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WWE Star -- No Third Strike Called

9/19/2008 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff HardyOft-troubled WWE star Jeff Hardy was kicked off an airplane flight earlier this week, but now the WWE says it won't be his third strike.

Hardy was pegged by Southwest Airlines officials Tuesday at the Nashville International Airport as too intoxicated to board the plane. We're told he found a different way out of town.

The once-fired and two-time suspended WWE star has had his share of drug problems and can't afford a third strike -- which would win him a pink slip.

But the whole thing Tuesday was precautionary -- there was no incident and the WWE will turn a blind eye. And there's this -- Hardy is starring in the next WWE pay-per-view event next month, and that will line the org's pockets nicely.

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money talks and drunks get to walk
WWE is making big bucks off the PPV so why drown their golden goose

2233 days ago

Dennis High    

Jeff, Im a big fan, please take care of yourself

2233 days ago


Jeff, Jeff,Jeff. He can't afford making mistakes like that. He said he wouldn't get suspended again, even though he didn't. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid in the near future.

2233 days ago

Your name:    

Hes a future Jake the snake.

2233 days ago

arte help    

Boozers and losers!!

2233 days ago


He is the soooo talented WWE is lucky to have him on the roster. If he is fired it will be ours and WWE's loss not Jeff's.

2233 days ago


He is HOT

2233 days ago

Mandy Spears    

Why would it be his third strike? He was flying home, not to an event, so there is no issue. He didn't fail any tests and there's nothing in their Wellness Policy that prohibits that.

Here's what the WWE Wellness Policy states on alcohol abuse:

The use and/or abuse of alcohol in such a fashion so as to impair the ability to perform is prohibited by this Policy. Talent are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol when performing for WWE. Accordingly, the use of alcohol at any time twelve hours prior to any scheduled performance is prohibited by this Policy.

1. Testing for alcohol use or abuse in violation of this Policy shall be for reasonable cause only as defined in Section 7A.

2. The initial positive test for use and/or abuse of alcohol in violation of this Policy will be treated as a medical issue requiring evaluation for alcohol rehabilitation treatment. All subsequent positive tests for alcohol-related violations of this Policy shall be treated as disciplinary matters in accordance with this Policy.

2233 days ago


It was actually on Wednesday morning since WWE did the Smackdown tapings on tuesday night.

2233 days ago


#7 ... stone cold drinking beer in the ring.

2233 days ago

Sparky B.    

Ro -- Why would it not be Jeff's loss? The WWE and it's fans would carry on regardless. Where the hell would Jeff go?

That being said, Jeff shouldn't and won't be fired for this as Jake explained with his comment. This incident caused a stir, and Jeff may have another problem he needs to take care of, but this really isn't that big of a deal. Especially since Jeff was cooperative and didn't cause a further commotion.

One of the more overblown stories you'll find on TMZ or wrestling websites, but understandable given Jeff Hardy's history.

2233 days ago


reguarding comment # 3 "He's a future Jake the Snake".....ya know that's TOTALLY uncalled for, granted Jake's had/got problems but HELLO he's only human and everybody makes mistakes..NOBODY IS PERFECT! Just grow the f*ck up!
And as for Jeff's situation, unless your out there night after night wrestling and getting injured, who in the hell you people to pass jugement on something you know nothing about?? Reguardless of what Jeff Hardy's done in HIS past that's his business and at least he's man enough to own up to it and just because somethings posted in the internet, it's NOT always the TRUTH.

2233 days ago


Thanks for putting that up here, Jake. I'm disappointed TMZ. You should know to do your research before you post a "story". So either you did no research or as you said, "turned a blind eye".

2233 days ago


This is another Vince McMahon created mess. Jeff hardy, whether you want to believe it or not is in trouble, and it's not to far to think he may turn out like jake the snake. get some help Hardy.

2233 days ago

Kevin Woodson    

"Hardy is starring in the next WWE pay-per-view event next month, and that will line the org's pockets nicely." That was a presumptuous of you. If you all will go back and look at Jeff Hardy's second suspension you will see that he was to be in a six man "Money in the bank" match. The winner would be able to on for a chance at one of the big Championships. Jeff Hardy screwed up WWE pulled him from the match the week before. So, get off WWE and start thinking this way,
1. We do not know for SURE that JH was drunk.
2. Even if he was so what he was on his time not WWE's and it would not effect his Job performance.
3. Do you all drink on your off time, how about on a Sunday and then coming in Monday mornig with a massive hangover then sleeping all morning.(I am sure every boss all over the world can say, they have had employee's like that)
4. This could be just another fake internet story that you all have been duped on.(It has happend before)
5. WWE is a business not just a sport leave Jeff Hardy and the rest of the news to them, wait for WWE.com to report a problem then report it, there is one on there now.

2233 days ago
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