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Dane Gives Up Haunted Apartment!

9/23/2008 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dane CookTMZ has learned Dane Cook has given up his fight to live in what he believes is an apartment that has a supernatural force.

Cook was evicted from a West Hollywood apartment last August after a jury decided the "comedian" habitually violated the rules requiring him to pick up his dog's crap.

As reported yesterday, Cook threw a Hail Mary at the judge, arguing that hizzoner should block the eviction because the apartment building had almost paranormal qualities -- John Belushi and Steve Martin both lived there, and Cook believed if he moved out his creative juices stop flowing and a bad case of writer's block would ruin his career. Did anyone see "Employee of the Month?"

Now, we've learned the lawyers appeared in court yesterday and Cook abandoned the appeal. The case has settled and the way we understand it, Cook has paid the landlord an undisclosed sum of money for the case to go away.

By the way, Cook now owns a $7 million home in the Hollywood Hills with spectacular views. Maybe his movies will actually suck less.


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Another Hollywood wacko drinking the Kool aid

2185 days ago


McCain-Palin '08

2185 days ago


I didn't know he was so cooky?

2185 days ago


I dont know who this guy is, but anyone who is so arrogant and stuck on themselves and thinks they are so much better than everyone else, that they dont have to follow the rules and clean up their dog crap is a loser. If you want a dog and you think you are so much better than that, then hire somebody to walk your dog and clean up after it. Sheesh these people have no clue!!

2185 days ago


I've heard that Dane Cook steals material from other comics like Louis C.K. and tells them just a little differently. I actually heard some examples once and it seems pretty true. So why would he need ghostly vibrations from his heroes to inspire him when he's just plagiarizing?

2185 days ago

artie help    

boston trash that got lucky.

2185 days ago

Melon Head    

This guy is a total douche bag....what a tool!!!

2185 days ago


I've heard from reliable sources that he's not funny.

2185 days ago


Aren't his creative juices flushed down the toilet after his first cup of coffee?? Just wondering.

2185 days ago

This Black Chick Thinks Shia LaBouf Is Fine As Hell!!    

I don't know why people think this guy (Dane Cook) is funny, cuz he is NOT. Ive see a few of his stand ups and didn't laugh at any one. Some chicks thinks he's good looking too....uh, NOT.

The guy on MadTv that does sketches of THAT's funny.

2185 days ago

UH HUH    

ha! i love the pic you used, TMZ!

2185 days ago


To whoever wrote comment #2, no one gives a sh1t who you're voting for.

2185 days ago

northern gypsy the question being asked yesterday...the new digs???...has been answered (guess the financing went through)...give the new place a few will be littered with dog dodo!!!...feel bad for the neighbours...

2185 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

What's crazy about this story is that moron thinks his career is going to last to pay for that $7 million house. Maybe he can find an apartment next to M.C. Hammer.

2185 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

On they list the top 10 most taletnless people in Hollywood. Dane Cook being 5th. I think this douche deserves his own catagory. What a piece of dog s*it.

2185 days ago
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