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Hef Likes Him Some Sanchez

9/19/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner is into a particularly cute California congresswoman -- and he pulled out what he's famous for to prove it ... money.
Loretta Sanchez: Click to watch
TMZ did some digging and found campaign records that show, since 1996, Hef contributed on 11 separate occasions to O.C. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a Dem. On all occasions, he plunked down the max, which is currently $2,300.

In all, Hef's filled Loretta's coffers to the tune of $17,800.

So why is Hef so into Loretta? We asked her yesterday, but mums the word.

Nothing wrong with it, but leave it to Hef to wade through a sea of forgettable faces and laser in on the hot one!


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30. TMZ - who do you think you are fooling - you posted a younger picture of Loretta Sanchez when you know darn well she doesn't look like that anymore. Where are her NOW pictures - the old and wrinkly version??

Either way - Loretta is still not fit to shine the shoes of Sarah Palin. Sarah represents beauty, motherhood, intelligence and all good things of a strong/modern woman.

Posted at 1:42AM on Sep 20th 2008 by Sarah wins this competition!

Are you talking about the same Sarah Palin who gave the go ahead to gun down wolves from choppers in her state? The one who has avoided questions from the public and the media? Most intelligent, most modern and strong. LOL

2135 days ago


I taught at a school ten years ago, where Loretta Sanchez was scheduled to visit. The staff and students had prepped for weeks, preparing an assembly, books, etc. She was a NO SHOW! Way to work for the community. Palin has done much more for hers.

2135 days ago


Rep. Baca called Loretta Sanchez a “whore” last year, causing her to quit the Hispanic Caucus. Seems to me that taking big money from Hugh Hefner qualifies her as a bona fide whore! Also, she had an affair with the married Pentagon dude, who was assigned to escort her on official congressional travel, So, like Eliot Sptizer, you might say that Playgirl Loretta is guilty of using an escort service!!! Maybe she should just resign from Congress before it becomes a big scandal and go work for Hefner full time at the mansion as a Bunny. I'd do her.

2134 days ago


Loretta Sanchez's sex scandal with Jack Einwechter has all of the elements of a great political sex scandal--a sexy pol with a slutty image, a military officer, a Playboy connection, exotic international trysts, secret lives, Washington intrigue, etc. I guess the media is too distracted by the financial meltdown and a very interesting presidential election to give this the attention it deserves. But at least we have something to look forward to in the 111th Congress a this torrid tale of lust and power unfolds! Can't wait...

2093 days ago


Sanchez is way hotter. Palins got that horse face all Republicans seem to have, she looks like a crack addict, her hair is a disaster, besides I think Sarah Palins shrill voice and creepy religious views would be extremely debonerifying, especially up close . As for Loretta Sanchez, look at that radiant smile, womanly figure, that laugh.

1378 days ago
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