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James Caan't Find Someone His Own Age

9/22/2008 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Caan is looking for wife #5 -- and this time, he's going young. Real young.
James Caan: Click to watch


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Look at me, I'm first.

2184 days ago

That Guy    

He looks and acts freaky but as long
as the sweet YOUNG thangs don't
cry or hide then I say: GO FOR IT!

2184 days ago

spread the love, maybe its the economy that has me down....but this picture really bummed me out for some reason. Maybe it's seeing an icon looking really old, maybe it's just seeing an old dude glomming on to a young hot chick...don't know but an observation...he looks like something out of Jurassic Park, right?? With the claw arm and that predator mouth. What animal am I thinking of?

Anyway, hope everyone is hanging tough in these challenging times. NYC is hurting...

2184 days ago


right on bro!!!

2183 days ago

Skanks R Us    

HERES A joke for ya, my opinion on who should be president, o.k, heres another one,,my last movie

2183 days ago


I've always wondered where the fathers are to allow these old farts like Clint Eastwood marry their young daughters.

2183 days ago

john wayne gacy    

nothing wrong with trying to defy mathematics;

just hope 68 goes into 22 at least 3 times.......

2183 days ago


I didn't know Jimmy was moved to Utah.

2183 days ago


I married my wife when she was 22 and I was 45. We've been married 6 years and we are still madly in love, more now than ever We have a wonderful little 2 1/2 yr old boy. All you sad people who say rude things to me, and to James Caan, are just jealous because you have to wake up in the morning and see that fat slug snoring net to you, and you are happy she's asleep because if she was awake she would be bitching non stop over stupid stuff.

James, I say Congratulations and I hope the best for you and your lovely lady.


2183 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Those are his GrandKids....

2183 days ago


Hell, I'm not rich and I have a HOT women half my age...

We are married and I am going to have my first child at 50!

Old dudes that can score are the ones winning the game!

Goooooo old dudes.

2183 days ago


Her body language is displaying a bit of rejection when he leans in to steal a kiss. She looks like she's patronizing him. But it also appears she'll be using him and he'll be using her. Good, good luck.

2183 days ago


Oh My God. When are we going to just let human beings live and do what they feel is right? It doesn't matter what age anyone is when they fall in love, or lust or whatever. If she likes him and he likes's right. It will work out for as long as it does, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RELATIONSHIP. Hypocrites. And jealous, I think. Go James. GO!

2183 days ago


Did any of you actually watch the video? It's quite obvious he was joking and making an a$$ out of anyone that believed him. The getting the braces off comment and the fact she loks about 13 should have been a telltale sign.

2183 days ago


Both of my uncles went through a midlife crises, they both left their loving wives and families to marry women 25 and 30 years younger than they were. Yeagh all was great for about 10 years, they had kids and then the new wives realized that being so much younger they would be stuck wiping their husband's butt and cleaning up their drool when their friends had hubby's their own age and were still having fun. Both of the "new" wives left my uncles for men their own age and my uncles are stuck paying child support and alimony at their age.

2183 days ago
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