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Amber Fried - Home Foreclosed

9/19/2008 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amber FreyAmber Frey of Scott Peterson fame has felt the economic pinch. Her house is going on the auction block.

TMZ has obtained a Notice of Trustee's Sale which says, "You are in default under a deed of trust dated 9/30/2005." According to the Notice, the property, located in Fresno County, CA, will go on the auction block next Wednesday, September 24 at 10:30 AM.

The auction will be held at the County Courthouse in Fresno. Starting bid - $454,262.11.


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HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    


2195 days ago


That's really a shame -- for Amber and so many of us struggling. I will always respect her for coming forth as she did and helping to bring that sociopath to justice,

2195 days ago

HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!    

I mean really isn't this Karma?? She got a book deal to write about having an affiar with a man that killed his pregnant wife......yeah im thinkin thats not somthing you wanna brag just sayin

2195 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

People will come on here and say hateful things because they have hate in their hearts, so if you read this, Amber, don't let them hurt you. It is tragic when anyone loses their home. These are difficult times. I hope things turn around for you soon and you are able to get your feet back on solid financial ground. Many families are struggling, just like you. You are not alone.

2195 days ago


Poor Amber....still making bad choices!!!

2195 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

I'd hit it. But I wouldn't kill my wife for seconds.

2195 days ago


Thousands of people are losing there homes in the state this economy is currently in and it is not something to make fun of her for or belittle her...she is definitley not alone in this situation and let us always remember she does have small children to put a roof over.
As far as Scott Peterson and the sick person he is, in my thinking he deserves to be put to lethal injection asap.....he is a MONSTER.....but she did nothing to lacy or there baby she had no idea he was married and once she knew the truth she came forward with much bravery more than some woman would have showed in similar situations.
So I applaud her for that....
Good luck amber and god bless

2195 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

You need to make 12k per month, or 144,000 / year to afford a 400,000 house, (and that's the auction price)

2195 days ago

Molly Clapp    

a fool and their money are soon parted...still making STUPID choices...some will never learn

2195 days ago


She obviously bought a house she could not afford. The market has nothing to do with it, she was very careless with her hard earned book deal money. I'm sure she does not have a job that would cover an expense like that. It's her fault for not knowing how to handle her ill gained money.

2195 days ago


Id hit it, twice. She can come stay with me for a night or 2.

2195 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

I wonder how she was able to buy a 550,000 house (the estimated pre auction price),
Oh, that's right she wrote a book about a boyfriend that she banged on the first date.
If Laci hadn't died, Amber would still be working at McDonalds at the drive through window. So, Amber profited from Laci.

2195 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

I don't her staying with me, she's a succubus. Her poone would have me doing all kinds of crazy things. ..I'd have to kill my wife and dump her in a lake or something

2195 days ago

go away    

While I have respect for Amber for the fact that she came forward and testified against Scott. I also feel that she loved the spot light and felt some sick sense of pride in herself that she was able to get a man (even unwillingly) to kill his wife to be with her. She gave way to many press conferences and she should have taken the profits from the book and donated them directly to a charity for murdered womans families. I don't dislike her I just am suspicious of her motives.

2195 days ago

Well, 454,000 for a house in FRESNO is a lot of money, if any of you have ever been there...IT SUCKS. Hot as HELL. Crappy azz town.

2195 days ago
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