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Sienna Can't Get Her Enough Balthazar

9/18/2008 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even when they are separated by 2,475 miles, Sienna Miller has Balthazar on her mind.
Sienna was spotted in NYC yesterday with a mystery male friend. But don't worry, Sienna's still loyal to her man -- the pair ate at Balthazar restaurant -- no relation.

Apparently there weren't any tables available at Another Woman's Husband Bar & Grill.


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Who cares? Oh yeah, FIRST! :) lol

2189 days ago


Lame. He's the one cheating on his wife. If it wasn't gonna be with Sienna, it would be with someone else. Place the blame where it belongs.

2189 days ago


is that guy carrying a beer in his hand??

2189 days ago


Can the world please get over it. Why is she being harassed while he is left alone. Let it go already.

2189 days ago


I just don't understand why she feels that she always has to remove her swimsuit top.!?! Can't she just sunbathe with a whole suit on; the guys she's with always have trunks on.

2189 days ago


Omg enough..i'm starting to sympatize with the girl!!!!

2189 days ago


I love those shoes she has on. I have been looking for a pair of shoes just like that for years!

2189 days ago


wish she would find a rock in the desert to hide under already...

makes no difference if it's LA or London or NY-- she's just vile.

2189 days ago


I starting to have sympathy for her too... wait a minute there are 4 children involved. I'll save my symapthy for them. Not some skank and some C-list tv actor.

Sienna + Balthazar=Sleaze

2189 days ago


oh common you stupid americans :) people in Europe take their tops of !it's natural and we are not ashamed of our bodies.It's sad that you here have all those stupid regulations and laws and grow up into some weirdos who are ashamed of the body. This girl has nice boobs and is not afraid to show them, plus it doesn't leave tanning lines .Big Deal!

2189 days ago


What a whore go back to whore island!!!! cant stand her she effed around a married man bad sienna bad put down your crack pipe and talk to AMY she will talk some sence in to that very little small brain of yours.Stop Smoking CRACK AMY PUT DOWN THE JACK STOP SMOKING CRACK CAUSE CRACK IS WACK SAVE AMY SAVE HER PLEASE BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!!!

2189 days ago


oooooooooo great shoes!

2189 days ago


I find it to be very disturbing that you keep slinging Sienna for being a home wrecker, yet the man who actually ruined his home is being left alone. You don't know what he told her, leave her alone. Start harassing him. Or could it be that because she has more of a celebrity status than he does is the reason she's being harassed more? hmmmmm......

2189 days ago


{{yawn}} sooooo tired of seeing this woman... she's a whore, so move on. It's not like she's a REAL actress.

2189 days ago


She is so unimportant, I can't believe people are still talking about her. It's not that I feel sorry for her, because she's the one that craved the attention to begin with, and she deserves what's happening to her for her treatment of other people. She uses people to her advantage despite the consequences and when she's done with them, she breaks up with them by phone. So I could care less about her. You reap what you sow, and she's sown a lot of crap.

Balti isn't blameless...I suspect he's not getting attention because he's not been a famewhore. Sometimes it works to your advantage to keep as much of your life as private as you can. Sienna should learn the same lesson.

2189 days ago
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