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Mommy Pics of Brit's Sis Trigger Criminal Probe

9/22/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stolen picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her baby has sparked a federal child pornography investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ federal and local authorities are on the hunt for someone peddling 12 pics of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, daughter Maddie and baby daddy Casey Aldridge. One of the pictures shows Jamie Lynn breast feeding Maddie -- Jamie Lynn's left breast is exposed.

The pics were taken on Casey's digital camera. We're told he took the camera card to his local Wal-Mart in Louisiana for copies. Law enforcement believes someone at the Wal-Mart may have made extra copies, then tried selling them.

Because Jamie Lynn is a minor, selling the pics -- or buying them -- could constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography. Peddling pictures of a minor's breast -- even if not taken for sexual purposes -- could land the seller and the buyer in federal prison if they are marketed across state lines for the purpose of being lurid. Also, anyone purchasing the pics could be prosecuted for the crime of receiving stolen property.

Other pics in the set include Britney holding the baby and one of Jamie Lynn, Britney, Bryan (Brit's bro), Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears around Jamie Lynn's hospital bed. There are also pics of Maddie by herself, and there's a picture of Jamie Lynn in a negligee holding the baby.

Authorities are trying to find the man who is attempting to sell the photos. In addition, we're told Britney's lawyers are thinking about going after Wal-Mart for the alleged security breach.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart tells TMZ, "We saw the story on the wires and it's news to us too. We'll of course investigate what, if anything, has happened here."


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"constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography"...I don't get some one getting laid here in the pictures?? if this was any of us, the cops would say...sorry bout the pictures...but this trash gets the FBI looking into it...give me a freakin break !!!!! no wonder this country has gone broke...and by the it just me, or does any one else think its strange to be taking a picture of your trailer baby suckin on your tit in the first place..she was probably going to get it made into a 8 x 10 glossy, and put it above the drawn on fire place in the trailer, right next to brit's picture of her cooch!!!!

2186 days ago


Oh -Gee the big bad demon Wal-mart is at it again. Give me a break. Why are they taking their pics to Wal-mart? Oh and by the way I've had a couple of family members work for Wal Mart and they both had good insurance and competitive wages. Unions want to get their greedly little hands into Wal-Mart so they can get dues from those thousands and thousands of employees, and theyre pissed cuz they haven't been able to do it.--by the way,I'm a Teamster. Don't trust unions. All they want is your money.

2186 days ago


She's not a minor . . . she has a baby. That makes her emancipated, aka, an adult.

2186 days ago


What a dumbass Casey is! How much money do these people have they don't have a computer at home and maybe a printer? This dumbass takes the camera to walmart to develop? This guy makes KFed look like a genius!

2186 days ago


You know, I feel sorry for you all who posted this trash. These girls are truly no different than girls all over the place. Do you call your mothers,daughters, sisters, or baby mamma's names like that? This is what is wrong with the part of free speech. Nothing but a bunch of darwin candidates (genetically misfortuned) spewing vial trash from there mouths so they can gratify themselves. (Except for #13, I like that post!)

God Bless

2186 days ago


amen to comment 217. I'm a teamster also and your right!! and for the pittiful little spears girl, develope your own pictures idiot.

2186 days ago


Now come on people wal-mart is the best place to develop pics. Now let's be so hard on the spears family the do got to save their money on nut doctors, takes every penny : )

2186 days ago


Ahh, hello Wal-Mart, looks like the trash shops with the trash. He couldn't afford to print them at home?

2186 days ago

Bradley Cooper    

Looks like baby won't be a rocker scientist!

2186 days ago

Mancha de Platano    

Karma has a way of finding you and yours............It looks like another Karma roll for those who can;t seem to STOP posing...The idiot who sold the picture, Rape in prison is worse than a woman feeding her child, pendejo!

2186 days ago


Well then technically, her boyfriend should be put in jail for making child pornography. He took the picture (is 18 years of age+) and had them developed. How stupid of his dumbass to take and have these pictures developed? He is the moron and should be arrested as well. In fact, photo agencies are suppose to REPORT child porn being brought in to be developed.

2186 days ago

Mancha de Platano    

215, your man, shut the hell up! Or you have a baby and tell us how and wht you went thru, pendejo. you men who piss off women, don';t go to sleep tonight......jajajajaja

2186 days ago


Hmmm..... Terrorists are still blowing people up, 700 BILLION to bail out the housing mess, there are starving children in this country and this is what we worry about?????? WTF

2186 days ago


The Spear's family was most likely contacted by a magazine when the were contacted to purchase the pictures. They realized they could be in serious trouble for purchasing them so they contacted the family. The family contacted the police who in turn decided what charges could be filed. The Spears family is not claiming child porn, the police are. They are probably doing this to make a point to the press and make sure the pictures do not make it into a magazine. Will the police actualy charge this employee with child porn, probably not. However, I am sure they have lost thier job, will be sues, as well as a possible jail time for stealing the pictures.

Was it a little stupid to take the memory card to Wal-Mart for prints, probably. BUT, you expect privacy when you take your pictures into any facility for prints. Chances are Wal Mart will issue a new policy as well as other safe guards to prevent this from happening again. Many celebrities shop at Wal Mart as well as get their pictures developed.

2186 days ago

I know    

Wal-mart? He took them to Wal-mart?

2186 days ago
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