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Michael Vick -- Hit for Another Huge Loss

9/24/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imprisoned NFL star Michael Vick is finally generating some cash -- just not for himself.

Vick pulled the ol' "Paris Hilton" by leaving a bunch of his stuff in a storage locker that hadn't been paid for. The contents of the locker, stocked with all sorts of Vick's personal goodies, eventually went on the auction block. Since only five people showed up to the sale, a dude named Edward Howard says he was able to obtain the treasure trove of obscurities for a whopping ten bucks.

Now, Howard says he's already made a few hundred bucks selling off some of Vick's bedroom furniture and clothes on a street corner just a few days ago.

What Howard won't sell are pictures of Vick with his first-born son Mitez, a signed football Mike gave the kid, and other baby memorabilia. Howard says he'd like to meet Vick some day to hand over the stuff personally.

Vick will be in Leavenworth, KS for at least another year, case anyone's looking.

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Has anyone seen the cable show Dog Town? They had some of Vicks dogs there to rehabilitate them. One dog sticks in my mind the most. She was a pit bull used as a fighting dog. When she couldn't fight anymore they pulled out all of her teeth and strapped her in a breeding contraption. What madness is that? I hate anyone who has no respect for life weather it's a human, animal, trees, rivers...etc. The torture shown to these dogs is a pure mental sickness and there will be no limit to what harm they can do. I say keep him in jail to keep every living thing safe. Hope his chldren don't have his disease.
What an A-hole

2186 days ago


#9 your a dumba$$, why woul you turn this into a racial thing. I bet your the kind of person that blames race on everythng. Wether Vick was White or Purpe what he did was still illegal!!!

2186 days ago


#3 is an idiot!!!!! HOW IS THAT DUMB ASS VICK GOING TO EXPLAIN TO HIS KID WHAT HE DID? He deserves to be in jail.

2186 days ago


to #13-I have to assume that you have been personally affected by a pit bull attack which is the only reason I can think of for your very narrow minded, uneducated opinion & if that is the case then I sympathize for your loss but what you don't understand is that the Vicks of the world TRAIN pits & other breeds as well to attack & kill.....regardless of if its a baby or another animal-AGAIN THEY ARE TAUGHT BY VICK TYPES TO CAUSE HARM TO OTHERS. That is a FACT my friend & anyone who is stupid enough to leave their baby unattended & in reach of ANY dog at all should also be thrown in jail for reckless endagerment of a child. WHO DOES THIS?? Uneducated, narrow minded people such as yourself I must imagine. And on what basis is it that you feel that White people are the only ones that love pit bulls?? This is NOT a race issue, although that certainly IS a big problem that unfortunately still exists in this country, it is simply a greed, brutality & selfishness issue. AND TO #9-any dog attack is horrible & unfortunate but we cannot hold an entire breed responsible for what one dog does. Vick is one person therefore he is the ONLY one responsible for HIS ACTIONS and the only one that should be held accountable for HIS OWN ACTIONS. Just remember that people like Vick are the ones that TRAIN DOGS TO ATTACK HUMANS, this is NOT true to a pit bulls nature. In fact they were considered to be "nannies" of children in European history-read a book will ya!!!

2186 days ago


i agree with #15

2186 days ago


#9 - Yes, Vick is rich, and yes, Vick is black. But if he were poor and white he'd still be a worthless, absusive pig who deserves to stay in jail a long, long time. Get over yourself and stop making race an issue where it's not. I'm embarrassed for you.

2186 days ago


Hey # 13, Unfortunately you are one of many people who know absolutely nothing about dogs and their behavior.
Dogs are not born to kill anything, they are loving and nurturing creatures, who with the knowledge and evilness of humans turn to killing. Perhaps you should watch the show with Vicks Pitbulls that are being rehabilitated by smart loving people unlike Vick who only saw dollar signs and some sort of sick entertainment with breeding and teaching beautiful, extremely smart animals to fight and kill each other. Then if that wasn't in the animals spirit they would themselves be killed.
Perhaps you should use the internet to read up on Dog behavior instead of writing ignorant statements as you have here.
Vick got what he deserved and if he loses everything he has no one else to blame but his greedy A** self. Prison is exactly the place for sick people like him and to me he is in the same category as murders and rapists and any other person who has a warped mind.

2186 days ago


So sarah palin can kill innocent moose in alaska and be hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but Mike Vick kills a dog and the FEDS come after him and send him to jail.. What a weird country.

2186 days ago



2186 days ago

Ya so not cool    

Vick mus not be that rich when he is claiming bankruptcy (posted by TMZ a couple months ago) and he clearly cannot pay his storage unit.

2186 days ago


Why is it when anybody defends or cares about something, someone else wants to trump them and say what they should really be doing something about is SOMETHING THE COMPLAINER FINDS MORE VALUABLE?? How about anybody that cares and does something that is good is either given kudos or left alone? I love animals and want to help them (aren't children more important?). I want to adopt a foreign child (what about the children in this country?). I want to help homeless people (how about people that are working but need help?). My point is that when someone cares about anything or does any good, don't judge it, just be glad something positive is happening at all - and SHUT UP! 10 to 1 if you are complaining about animal lovers (or any loving being), you aren't doing crap yourself other than beetching about it.

Also, it is NOT a race issue - it is a class issue. Many cultures and races fight animals (and people), but they tend to be the lowest of that culture when it pertains to education, breeding and outright civility. Michael Vick had every opportunity in the world to not only enjoy his own life, but to make life better for others - particularly those less advantaged. Instead, he not only fought dogs, but he stangled, drown, and elcectrocuted them....now there is a real man - NOT . I don't hope Vick rots in jail - but I do hope his conviction makes a point and deters animal cruelty (and for God's sake, yes I know there are a lot of other issues in the world, but addressing at lest one WILL make a difference).

Vick holding his baby.....yeah, I saw a picture where a KKK member in full garb was holding his child just as endearingly....same effect

2186 days ago


Could not have happened to a more deserving piece of sh**

2186 days ago


Regardless of what Mr Vick did, I'm sure there are a lot more things that others have done and did not get caught. He still fine as hell !!As for the OJ comment, how many blacks have died at the hands of others and gotten away with it, whether he did it or not

2186 days ago


............................Well, the Vick supporters are here I see............After almost a year of media coverage, on this situation, you would think that the supporters would have read enough to understand just what took place for SIX YEARS...............Can you truly not understand the laws that were broken, the inhuman treatment of those dogs, the stupid, ignorant, behavior of Vick and his buddies?..............for six years?..................Vick had it all given to him by Aurthor Blank and the NFL..............but it was beyond Vick to handle it wisely..............He deserves all that happens to him.................and I hope that everyone remembers to write to any team that tries to bring him back into the NFL.................There are 303 million people in America........Only a small percentage of those people have the mental capacity to hurt dogs in such an activity..........Vick supporters, think what you are saying..........and most importantly,,,,,,,why you are saying it................

2186 days ago

blues fan    

The stats show that those who would abuse and mistreat animals in such a horrible way usually don't treat humans -- i.e. their spouses and children -- a whole lot better -- in many cases the animal abuse served as a "warm-up" for other unspeakable acts, so perhaps Mr. Vick being separated from his baby is a good thing. To many of us, animal abusers are the absolute lowestof the low because, while child/spouse/elder abuse is vile, an abused human can scream for help, tell another adult, run away, make a phone call: what recourse does a chained and abused animal have? They need someone to speak for them.

2186 days ago
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