

2141 days ago


I think that this country could learn a lot from some European country’s because of the fact that back in the late 60s a news reporter went out on his own and did a survey and found out and searched old police records and found out that when these country’s seen that they where fighting a loosing battle on the war on drugs they went ahead and legalized all drugs and after just one year they found out that violent crimes dropped by about 95% and that drug use also dropped by about 50% so to me I think I could sleep a lot better at night knowing that I don’t have to worry about someone breaking into my house at night just because they need to steel something so they can get the money they need so they can go out and buy the drugs off the street. And here is something to prove it did you know that the State of Nevada they legalized prostitution and now years after they have done that VD is at the lowest than anywhere in the United States so doesn’t it reason that if it worked for prostitution it would work the same with drugs also ? To me I just think the only reason they don’t do it is because that if they where to legalize drugs that with in a year this country would have to lay off about 50% of all are prison personal but by doing so would it not save the tax payers a lot of money ? To me it would save enough money to where the people that are still using the drugs after it was legalized that money could be used to give the people that still use there drugs free and as far as anyone worried about the people still using and driving the police can treat those people the same as they do a DUI suspect or they could charge the people that still use drugs charge them about 5% of what the street value is for those drugs and that would allow the police to put more cars on the street to catch anyone driving impaired just like they do for people who drink and drive. Or dose this make to much sense ?
Yours truly:
A registered voter ……

2141 days ago


I looked on Redmond's myspace a week ago and he said he didn't want to live , he stated it right by his picture, so sad.

2141 days ago

jen jen    

meth is the devil. it almost tore my family appart.

2141 days ago


I have always liked Ryan, but if this is for real than getting stoned with your kid who has an established drug problem is waaaaay too over the line for me.

2141 days ago


To who ever it was that said drug problems run in the family well they don't it is just that I look at Statistics from all over the world and in my findings what I had wrote earler is the truth and if you don't beleave it do some resurch of your owne !

2141 days ago


Maybe they could both go on Doctor Drew's Celebrity Rehab ?

2141 days ago
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