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Mama Spears -- Palin Praised, We Got Crucified

9/24/2008 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears raises a very good point about her family and the Palin family's respective pregnancies: While Sarah and Bristol were celebrated, Lynne's lil' girl got "crucified."

"I just feel like it's been a very hypocritical situation," Lynne tells Newsweek. "Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn, you saw how she was crucified." And yet, we've been told J-L has tried to reach out to Bristol in some way.

Let's ask Orrin Hatch what he thinks.

Lance -- Pulling Fast One on Tour de France?

This is weird – and intriguing.

Lance Armstrong is expected to announce his big comeback tomorrow, and the Los Angeles Times suggests he might actually be trying to BUY the French company that owns the race. That's like the Yankees buying Major League Baseball. The idea behind the purchase is apparently to help squelch speculation about Lance and steroids.

On the other hand, who would believe test results from a Lance-owned tour?

And Now, For Something Completely Obvious

Glad he cleared that up.

Party Favors: Brangie Going to South America to Adopt Another Child? ... Q Says N to MJ ... Strange Lunchfellows at Phillippe

Brangelina could be headed to South America, like Bolivia or Paraguay, to adopt their next child, says the Chicago Sun-Times ... Quincy Jones tells FOX News he has no intention of producing Michael Jackson's next album ... Ever wondered what Roger Stone, Jalen Rose, Keith Ablow and Hank Sheinkopf might have in common? Perhaps not -- but they've been packin' them in at Ronn Torossian's lunches at Philippe Chow. So now you know.


No Avatar

baby girl need to kneel at the fruit of my loom.

2191 days ago


Re: Brangelina's upcoming adoption thread: The mere thought of anybody with six kids - all under 6 years old - adding another to the mix is alarming. What about nurturing the ones you've already got? Wait till they're a little older before you add to the'd looking like collecting here!

2191 days ago


Clay, don't worry about people that are angry that you lied. It wasn't anyone's business to ask you about it in the first place, and you had the right to come out when you felt comfortable doing so, not when the media forced you to do it. I think it was kind of obvious that you were gay, and everyone loved you anyway. I don't anticipate that will change.

2191 days ago


When was the praise for the Palin family??? I must have missed it between all the rumors about this being Bristol's 2nd preganancy... that Sarah hadn't given birth to the 6 month old.... or, the bogus charges of incest from Mr. Palin.

2191 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Clay...too funny, him claiming to be not gay all these years was about the same as if he had been claiming to be muscular black man...the truth was painfully obvious to all observers with at least ten functioning brain cells. I just hope he doesn't reproduce again, bad, bad genes.

2191 days ago


Sarah Palin is better looking than Lynne Spears. Thats why everybody hates your kida.

2191 days ago


I must have missed the Disney program aimed at tweens, starring Bristol Palin. Then the comparison would have been dead on, except for the fact that on this site numerous comments called Bristol a whore and her mother unfit. For once in your life Lynn open your eyes and maybe you will see things as they really are and not how you fantasize them to be.

2191 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

I think it's a case of double standards, why is it okay for Sarah Palin to have a pregnant teen daughter, but trash Lynne Spears for having a teenage daughter. I'm not saying it's okay but atleast JamieLynn can take care of the baby herself with her own money. so now who will foot the bill for this chick's kid. Oh I guess the right thing to do is to force the two of them to get married and live with their parents.

Is it true thhat Palin's youngest child actually belongs to her daughter????? Give me a freaking break, Palin is an unfit mother just the way you people talked about Lynne, let's hear it about Sarah. Just another teen having unprotected sex, and a father that dosen't really want any kids ( his actual words). I will give it 2 years max and he will leave her and she will be just another statistic of unwed single mom. But then again if he tries to leave her mommy dearist will heve him fired from his job or something, so if he knows it or not he is stuck with Sarah & the "First Dude" what a joke!!!,

How can she run the country when she can't run her household?????
Get your slutty daughter on Birth Control....

Give Palin and her daughter the same treatment the you gave Lynn & JamieLynn... What's the difference!!!!!!

2191 days ago


Please, Bristol Palin is a skanky ho-bag that HAD to give it away because she's so homely. I'm sure that her boyfriend would kick her ugly azz to the curb if he could have a shot at Jaime Lynn. I feel for the poor kid with that vapid dough-girl of a girlfriend and her Barracuda mother to look forward to for the rest of his life...DAMN.

2191 days ago

Reverend Ramona    

Lynne Spears: You were crucified because the Born Agains weren't trying to make sure you got elected on Nov. 4. But look on the bright side, with the time you put in at six different colleges working towards your degree as a TV news anchor, you are qualified to run for Vice President yourself. I think had you been able to see another country (like Europe) from your house, you probably would have been the first choice.

2191 days ago


Oh, my God. Clay, gay? Well I never woulda thunk it. So, all this time...

Can you say "spotlight whore"?

2191 days ago


The Spears family is trash, but they've made a good living on it. The Palin family is trash, and they could end up in the White House. Personally, I'd rather they went on reality TV, wher Mrs. Palin can do no harm.

2191 days ago

fried shicken    

Leave it to Lynne Spears to whine about how hard she's got it! Wasn't the book enough? She should stay quiet and let people think she's a fool, instead of blabbing and removing all doubt! "Crucified"? Watch her backtrack at lightning speed and say she was misquoted.
Add me to the list of people who understand the difference between a TV entertainer marketed strictly to kids under 12, and a politician's daughter who never sought out public life. Palin scares me, but Spears is just plain dumb. The only thing those girls have in common is letting some guy get away with not wrapping his whacker to keep him in her bed.
I'm no fan of Clay Aiken, but he's very smart by putting his big reveal out there at just the right time. Maybe he'll get a chance
to quiet all that talk about Spamalot's take being so high because of the obsessed religious freaks who want to marry him. Watch for all the entertaining heartbroken messages from former fans all over the gossip boards!

2191 days ago


"Palin Praised"??? I don't know what news you're watching or what tabloid junk you're reading, but I've never seen anyone so unjustly slandered in my life. Palin has been ridiculed, put down, insulted, lied about and shredded over and over again in the media. TMZ, you're ignorant. Don't assume your readers are, too. Don't put up a headline, and expect that just because you said it, it's true. We're not idiots. Palin has NOT been praised. You and everybody else have lumped her into the same group as the Spears and everybody else that it is popular to put down at the time. Sarah Palin has more integrity and strength as a woman than you can even comprehend, because you surround yourself with people with so much less. So, open your mind and try to see past the sludge you surround yourself with and you might see that the majority of the people have morals, standards, class and wisdom.

2191 days ago


EZnow They're all F***king whores and their mother's and father's are terrible parents. Feel the equality.

Because these children are pregnant all women should be sterilized or stay home and raise their children. No mother should ever work outside the home or she is unfit. Welcome to the new generation of the women's liberation movement.

2191 days ago
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