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The Emmys -- Painful on Many Levels

9/22/2008 3:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Much like viewers at home, the Emmy Awards left Heidi Klum bruised.
Heid Klum and Tom Bergeron
As part of one of a barrage of unfunny skits on last night's show, Tom Bergeron dropped Heidi on stage and left her with a black and blue mark on her hip.

The Emmys -- cruel and unusual punishment on all counts.


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The five reality hosts,horrible. The theme song medley,bizarre. The painfully unfunny Laugh-In reunion,just sad. Unfortunately the people that produce these shows never learn and it will be worse next year.

On the other hand,judging from some of the ignorant,idiotic comments made on this site,this is the kind is show you deserve.

2190 days ago


This was one of the worsst Emmy's ever. Not at all interesting except for probably Don Rickles, Tommy Smothers and Tina Fey/Alec Baldwin and the beatuiful gowns worn by all. The pre show with Jimmy Kimmel was a disaster as only he can be associated with and it leaves one to wonder who he pays to be granted all the air time he gets. Hopefully, DWTS will NOT have any of his skits on this season. Award shows should be done with grace and dignity, usually only one host or hostess is all that is needed and this years debacle was embarrassing for all involved. Too much time is spent making the TV audience watch people walk from point A to point B, unnecessary waste of time.

2190 days ago


#14 You are an idiot. People like you should not be alive.

2190 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Next year they will need to beg Craig Ferguson to host...

2190 days ago

northern gypsy    

O.W. speech was painful...sensed attitiude oozing out her pours...didn't get any better... reality host's opening monolog...kept thinking was this ad-lib ???...J.G. medley of tv theme songs...was the worst...what was he thinking ???...few highlights...few & far in between.!!!...need to edit some of the awards to off-camera...sorry...started surfing after just dodn't look polished...

2190 days ago


She looked hot but hey Tom Bergeron SEAL is coming to get ya .. :)

2190 days ago


Who's the dumbass who dropped her? What's that all about?

2190 days ago


Anyone notice he dropped her on her left hip and this photo is of her right hip.

Definately airbrushed. Just showing Hollywood is faker than ever. ughhh.

2190 days ago


All the dumbass political comments are annoying, And went did Jon Stewart stop being funny?

2190 days ago

Ice Water    

Someone needs to tell Heidi that she can't talk right. Please get her a speech therapist/audiologist. And it has NOTHING to do with her having a European accent. She is a dumb ass who can't speak. Period.

And, whoever thinks she's funny, they're probably the same person who thought Tommy Smothers was funny.
Heidi, stay on the runway and off hosting entertainment awards shows. You sucked.

2190 days ago

Mr. A    

I'd be more entertained if actual PROTESTS starting taking place at these shows. Crowds heckling the celebrities, throwing eggs and tomatoes at them. Holding up signs of protest and causing riots and unrest that would require swat teams to be called in, and all the while the show is ATTEMPTING to carry on, the sounds of Hollywoods FED UP fans chanting outside, their disgust with the whole damn lot of them, keeps coming thru loud and clear, not to mention the occasional streaker running across the stage and slapping John Stewart (or some other idiot of choice) across the mouth with a tuna or something.

yeeeeeeeeeah! Now THAT'S entertainment!

2190 days ago


Mary Tyler Moore in a sleeveless gown with scrawny chicken arms.....a pathetic Laugh-In reunion and poor 82 year-old Alan Sues not even sure who or where he was......5 "reality" hosts who collectively had barely an iota of the talent of Ellen Degeneres.....leftie celebrites who felt it was their duty to espouse on politics and inform the audience how enlightened and caring they are while blathering their left-wing embittered Tommy Smothers who showed that he really isn't all that funny.....John Stewart smirking and grinning and believing he really is funnier than he is....ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!! Did they actually have writers for this crapola show, or were they still on strike? No wonder fewer people are watching TV - this is the best Hollywood has to offer?

2190 days ago


I didn't bother to watch this year. Television in general bombed this past year and I'm sure it showed. What is up with all the hate for John Stewart? LOVE John Stewart.. He's hilarious, and quite intelligent. Did he go and say something about Palin to piss you crazies off? Gee, you all better start throwin out your T.V.'s, or I guess you could read a book til the election gets over with.. but who am I kidding? You live for that stuff at the moment! Anything to keep yourselves all pissed off I suppose :P

2189 days ago


not a memorable show sadly
waste of Josh Groban's amazing talent to have him do that medley!

would like to see Ellen DeGeneres host-she's naturally funny without being political

Craig Ferguson would be great too
--for those of you who don't know who he is -the Late Late Show after Letterman-on too late so I record it-try looking at his clips in his James Bond clip where he auditions for the role-funny stuff
one of the few who can make me laugh out loud!
and he's funny without being super political

the Emmy's are for entertainment and to celebrate great acting etc. .by all the nominees (and interesting clothing choices to some viewers) not about politics

sad when they talk about politics during acceptance speeches-looks like they are so self-centred when they decide not to thank anyone like parents or co-stars or the great writers-not to mention the people who voted for them

of course that's just my opinion

2189 days ago


I didn't get past watching part of the red carpet arrival thing. Why the "hosts" or commentators are so tacky,uneducated and trashy talking is beyond me. Current "hip" is not very cool. Just ignorant. I'll bet the show was worse. Hell I watched part of some music awards show and some little slut with a microphone announced that the Jonas brothers were "so hot everybody wants to do them". Jaw-droppingly tacky for sure. I hope "hollywood" manages to get some class back someday.

2189 days ago
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