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Mommy Pics of Brit's Sis Trigger Criminal Probe

9/22/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stolen picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her baby has sparked a federal child pornography investigation.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ federal and local authorities are on the hunt for someone peddling 12 pics of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, daughter Maddie and baby daddy Casey Aldridge. One of the pictures shows Jamie Lynn breast feeding Maddie -- Jamie Lynn's left breast is exposed.

The pics were taken on Casey's digital camera. We're told he took the camera card to his local Wal-Mart in Louisiana for copies. Law enforcement believes someone at the Wal-Mart may have made extra copies, then tried selling them.

Because Jamie Lynn is a minor, selling the pics -- or buying them -- could constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting child pornography. Peddling pictures of a minor's breast -- even if not taken for sexual purposes -- could land the seller and the buyer in federal prison if they are marketed across state lines for the purpose of being lurid. Also, anyone purchasing the pics could be prosecuted for the crime of receiving stolen property.

Other pics in the set include Britney holding the baby and one of Jamie Lynn, Britney, Bryan (Brit's bro), Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears around Jamie Lynn's hospital bed. There are also pics of Maddie by herself, and there's a picture of Jamie Lynn in a negligee holding the baby.

Authorities are trying to find the man who is attempting to sell the photos. In addition, we're told Britney's lawyers are thinking about going after Wal-Mart for the alleged security breach.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart tells TMZ, "We saw the story on the wires and it's news to us too. We'll of course investigate what, if anything, has happened here."


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They Wonder Why People Are Money Hungry    

First off its not the parents fault! People who are so ignorant to say "LETS BLAME THE PARENT" are obivously diranged! just because Lynne is JLs mom doesnt mean she is going to be with her 24/7 How many of you right now have daughters or sons that are dating someone...Just to let you know they are all probably having sex! and Second Everyone is trashing Jamie-Lynn becuase she was a young unwed mother but hey You know who else is a young unwed mother who is being praised becuase all she said was that she would marry the father? O thats right Sarah Palin's Daughter what kind of hypocritical world do we live in where we take a young child and bash her for getting pregnant but in the same breath Applaud another just becuase of who her mom is? It all sickens me If people just started worrying about their own problems and not the problems of celebrities we would probably all of better lives, O and are children probably wouldnt be getting pregnant because we were paying attention to them and not someone elses child that has nothing to do with us!

2217 days ago


In my home state California, as far as statutory rape goes, there is a three-year leeway in the age difference between an adult and a minor. Meaning that 19 year old Casey legally lucked out when he knocked up 16 year old Jamie Lynn.

2217 days ago


The STUPIDITY of the authorities in this case is mind blowing (SHOULD it be? I dunno....). Anyway, the "owner" of the pictures is the "baby daddy" Casey! True. He's the one who owns the camera and therefore the pics, and the one who probably actually TOOK the pic of her breastfeeding (why anyone would WANT a pic of a woman breastfeeding is beyond me). Terrible.

2215 days ago

Big Bear    

We all got ill from looking at the videos of Britneys privates and now her sisters breast is in the news. Trailer trash never does learns huh?? The Spears family might have money thanks to Britney but money does not give them class!!!

2215 days ago


Ummm, let's see, by this time the pics were even developed baby daddy Aldridge knew he was in deep shi* because of his infidelity during and after the birth of Maddie. maybe he's in on it for the dough. Now that would suck.
I really think Jamie Lynn has done a fantasic job of being such a young Mommy, she realy rally didnt deerve this.
Spears Clan, go after whoever is trying to distribute these pics, including Wal-Mart and whatever or whomever prepatrators are involved.

2215 days ago


yall need to leave those girls alone seriosly yall act like you all have never done anything wrong, i bet u that if you were a celebrity in the spotlight you would not be able to keep not one thing to ur self no more forgeting to put on ur childs seatbelt if u have on, no more driving drunk and not getting caught by the police like on this website people will be calling u bitch ,hore ,bad mother, stupid all kinds of things. i bet some of u guys got websites now were u are showing ur boobs so if ur perfect had not done a single flaw feel free to bash whatever . people make mistakes and i know u are not absoloustley perfect
and you have no right whoever u were to call her a trailer park bitch that is just mean would u like somebody to call you stupid duntsy blonde, or for me im black a ghetto black whore i really dont think so. and for u to talk about britney she has been through alot of stuff as a little girl i agree with you on her mother but she didnt give britney enough attention so she seeked out for that attention in a negative way to kevin federline so i hope u actually think about what i said what comes around go around , what gos up must come down so treat others as u would like for them to treat u ok thank you!

2213 days ago

scotia chick    

first off, i am amazed at the amount of ppl who are slamming this girl and her fam. but on the subject of the breastfeeding shots, shame on whomever is responsible for leaking the pic out. as a mom who breastfeed all of my 4 children, i think that putting out a pic of something as private and natural as a mom breastfeeding her baby is disgusting. and why are we not commending this girl for choosing to breasfeed her baby? nothing wrong w/bottle feeding. dont get me wrong, but im sure that somewhere, someone would of commented if jamie lynn was shown mixing up a bottle of formula as it seems that slamming these girls for absolutely anything and everything is common practice.

2212 days ago


How sad , why does America not like the Spears girls?
I mean , getting Britney ALL of the time , should be enough.
But now going after Jamie ?
That's just pathetic .. she's just a little girl too!
I feel so sorry for this family.

2208 days ago


Now I haven't seen the picture, or pictures for that matter, but if this is just a picture of Jamie breastfeeding, then I can definitely understand the public influence, but it is not porn by any means, and I do not believe the Wal-Mart employee should be charged with such. I also don't believe that Wal-Mart should be fined for their personnel acting in an unethical manner. I do believe the person should be held solely responsible for his or her actions. It was a breach privacy, and no matter what was contained in the photos, without the proper consent, you can't legally duplicate a persons film. Not to say that Casey is the most intelligent person in the world. I'm sure there was a lesson learned lol.

2196 days ago


what kind of jerk whould do that to jamie lyne spears that's just wrong i think he should be shoot for child pornagraphy

1572 days ago
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