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WWE Star -- No Third Strike Called

9/19/2008 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff HardyOft-troubled WWE star Jeff Hardy was kicked off an airplane flight earlier this week, but now the WWE says it won't be his third strike.

Hardy was pegged by Southwest Airlines officials Tuesday at the Nashville International Airport as too intoxicated to board the plane. We're told he found a different way out of town.

The once-fired and two-time suspended WWE star has had his share of drug problems and can't afford a third strike -- which would win him a pink slip.

But the whole thing Tuesday was precautionary -- there was no incident and the WWE will turn a blind eye. And there's this -- Hardy is starring in the next WWE pay-per-view event next month, and that will line the org's pockets nicely.

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Excuse me but everyone knows you can't even breathe wrong and board a plane these days. And how would you like it if every little mistake you made in your personal life could be used to effect your employement? I agree with Jake... Jeff did nothing to cause the WWE to give him a 3rd strike.

2227 days ago


for the love of god please leave jeff alone he's already been through enough this year and all he was doing was hanging out with his brother matt gregory helms and his girlfriend drinking he wasn't doing anything else except for having fun and maybe the airport thought it was best to take him off the flight nothing bad happened and he's not getting in trouble for it so leave him alone. yes he's wrestler but he as the right to go out and have fun just like anybody else the person from the airport probably thought he was gonna do something or act crazy when he didn't do nothing at all,so please leave jeff alone.

2227 days ago


I really hope that he does take better care of himself, I mean really wwe can't afford to lose him again if not ratings would sink even if they brought back DX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and personally as a big fan I wouldn't want to see him go.

2227 days ago


Get over it people He was partying with his brother Matt because they were celebrating Matt winning the title
This stuff happens all the time but since Jeff has had problems before people jump all over it.

2227 days ago


Awww, for the love of God, just leave the poor guy alone! All he was doing was having a little fun! The guy is an adult, so it's not like it's illegal! Besides, he was coming home from work, so he can't get a third strike. Ever since Jeff got his second strike, everyone acts like he suddenly deals drugs or something. If the WWE were to lose Jeff(God forbid!), they would lose a LOT of fans and a lot of money due to his popularity! But seruiously, it wasn't much of a big deal. And if Jeff had cooperated, then what's the problem?

2227 days ago


TMZ, as usual, is making much ado about nothing.

2227 days ago



Jeff was asked to leave the plane and he did so with NO resistance and full cooperation. He didn't make a scene. He wasn't a crazy drunk on the plane. A staff member noticed he was intoxicated and notified security. They even offered Jeff another flight after he got more sober. Please don't let articles like this sway your opinion with their wording like "kicked off the plane" instead of just "asked to leave the plane." He wasn't a raving drunk that had to be dragged off the plan, as this article's tone would suggest.

He was not on drugs, he was not on steroids, he did not cause an issue for law enforcement. WWE did not "cast a blind eye." WWE looked into what happened, it did not violate any laws, it did not violate the wellness policy - it was bad judgment on Jeff's part, no doubt, but no reason for him to lose his job, lose any work, or get betrayed so negatively to the public.

Again, the press (including TMZ) seem to always have it out for pro-wrestling - as if what they do isn't hard work (on the road 300+ days a year) and as if these guys don't have families and mortgages to take care of.

2227 days ago

WWE Fan    

I rarely check TMZ because of the lack of credibility they have - that they are the National Enquirer of today's news...posting anything that isn't true...or stretching the truth so far that people fall for it.

With that said, this article is the single worst piece of journalism I've ever read. TMZ...please check your facts before you post what you believe is news.

2227 days ago


my goodness people leave the man alone he has been though enough. I love how everyone speculates what happened yet nobody knows the fact.

Now from what I heard its totally different from waht was stated before. He didnt even get a chance to board the plane.

Goodness people dont you have better things to do then to start ragging on someone about a situation you know nothing about

2227 days ago

Southwest airlines    

Hello people, we ARE talking about SOUTHWEST AIRLINES the airline that had the show on tv about themselves where they routinely were shown banning people from flights who had 1 beer while waiting in the human cattle pit they call a boarding area. The practice treating their passengers like crap and now because of this garbage airline Jeff hardy has this stuff going on around him. Next time, perhaps Jeff won't have the misfortune to fly this horrid airline and won't have to deal with all the idiots who just try to push people around for their amusement like Southwest Airlines does.

2227 days ago


Another hate story by TMZ to attack WWE. Thanks for wasting my time with your biast "reporting."

2226 days ago


Why am I not surprised

912 days ago
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